Friday, July 22, 2011

"Sure Thing" - Miguel

Part one of "Q & A".

Loving these questions.

Chloe asks: "What's you BIGGEST life goal?" and "When are you having another baby?"

wowza. ka-pow! This girl can ask a question [or two].
Life goal: may sound silly to some - to be a good person. To raise my daughter to be a good person. It's a loaded answer - could write a four page post on it...but I'll leave it at that.

Now.......Baby.......I'm ready whenever.  Have been.

CupcakeRunner asks:  "How did you grow to love the treadmill so much?" and "can you teach me?"

I never ever hated it....which totally helped.  I love my Ed.  I love that I can use it in ANY weather, any circumstance, totally reliable.

Teach you?  All you need to do is hop on it with a good attitude.  Momma always said, "if you think it's gonna suck, it will!" ;)

Kovas:  "How does the Garmin work on the mill?"  well........if you buy the foot attachment thingy it will [I don't have that] I just use mine for the HR monitor.

Kovas: "Do you sprint on the moving walkways at the airport?"  naaaaa, I hop on ride about 34.4 feet out -- then I run until the Pita yells at me or security comes.  [The Pita usually wins.]

Kovas:  "Is your dream job one with conveyor belts?"  Yes, as long as the employee of the month award is a "buckle" [ultra-running] form.

Heather-O "How did you get started running?"  I always had to run for volleyball.  But after I got injured I turned to running as a means of staying fit.  My first "long run" was an accident [I'm sure no surprise there....blonde moment #494].  My family and I had just moved.  I went for a run, de, deee got lost.  Found out I had gone 7 miles!

Heather-OWhere to buy a 5 pound Gummy Bear?  or Peanut may have a spare?!

Christi:  [cracking up just writing this] "Can you help me get abs like you?" hilarious.  I started doing abs workouts when I was 16.  Like 5 days a week.  I swear by Denise Austin 8 minute abs.  There it is folks.  That's my big secret revealed. ;)  Dang - I had most people convinced it was from my devotion to HB BBQ.

Funderson"are you AZ born and raised?"  YES!! Born here.  Raised here. School here.  GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!

HAPPY Friday!

I'm off to celebrate big time with the Pita!

It's his 39th birthday!
He's in his 40th saying that.  What? he totally robbed the cradle. ;)


XLMIC said...

I hope you haven't cut off the question asking thing... cuz i have some i need to ask... i am just having a summer-mom-moment for like the past 5 days and haven't been able to string together enough coherent thoughts to formulate them. Please...

Emz said...

XLMIC. Are you kidding? I have 1 child and that's been my excuse the last 31 days. ;) ask away.

bobbi said...

happy birthday pita!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I love this Q&A!!! Stores will be selling out of Denise Austin ab workout videos now, just you wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Tell PITA happy birthday and enjoy every moment of his big day!!!

Danielle C. said...

Love the Q&A and NEED that Gummi bear like yesterday!!!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

LOVED getting to know you better!! That is awesome that your first LONG run was a mistake...awesome!! Good to know where to get those gummy bears... I need one now!

ShutUpandRun said...

Goal=to b a good person. U have mastered that one for sure.

Aimee said...

I am totally loving these posts!! Your answers were great! :)

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

Happy birthday to the PITA!! Hope you guys have fun celebrating! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome awesome!

I will remember that answer next time I hope on the ol' TM. Thanks Emz!

Unknown said...

I loved the Q&A. You should do this more often.

Michelle said...

Awesome! That's all I need is 8 minute abs? No 60-90 minutes of P90X? Can I say it again? Awesome! Denise and I are about to become buds.

Happy Birthday to the PITA!

KovasP said...

Happy birthday Pita! I shot an AR15, Colt 45 and a police Magnum shotgun in your honor this weekend.

SupermomE13 said...

Ok, these are way fun. And happy birthday to PITA the cradle robber!

Heather-O said...

Fun answers! Think you've got the first question covered! It seems Peanut is quite a wonderful young lady...must take after her momma ;)

PS - I am so making Matt buy me a giant gummy bear!!!! (Maybe that should be my inspiration for finishing the Ironman in Sept....a giant gummy bear waiting for me at the finish line!!! I LIKE IT ALOT!!!)