Thursday, July 29, 2010


So my MIL [mother-in-law, I'm lazy] is pretty sweet.

I know a lot of people have horror-like stories or daily nightmares about their "in-laws". 

Not me.

Being that I only have a MIL, one SIL & one niece [on the Pita's side] . . . if we DIDN'T get along. . . . That would probably be weirder.

Oh and the fact that we see them once [maybe] twice a year . . . I mean seriously, who CAN'T get along twice a year?!

Okay, so it doesn't hurt that she thanks me for taking the Pita "off her hands" and says, "I knew it'd take one special woman to put up with that Sod".  Come on, how can I NOT love that?!

[ya, Peanut really was THAT happy that day - MIL is on far right.]

She returned recently from her second trip to Uganda. 

With amazing photos like this:

This was labeled, "lunch line - maize porridge - very watery, but was their main meal."

There were many - many others.  And this email she sent to all the family:

"These are some of the photos we took while we were in Uganda.  The little boy at the top had malaria and had just thrown up all over the place after having his porridge and while ~ I was doing a lesson observation - teacher handled it very well. He is lying on a chair in his classroom. He was only about 4. The little boy counting is doing his maths on the ground using a stick to write the numbers then filling them in with stones.We gave teachers stickers to give the children as a reward, and they stick them on the child's head, so when he goes outside everyone will see he has been good.  It was a great trip, I really enjoyed it and we are really making a difference. 

Lots of Love,

P.S.  Em, I tried getting a photo of a group of men running.  They are so fast (I must have needed my camera on a different setting).  No running shoes in sight though. "

[I'm immediately thought of you Angie B.]

I dream of being so fast, I am a blur in photos.


Anonymous said...

That boy is precious. Your MIL is a good woman! You are lucky!

Kelly Leigh said...

omgosh pita is SO tall. I knew he was but this picture makes him look like a giant! Your mil sounds awesome (I'm jealous). Mine thinks I stole nick from her, wish she thought I was taking him off her hands!

ps. I'm pretty sure you are that fast! Hello did you forget that PR???

Patrick Mahoney said...

Wow dude is tall...

I'm OK with my MIL too...

Emz said...

to my peeps [sorry Jamoosh] . . they [others in photo] are also THAT short. ;) AND I don't have my sweet heels on. ;)

Melissa said...

wow. That little boy is so adorable!! How sad!

Unknown said...

It's so nice to hear a good MIL story like yours considering haven't had many nice things to say about mine right now. She is lovely but is unexpectedly living with us for a short time and our house is tooooo small. Thanks for the reminder that I need to appreciate the good qualities she has and try to ignore the not so good ones. ;)

Char said...

What a great pic of the lunchtime queue. Your MIL sounds like a really interesting woman.