Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Free To Decide" - The Cranberries

so play a little game with me.

A. game. of.

"Who Wore It Best"

1st up . . . . Kovas Vs. Korn



2nd . . . ETR & His Daughter




Oh and one more thing . . . . . those who [still] use word vErIFicAtiOn.


Or please explain why you use it.  I understand the "approval" ones. "Comment will be visible after owner approval" but why the word verification?!

okay. that's. all. I've. Got.

Awaiting your replies to "who wore it best"!


Christi said...

Daughter one!

Andrew Opala said...

Chris already got his BQ, so I'll pick Kovas.

And it has to be ETR's daughter!

Kenley said...

Daughter one is the best, and second is the second one. Before I used WV I use to get so many spam comments on my entries, and that is why I use it. Now I don't get any. Those who would to leave a comment don't mind going the extra step. I know I don't mind. Take care.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

How can any one vote for anyone but the daughter

Katie said...

#1: ChrisK
#2 Little ETR

I turned of my WV a few weeks ago (I didn't even know it was on) and I haven't gotten any spam still :)

Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

Aww adorable little daughter of course!

Chris K said...

Nice. Look at my girl Katie. That only cost me $50 bucks. I would like to lodge a complaint against the management of this Blog. I could have easily beat these two Dudes (Kovas? Puh-leave), but making me compete against that cutie is.simply.not.fair.EMZ. You don't play nice. Was it all the U of A crap I gave you. Whatever.
#6 in the A.P. Poll

Emz said...

People. I. Would. Never. Put. Chris K. Up. Vs. Daughter.

Were two

Kovas v. [sore loser yet bq'er] korn


ETR vs. Daughter.

Completely fair.

Matty O said...


Word verifications were to prevent spammers. When I turned mine off I got bombarded with spammers for about a week.

I said whatever, and kept deleting their posts and have not had any spammers since.

Google has done a lot of work on preventing spammers with blogs. :)

Where is the PITA wearing it and PEANUT wearing it?

Amanda@runninghood said...

The daughter one for sure! Awesome! Ooooh, Chris or Kovas...this is hard one...I don't want either one of these guys to get their manly feelings hurt. I'm going to say that they both look equally stylish in your awesome shirt! They just fill it in different ways.

Funny, I thought of you the other day when I was thinking of what to wear for my races. I like the shorter top because I like feeling light and I say, if you have the abs, then you might as well show them.. in college, our little tops and shorts made me run faster (part of the mental thing...kind of like wearing mascara when I raced. Part of feeling good! ;)) And then I thought of wearing my arm sleeves too. I'd definitely look way different than you though...a few beers short of the six pack, no nice rack, several inches shorter, etc. etc. OH, and baby legs on my arms instead of your rockin' arm sleeves. But I can rock the baby legs! :)

Oh yeah, this was supposed to be a shorter vote comment. Chris K...I don't want to hear it!

Johann said...

Can only be Chris and the daughter. I don't use WV anymore but at some stage got up to 100 spam comments per day. I don't know why some get more spam than others but it is definitely the case.

Marlene said...


I get spam comments occasionally, but I just delete them and shrug it off. It doesn't bother me enough to make my readers type in those annoying letters every time they want to leave me a comment.

Allison said...

I always want to vote for Kovas - but I have to go with ETR's daughter...sooo freakin' cute!

I had word verification too... I don't think I have it activated on I need to check.

Also - I want a shirt!!!!!

C2Iowa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TRI714 said...

No question long shirt on cute little lass running.

Dad rocks for setting it up. Those other two are head cases !! :-)

Caroline said...

first I hate the word verification
I had a post on this last month

ok the important stuff
the little girl hands down, sorry daddy.

and I got to go with Chris. The guy tweeted "I love Canada" last week AND he leaves comments in French on my blog.

C2Iowa said...

I hate verification as well. I dont know if it is set up on my page or not. Someone tell me - thank you. If it is - tell me how to turn that sucker off.

Caroline said...

I want a shirt like I need to run a marathin and BQ to get one?!!!

Stacie said...


Word Verification Is A Pain In The Rear

Mandi Runs said...


:) Word verification sucks! Way to tell them!!

Silly Girl Running said...


I'm figuring out how to turn off word verification as we speak... I haven't got a clue how came with the blog... I'm surprised I even figured out how to make a blog...

Pepe Le Pew said...

Got to go with the daughter.

Damn right about the verification!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

OMigosh, I am totally on the samw wavelength as you with the word verification--so annoying!!!

I am so sending you a pic! Can't wait!!!!

Sarah said...

I am way more likely to comment if I don't have to use the word verification. I hate it! Even when my blog was public, I never used it and not one spammer.

adena said...

daughter wins both just because she's adorable. I just turned off word verification last night because some of my friends were unable to comment, the word wouldn't appear. I figured I'd see how it goes.

Cynthia said...

Kovas & Daughter!!

I think the word verification is annoying especially when I'm trying to leave multiple comments on the same blog. I never even payed attention to what my own blog has. I'm going to check now!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Put me down for Chris and the daughter. Word verification be damned!

Unknown said...

Round 1: KOVAS! You.Freaking.Got.THIS.KOVAS!!

Round 2:
The daughter. Absolutely.Adorable!! :)

I finally just turned that captcha thingie off last week. Don't know WHY I had it up. It's annoying as all heck!

Molly said...

definitely the daughter, she's already a runner!

I have to email you my photo!!!!!

Nelly said...

gotta go with Kovas haha

and I have no idea if word verification is setup on my blog either, I'm going to go try to figure it out now!

and I wore my New Zealand world cup jersey to work out yesterday, I know you wear a lot of NZ shirts!

Anonymous said...

None of the above.

Emz said...

J-moo. Is. Sad. J-moo. Need. Shirt-y.

Chris K said...

WTF? Why does Kovas kick my ass every.single.time. I give up. Oh, and thaks for clarifying that there were two contests. I didn't get that the first time. Damn SDSU education.

KovasP said...

I believe that the fact that I appear first is enough to handily kick Chris K's rear from HB to Boston.

Emz said...

Chris k. You. Said. It. SDSU.
It's just going to get worse come march madness.

misszippy said...

I think Kovas looks more committed to the whole thing than Chris. Just my observation.

And the daughter is all over the dad!

Evolving Through Running said...

Have to go with my boy Chris, and the most adorable little girl in the world (I am neither biased, nor prone to hyperbole).

Barbie said...

Love the daughter but how can you go past MR Kovas. So my vote is for both.

Patrick Mahoney said...


I'm so over K v. K. How about EMZ v. Everybody?

Emz said...

Patrick------So I get to post a photo of me in my sweet Run Emz shirt?!?

Next to my license plate?!


Karen R said...

Group #1 - Kovas

Group #2 - Daughter

That's what you meant, right? I see some people didn't understand the contest. Maybe they don't read Cosmo or Glamour :)

PS - thanks for the shout out on the word verification. I HATE that!

ShutUpandRun said...

I vote for Chris b/c he Bq'd and Kovas b/c he has facial hair.

What? I can only choose one?

And I feel sorry for dad, no votes, so he wins.

LB said...

little girl...hands down.

never understood word verification.....seemed like i had more spam when mine was turned on. but it is SUPER aggravating!

Jill said...

I vote for the papaya. But if Chris K buys me more gifts, then I vote for him.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

verification? I was getting spam from malaysia. but now it's just getting in my email in box. sucks.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I like to pity people, so I'll vote for poor baby Chris.

XLMIC said...

The Kid in first place and the Korn in second.

And YEAH on that word verification thing... i am almost always clicking out of the blog just as that pops up... sometimes I miss it and my little fascinating comment doesn't get posted... I hate it when people miss out on my pearls of wisdom...

Aimee said...

Kovas and the daughter for sure!!

I still have word verification...sorry! But, isn't it to prevent excessive spam? Maybe I'll try to turn it off and see if I get any spam!

Jason said...

Chris Kovas


That's my vote and I'm sticking to it.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Do I have that on? I never comment on my own blog. Ill have to check the settings and figure out how to do/undo that. Thanks! (it make commenting via my phone nearly impossible!)

Oh sorry if I have it on.

Back to your question. His daughter NO DOUBT!!

Teamarcia said...

I'll go Korn--but only because the bed is made...or is it?

and definitely daughter!

Anonymous said...

Kavos! cause he looks so *hawt* :D

see? I can be all nice & all. ;-)

**damn- Emz- I haven't been able to post a comment in ur blog in days. :( seriously.
and please, send me all those kick-ass shoes to me. thankye.


Unknown said...

Peanut for both.

I had my verification turned off and was bombarded by male enhancement product spam. Is there a way to not have it on and not get bombarded?

Anonymous said...

I hate word verification. And I don't use "hate" often. Perhaps if they actually used words in the dictionary, so they were easier to decipher. And I can't tell you how many times I commented and right as I closed the page, I realize word verification popped up. Comment lost forever. Ugh.

Jan[et] Cicelia said...

Who knew people felt so strongly about word verification? Not I! Turning it off now...

Emz said...

ShebaJC - yay!
Aimee- yay yay!

We are making progress people!!

Jeff- umm what are MEP exactly?! ;) try it again [turning it off] for a week. Like magic they will disappear!! Says. Me.

Kristin @NyceLife said...

I say Kovas because despite his fame, he left my lonely little blog a comment this morning :)

And of course the cutie pie daughter!

Jen said...

Kovas- I'm digging the beard.
Daughter- please, really? Who's gonna win put up against that cutie!
And I'm SO with you on verification. Especially the new whole page for it.

Unknown said...

EMZ!! Where is the picture of me wearing the shirt and meditating!? I am deeply hurt.

I think I vote for Kovas because... well, just look at his face.

Carrie said...

I had NO IDEA that mine had WV! I just changed it. :)

DRog said...

Korn's expression with the background being a bedromm (of a hotel?) is a little disturbing for some reason - haha
so Kovas




Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

Chloe and Kim.

Gracie said...


If I had an EMZ shirt I'd wear it to a Mardi Gras parade...and keep it down ;-)

Tortuga_Runner said...

If you love us you wouldn't make us choose...or twist our arms to turn off word verification.

Fine word verification is officially off and I vote for Chris K, but don't tell Kovas. The BQ just kind of won me over.

Neil Zee said...

I agree with them!

Sammie Girl said...


Matty O said...

You seriously read every comment every day?

You. Can't. Get. ANYTHING. Done.

Emz said...


Matty O said...

LOL, so am I ;)

Love it.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Does the shirt travel?? Or do that many people own it.. Sorry a little new here..