Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Cool" - Gwen Stefani

Because he's just completely that cool.

Exhibit A:

I mean look at this outfit.



C o m p l e t e l y .

Want an incredible "life" story.  Read his.

Want something "inspirational".  He's your guy.

Want some SoCal dry yet creative humor.  Click here.

Want a thermojock review?  He's not your guy. . . but he could lead you in the right direction to someone who does.

Without getting all soppy and [gasp] nice.

He's one of my very best blends [thanks Molly for the term - blog / friend].

Yes, he did author, create, invent, inspire these:



Thanks Prick, I mean, P-Rick.
[can't make this too nice].

Happy Saturday!

Weekend plans?

I plan to get rained on in "windy" Arizona.  what.  the.  heck.

Am I in Kansas?


Caroline said...

I agree he is preety cool!
Windy here also just got back from getting my ass kicked by freaking gusty California least it was not raining!

Caroline said...

hit send too quick...I am drunk on chocolate milk! ha! weekend plans..coaching a bunch of 6-7 yrs old boys playing something that looks like basketball!!!

Unknown said...

I'll be watching Patrick's streaming bike cam all night. Duh! ;)

No, actually I am going to see Vagina Monologues and I have 2 dates with the treadmill. My life is too exciting to handle....

XLMIC said...

I totally pegged you for pygmy marmoset!

And I think Uma and Cameron will be duking it out over which one GETS to play you in your biopic :)

That treadmill is going down.

Marlene said...

Good luck at the marathon! Hope it's not too Kansas'y for you. :)

Katie said...

studly! have a great race, girl!

bobbi said...

I'm still hoping that the weather is nicer than they're predicting. Rock it!!!

Karen R said...

I feel your disappointment in the weather! LA has been in the 40s and raining!! What the...!?!

The only thing worse than being forced to wear closed-toed shoes is being forced into rubber rain boots!

Have a great weekend!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

GOOD LUCK EMZ!!! channeling a nice mother nature for you...

Glad you pimped Patrick! Love his blog and his story. I love the t-shirt he designed and am going to wear it EVerY WHERE!

Caroline said...

I forgot to say good luck..I actually hate that... none of this running thing is luck right..ok so all the best? hope all goes well and that your legs are super know hmm wishing you a great race and that at the end you are happy with how it went! How's that? CHERRS!

Nelly said...

good luck tomorrow at the marathon! Hope the weather holds up!

Anonymous said...

It will never rain in Arizona again...
You can be sure of it.
Lots of sucky wind though.
Hope it's at your back most of the way!

Chris K said...

I started blogging last May and one of the greatest benefits has been meeting Patrick....viturally and in person.

Patrick Mahoney said...

I'd like to note that this is one of your least commented posts. Snipers.

Thank you so much for the shout out...

Barbie said...

He is a very cool blogging pal

KovasP said...

You couldn't think of something interesting to write about?

Dude rocks.

You were born to write about Patrick.

adena said...

I have just recently found Patrick's blog but it's true, super cool!!

Caratunk Girl said...

P-Rick rocks.

Unknown said...

I think it is fitting that Gwen Stefani is the theme of a post about Patrick ...hehehehe

Did you do the twitter yet? What is your handle? We all Tweet like all day long - you'll love it! here is mine: @jeffirvin

Have a great time at the race!

Melissa Cunningham said...

P-rick rocks!
i would say good luck this weekend,but we know there is no "luck" in running---
but i will say that i hope you have an awesome race this weekend!maybe the wind will be at your back and will push you all the way??
its been like kansas as well here on the east coast...bleh!
anyways,cant wait to read a recap!

Molly said...

loved Patrick's interview with you : )

hope your race went well!

Andrew Opala said...

Yes, Patrick is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 3:18 1st in AG!

The Green Girl said...

How much did P-Rick pay you to write this up?