Friday, May 21, 2010

tag - I'm "it"

Yay!!  I was tagged by Marlene at Mission to a[nother] marathon.

This means you get to enjoy endure reading seven random factoids about moi!

  1. I am one of five children. [I am the baby youngest].  We all live within 30 minutes of each other.  Each of my sisters/brother have four or more children.  I'm really holding the numbers back.
  2. Nicknames growing up:  emilita-decarmelita, boomer, Emz, double E &volleyball Emily.
  3. I get panic attacks.  I'm pretty sure this is about the worst feeling ever.
  4. The only TV show I really watch is "modern family".  Sitting down is not a strong suit of mine.
  5. In general, I find it much easier to "get along" with males than females. 
  6. I love modern / industrial design.  My home is 85% metal, concrete & block.
  7. I was born with a broken collar bone.


misszippy said...

Are you going to try to catch up to your sibs with the kids? Even though I watch very little TV, I agree, Modern Family is really funny!

BTW--just noticed your PR. Mine is 3:32. We should run one together and break that 3:30 barrier! (my goal for sure)

Julie said...

Great list! I think that it is awesome that you live so close to your family:) I am not good at the sitting down thing either....I will save that for when I get older:) Hey, have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I love that you have a big family and are so close to each other!!
I get panic attacks, or used to anyways and they are HELL!!!
I love Modern Family. We watch 30 Rock and Community too!
I think I would like your house, sounds awesome :)

Anne said...

Love the nicknames :)

Yikes, that you were born with a broken collar bone!

Aimee said...

Modern Family has to be one of the best shows on right now..or was b/c now it's over for the season :(

Marlene said...

Thanks for playing along - great random facts!

Wow, big family! You must have some fun get togethers!!

Sarah said...

You're so lucky to have all of your family close! Awesome.

Christina said...

I used to get panic attacks too. Horrible feeling. Years later when I go into a store where I had one, I worry if I'll have another one. I'm so much better with all of that now. Thank goodness.

MCM Mama said...

Love your random facts!

You would hate my house - it's a very traditional red brick center hall colonial. Pretty much the exact opposite of your house. ;o)

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Love Modern Family
volleyball Emily - I like that!

X-Country2 said...

4 or more kids each? Dang, Christmas must be AWESOME!

The Eliason's said...

Let me help you with that list.
*Top Notch Mom/Wife
*Willing to give up ANYTHING for family
*Always willing to lend an ear
*One of a Kind AUNT
*Can knock out an 8 course meal in no time
*Personal Shopper extraordinaire
*Amazing muffin top picker
*Ohhhh how the list goes on...

Anonymous said...

OK - you were the youngest. Were yuo the tallest or smallest?

Petraruns said...

yikes tell me you were not the shortest of 5! And tell me also that you have the most awesome abs in your family because otherwise I give up an blame it all on genes.

Love the random facts - gotta love random - and love that you have a modern house. OH IT IS MY DREAM! Can I have your house and abs please?

wendy said...

I feel for your mother, lol! Five kids, hard, hard, hard! I also had a baby born with a broken collar bone. It hurt ME like heck!!!!!

Pining for Pinterest said...

Great list!!!

Karine said...

Thanks, Wendy! Delivering a 9 lb. 2-oz. daughter wasn't easy. However, it was more than worth it!

Stacie said...

Great list :) I'm totally with you on the getting along with guys. No drama...usually.

The Boring Runner said...

Great list! So, how do you pronounce EMZ? What does it stand for? Is it your initials?