Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Closer To The Heart" - RUSH [questions answered part III]

Cheryl Asks:  "What's you 10k PR?" & "Have you ever wanted to do a r2r2r at the canyon since you live here?"

Sadly, I have no clue.  I have never run in a 10k before. crazy.
I WILL do R2R2R one day --- as long as I can "run" it not hike it.  I greatly dislike hiking.

I mean, if Man vs. Horse 50 miler was THAT awesome . . .

Why. freaking. not.

Baby Weight My Fat Ass Asks:  "Have you ever been injured from running?" & "What words of inspiration do you have for someone recovering from injury?"

As of 10 days ago - yes.  First running injury.  SUCKS.  hard.

The quote that's getting me through [keeping a better attitude]. . . . .

"The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want right now"
Zig Ziglar

Termite asks:  "Can I have your horsey belt?"

Yes, if I can have your PR.

My Sweet Caroline asks:  HOLY. freaking. cow.  There are 44 questions.  Man. I. Adore. Her.  Only for you CaroTabi.

"where do you find these great titles for this blog?"

I'm a music junkie.  Most conversations in my home are answered with music/songs.

Pita:  Are you making me a homemade cheesecake tonight?
Emz:  Ooh dream weaver  . . . I believe we can reach the morning light. . .

Most come from this little pea walnut sized brain I have.  The others....iTunes.

"when will we meet?"

4:44pm November 22, 2011.

"I also want to know...how long were you engaged?"

Hmmmm.  Let me do the math.  Ok Done.
I got engaged 18 days after I MET the Pita.
Engaged for 74 days.  No. joke.
Wanna see my second favorite photo?

My first favorite:

"did you have a big wedding with wedding party and all that?"

It was larger than smaller.
I'm the baby in the family - - - - so I kind of lucked out like that. ;)

"who in the public eye would you like to meet?"

You know what?  This one is soooooooooooooooooo hard for me.  I'm not too into meeting famous people.  I feel like once they are famous [for the most part] they are kinda jerky.  I went to an event with the Pita a while back and there were plenty of "famous" people there.  The whole scene actually turned me off.

But I know that's not what you all want to read so I'll say . . . .Sandra Bullock.  Love her.  And I'd love to have dinner with the cast from SNL.

"how long can you survive without going to Costco?"

Well there isn't a Costco in New Zealand - so apparently, I CAN make it 14 days when absolutely necessary.  If I'm home . . . .no more than 3 days.

"If CK asks some questions..will you answer them?"

Who is this CK you speak of?

"who would you like to see in concert?"

Jay Z [seen him, with Mary J [awesome] but I'll take another round]
Rush. [Seen them, but I'd take another 2 rounds]
Beastie Boys.
duh . . . . . RUN EMZ DMC.

"did you wait to find out that Peanut was a girl?"

No but I soooooooooooooo wanted to!  The Pita was a firm "no" against finding out.  Come her "birthday", I was happy we had waited.

"does THE Pita read your blog?"

Yes!  I love it.  He reads it once a month for about an hour.

"how about the comments?"

Yes!  All the comments.  The comments are where it's at.

[And since I  loved that question from Caroline. . .]

Here's your QUESTION OF THE MINUTE  . . . . .

**Does your spouse / significant other / BF / GF read your blog?**


Matty O said...

yes... well only when she wants mud to sling haha.

Love the peanut pic at the end :)

Christi said...

My hubby will occasionally read my blog but generally when I ask him to.

Suzy said...

Hmm, I don't know. I think so.

racing dawn said...

Can I come to the dinner with u and the SNL cast. I would LOVE that.

Love the pic at the end. 

Yes hubs reads my blog but he can't stand all my grammatical errors. It's all he can do to not go in and edit!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Okay, I'm stuck on the wedding shots. LOVE Pita's face and the first dance pic says.it.all.

I agree- Sandra B is the coolest. Ageless.

My hubby reads my blog and I forget he does some times!

Melissa Cunningham said...

loving these posts!
just started a q&a for kicks..
and yes,my hubsand reads my blog
and a few other people from real life as well...
love the pics as well btw!!!

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

First, I love that quote...I pretty sure I'm going to post it one day...I'll be sure to mention where I saw it! ;) Yes, my hubby does...funny thing is one day we discussed how maybe he should stop leaving comments lol....

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Nope he didn't even know I had a blog for quite a while. It wasn't till recently I decided to share a few posts on my FB...

Emz said...

CA-same here. I hid the blof for about 6-8 months. ;)

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Thanks for answering my question~

Yes the hubby does read my blog. He doesn't comment on it but he does tell me what he thinks aka that I am being debbie downer right now or was.

Alanna said...

Only when I harass him. He doesn't quite "get" blogging nor understand why it takes up so much of my time.

Char said...

Ha ha - Iven would never read my blog. He also doesn't read any emails unless I make him. If I didn't know better I'd think he believed the computer was the spawn of the devil but he plays games on it. Go figure! But sometimes I'll read him a post because I think I've been just too funny. And then in reading it out loud I find out that I wasn't that funny at all.

Chris K said...

Why yes she does read my Blog and comments so be nice. No wait, I don't have to worry about any comments from you since you don't read my Blog anymore.

Aimee said...

Loved your answers! AND, I absolutely adore that picture of you with Peanut's hand in yours...priceless!

My husband reads my blog and I love it!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I love this q & a! Yes, my hubby reads my blog every day. It's so cute, and I absolutely love it.

Caroline said...

Bill knows I follow blogs...like he "knows" you and others..but I am not 100% sure he knows I write a blog myself and that some people actually read it. I have never said "Hey read my blog"...so I think he does not know about it.

Sandy B. I like her a lot. we can invite her on the 22nd.

I love the wedding pics...the look on the first one...that is IT right there. When Peanut wonders how she will know who is the one (in a billion years of course)..show her that picture of her dad, that's how.

Emz said...

Caroline. That made me tear up!!
Loved that.

Carrie said...

My husband reads my blog. He tells me he loves to see life through my eyes. While we were in Boston last year, I blogged A LOT! As soon as we got back to Kansas, I sent my blog to a print site and had it turned into a memory book. It's about the size of a BIG year book. I LOVE IT!!!

ihaverun said...

LOVING your Q&A. I was out of touch for the past five days and feel like I missed so much. Getting caught up though.

My hubs does read my blog. And he's all about the comments too =)

And so sorry you are injured. It does suck. But at least running in the pool is convenient!

XLMIC said...

CK = Calvin Klein?

My husband doesn't read my blog anymore. I think he is slightly irritated by it.

Unknown said...

awwwww-loved this Q&A and the pics are very sweet <3

hubby read the blog once-which post? the one where I was venting about this bitchin' about my training schedule. figures! ha

he thinks blogging is stupid. almost as stupid as triathlon and endurance sports. ha!

Laura said...

More great "A"'s
I had my blog for awhile and then just told the hubs about it. He reads it and, like me, loves the comments the most.

Johann said...

My other half only reads it if I send the link of a post to her. My 10 year old son reads it often and also loves looking at other blogs, including yours. I think he's hoping to find pis of Peanut there...I'm serious, he asked me a while back if we'll ever go there and meet these people. "These" being you and Peanut. He's never asked that about anyone else.

Emz said...

Johann. I love that. Yes when you come...when not if...we will meet. You are my ultra inspiration!!

Shawn said...

I don't think she reads it but I could be wrong?? I have offered to show it to her but I guess she figures that it is my deal not hers.....All I do know for sure is that I keep her personal info & the kids info out of it..at her request.

Anonymous said...

deal. you can have my PR any ole day of the week... it's that horsey belt i want!!! wOOt! :D


Ironman By Thirty said...

Yep. She reads. I think she learns more about my training via the blog than directly from me (kinda sad I admit).

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh... that hand picture it amazing! :)

My inlaws did R2R2R - well my MIL finished, my FIL was helicoptered out. Doh... you are way tougher than them though - go for it!

My hubby reads my blog when I tell him there's a blog to be read. He never comments though!

Caratunk Girl said...

Ha ha John reads my blog, but I didn't know it - I didn't think he read it at all - and I complained on my blog about him bringing crap home to eat instead of healthy stuff (Because I have zero self control.) so I complained how hard it was to eat good when everyone around you eats like crap. He came home and was like, "Soooo you think I eat like crap?" ha ha Well, yeah I do sweetie pie. Put down that Ring Ding and then argue with me about it... ha ha

Anonymous said...

My hubs never reads the blog. Ever. Wish he would...