Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Good Life" - One Republic

Love my family.

freaking. love. my. family.

To see our family tradition on Halloween ---- click [here]. And maybe [here].

Halloween is in the top four of my favorite days of the year.

Best. Night. Ever.

Here it is . . . .

in photos.

I so freaking loved this Ang.
Made. My. day.

Just wish my brother would have let you come with the "23.6" sign you made before he informed you of the extra 2.6 miles you were missing.

My sister rocked her Mary Poppins.
And the Pita rocked the Spudnuts.

Love. My. Family.


Michael said...

Spudnuts look amazing....simply amazing. I know Jim would like them he's a huge donut fan. Fun tradition.

Karine said...

Except for the lingering aroma of frying spudnuts, we loved hosting this annual event. Can you believe this has been going on for over 35 years???

Loved Mary Poppins, Run Emz team, Robots, Mad Hatter, Ballet Dancer, Miss "Communication", etc. It was a fun evening!

Sarah said...

I want to be a personal trainer for Halloween. The idea amuses me. :-D Glad you had the best night ever!

Michelle said...

Nothing better than family! I have to say that I don't LOVE Halloween, but I do LOVE that it brings families together....gets them outside, taking in fresh air, walking together and having a good time.

Jill said...

We should have all gone as Run EMZ ...what were we thinking!! Next year!!

ConcreteNCoffee said...

Got a spudnuts recipe? And should I feel a little dirty when I type the word "spudnut"?

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Any reason for family to get together is a good thing!

Melissa Cunningham said...

you and your family totally rock!!!!

Unknown said...

You have an awesome family. Want to adopt me? :) (For the record... I have a pretty kick butt family too, but there are always room for more awesome people in my life!)

Jason said...

Looks like a great night at the EMZ house.

BTW - in December can you bring a step stool so I can at least shake the PITAs hand without him having to bend down. I'm only 5'6" you know!!!!!

Caroline said...

I LOVE halloween also!
as a kid I was never allowed to go trick or treats...:(
can you believe I am still normal?

Matty O said...

I get it... vaulted ceilings in the house cause the PITA is about 2ft taller than all mankind...

But why are there shades on the semi-circle window... that is the only window he can see out of at eye level!!!! is he not allowed to look outside?