Friday, July 2, 2010

I'll tell you what I want what I really, REALLY want

Well, I want a crap-load of things. 

Hey, no judging, 99.99% of them I can't buy.  [Oh man, how I wish I could.] 

But for this weekend, I want this:  a smiling/happy/carefree Peanut, awesome fireworks, my family & friends to know they are my back bone & my 3:23 marathon.

Hope you all have a fun and SAFE 4th of July.


Thanks to Grace for the

The first official "award" given to me on this little blog of mine.

As requested a few things about me [which may be regretted later]:

*I am the only girl in my family [of 4 girls] who is lucky blessed enough to have an older brother.
*I am big on manners.  BIG.
*My love for animals could use some serious [I'm not mean though] improvement.
*I have 14 credits left to get my degree.  The same 14 credits I've had to get for the last 12 years.
*My radio in my car has not been turned on for 8 days [and I just noticed it yesterday].  I am loving it.
*I bake my "magical chocolate" cake approximately 2 times per week.  "people" please ask me to bake something else, I swear I can.


KovasP said...

I'm feeling 2:59ish for you. Have a great race and 4th.

Harold said...

Can you bake your magical chocolate cake? Sorry, I had to haha

Good luck on the marathon!

jymmebe said...

Good luck Em! We are all pulling for you in more ways than one.

Enjoy your run . . . you will do great no matter what time you have.

Love you!

Sarah said...

Is it magical because it tastes delicious but has no calories?


Good luck on your marathon!

gmontalvo13 said...

good luck on the marathon!

cake counds yummy-would love the recipe! i don't even know what's in it, but my favorite words are "magical" and "chocolate!"

Aimee said...

Oh...the spice girls...gotta love them! :)

Good luck, good luck, good luck! You are going to do it! I'm sending 3:23 vibes your way!

Anonymous said...

Chewy peanut butter cookies - I'm on my way!

Rad Runner said...

-Magical Choc Cake? Magical like Magical? OR Magical like Magical?

-Manners are Rad

-Get your arse to somewhere and get them 14 more credits! (Run there)

On the run, I know you will rock it, don't you always? Pff.Duh.

-Oh, and lastly, I am really hard core considering this Nov. Run :) Will keep you posted.. How far are you from it?

Unknown said...

positive race vibes being sent your way ...... threeeee .... twwwooooo ..... thhhree .......aiight consider it done!

Happy 4th to you and the fam!

Kerrie said...

Happy Fourth and good luck!

Molly said...

Have fun and Good Luck at your race!!!

I think chocolate alone is magical, can't imagine what that cake could be like, but I'll try!

Pam @ said...

Happy 4th!!!

Now go get your 3:23!!!!!! =)

Unknown said...

You WILL do it!!! 3:23!! Oh, and have fun too!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Is this Price is Right rules? If so I'll take 2:58 against Kovas' 2:59...

5 Miles Past Empty said...

I'm feeling 3:22...just sayn'!

And as for the magical chocolate cake! Yum!!

I often don't use the radio in my car either! Love the silence!

Have a wonderful weekend! And I hope you have a happy, carefree, barefoot peanut too!!!

MCM Mama said...

Good luck and have an AWESOME weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Of July Weekend <3
Hope u have a good one & Have fun!
-Chocolate Coated Runner

Petraruns said...

Have a great weekend - may all your dreams come true!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

3:23 Marathon, WOW!! OK the girls and borther thing totally threw me off.. Cake twice a week? Can I come over?

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

I'll be thinking of you all day (and checking for your time during church). I am SOOOOOOO proud of you!

Anne said...

Good Luck...3.23 all the way!!!

Manners are a good thing and chocolate cake is my favorite...I can't even imagine Magical Chocolate Cake mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

Have a great fourth of July!!

Marlene said...

Good luck, girlfriend! GO GET IT!

Evolving Through Running said...

Best wishes for a crazy-fast race!! I hope you get what you want ... you deserve it.

The Boring Runner said...

Wait - how did I miss that you were running a race this weekend!??! Well, hopefully it was everything you wanted to be. Can't wait to hear about it!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I can only dream of 3:23, I am impressed

I will ask you to bake something else, I love food.

Pining for Pinterest said...

I hope you had a great race!!! Loved getting to know a little more about you :)

Lindsay said...

I hope you had a great race.

Ali said...

Hope you had a fabulously fast marathon on the 4th!