Monday, May 10, 2010

w i n n e r

okay - so I'm wishing I had won four more of these to give away.

Loved the jokes and seriously........why you guys run outside is beyond  me. ;)

I have to stay true to my AZ roots and give this one to Adam

Ray Road?  Could you pick a worse place to run?  Have you checked the stats online to see how many people are killed each year there?!  Please tell me you'll at least pray before you leave even with this thing on.

BUT also ------- I have something for Pam.  The post office story.  Priceless.  I'm at the post office 5 days a week for my job.  I get the post office story.  And people . . . . please check out why dear sweet Pam deserves the extra gift I am creating, just for her.  Click [here].  I knew you'd understand.

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Anonymous said...

I can only assume this was a "pity" win for Adam!

Pam @ said...

SWEET!!! hahaha

It's people like that that make me love my job. :) Never a dull moment!

The Boring Runner said...

YES! I'm sure that it WAS for pity like Jamoosh said, but I'll take it!! :) Email is on its way

The Boring Runner said...

OH! and I totally run along Ray road.... Like I did two weeks ago! :) check it out!!