Monday, November 21, 2011

"Super[iron]man" - Taylor Swift

IMAZ. [spectating edition]

loved. every. second.

The Peanut and I went yesterday.  I'm not super awesome at the whole finding a place to park thing or the road closure thing. 

Soooooooo we turned off the freeway. 
I saw runners.
We parked at a hotel and walked over.
Since I'm still battling out this awesome sickness that started Thursday night, I figured the fewer people I was around the better.

It. was. amazing.

I had three people I was looking out for:


Turns out we saw Aimee first.  Holy cow.  She looked amazing.  AMAZING.

Peanut & I were yelling like a bunch of crazies, "Aimee!! Aimee!!" [in my awesome I'm a closet chain smoker voice].  To my surprise she noticed us!
And. stopped. to. hug. us. both [?!?!]  Loved. That.

"And you must be Peanut!!" [hugging Peanut]

She ran off.

Peanut:  mom, she's awesome.
Me:  freaking awesome.

Then we moved over a few steps to the metal railing.

Peanut:  my feet hurt
Me:  ummmm, you're pretty much NOT allowed to complain about ANY thing when you are watching an IronMan. [wink, wink]

Peanut had made the awesomest sign.

People. freaking. loved. it.

"Go Random Person"

Brought out all sorts of smiles, laughs & comments from the athletes which was awesome.

Some of the comments:

*can I be your random person?
*now, that is awesome
*can I tape that on my bike [Peanut said, no]
*thank you for having that sign
*having that sign at the top of this hill rocks
*that makes me smile

[Peanut was one happy camper]

I was so happy she came with me.  I loved seeing her watch all the incredible athletes.
I loved seeing her face.

Especially when we saw these two individuals.

She was speechless.

Well until about 2 minutes after each of them passed and she said . . . .

"Mom, I bet someone told them they'd never be able to run again."
"I guess, I should never say I can't run a 10k."

I loved our location.
It was at the top of a short [hehehe hill].
You'd see it all.

People who saw the hill and . . . .

powered up
pumped their arms
yelled out to the crowd

a w e s o m e.

Then, the moment had arrived.

I. saw. him.



Only [sarcmarc] Mr. PRR himself.

We rang our cowbells like crazy people.
Peanut hurried and flipped her sign over to "GO PUNKY!"
And I tried to act as normal as I could............what ever.
We freaking screamed at the top of our lungs!

Then, I seriously ditched my phone, my bell & my knowledge of IM rules to my girl and ran off with him.     In flip-flops.

Best. 100.  steps.  ever.

So impressed.
So amazed.
So must do this.

You guys are incredible.

You. freaking. rock.


adena said...

That is so fun! I love that sign, may have to steal that idea for IMMT. woot!!!

I hope I am first for a change!

C2Iowa said...

That was Awesome!!!

fancy nancy said...

This sounds like a blast! I love peanuts comment!!! What a great girl!! I hope you feel better soon!

ShutUpandRun said...

OMG amazing. so cool you saw Amy. And then RON!!! You can cheer me on next year. WHAT?????

Anonymous said...

I love peanuts sign!! I did the philadelphia marathon yesterday and it is so true how the signs really to make you smile!!!

Christi said...

Thanks for being great spectators! You brought a little piece of joy to each athlete that saw you that day!

Emz said...

SUAR!!!! Seriously?!?!?

Angie said...

This whole post made me smile soooo much.

Unknown said...

Excellent post! And a most excellent sign by Peanut!

Anonymous said...

Raised $ for CAF/Operation Rebound (wounded soldiers) a couple of years ago-the athletes are truly wonderful and so inspirational to talk to.
Rudi (double amputee kid) completed it the year I did the race. It was so great to see him out on the course!

So...are you in for next year? I heard it sold out in 10 min. on line.

Emz said...

I was.

I.must. do. this.

You'll do it with me, one year?!?! ;)

Michelle said...

Great post! Peanut is just awesome! I love her sign :)

Feel better!

Aimee said...

I can't believe I saw you and Peanut! I seriously recognized you right away and got so excited!! I love the picture you got of me...I think that was right before I gave you a hug..Ha ha! :)

Caroline said...

how great is that!
I got to say those 2 pics of those 2 guys...they made me cry...I am a sap for people who go against the odds...

someone had the same sign in Long Beach and I stopped for them, theirs and one lady who had a "you are all CRAZY" sign, made me smile!

when you do your Ironman I will be your cheerleader!

Caroline said...

hope you are feeling better today my friend

TriMOEngr said...

Just.FREAKIN.Awesome. LOVE.IT!

B. Jarosz said...

I have a friend who race yesterday to a new PR. I'll bet "Go Random Person" had something to do with that!

YOU are awesome for spectating with Peanut!

Amy said...

Cool! I love signs like Peanut's. It's great that she got some good comments on it. I would love to go watch an ironman race!

Char said...

Just love the pic of the two men who don't believe in the word 'can't' and don't understand the limitations of 'disabled'. Totally inspiring!

Unknown said...

Love that sign! Go Peanut!

Kenley said...

Loved the comment about them not being able to run again. Such encouragement. take care

DRog said...

so cool you got to see your peeps and spectate the randoms

love the signs:)


Unknown said...

This was one FREAKING awesome post! Loved it. And clever little peanuts don't fall far from the clever peanut tree… (not sure if that even really makes sense but you know what I mean.)


Beth said...

So awesome you took Peanut to watch an ironman. How lucky she is to be exposed to this so young. Ironman finishes always make me cry.

racing dawn said...

Watching an Ironman live in person must be the most movational thing ever!! And I'm flagging this post. You said you're doing one! Sweet! I think we should coordinate. 😜

misszippy said...

I LOVE that you went and cheered everyone on. And that you got to see everyone! i can only imagine how much you boosted their spirits when they saw you.

Your comment to Peanut about funny.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

EMZ-I have Arizona crossed off my list.(2009 finisher!) 3rd IM is probably St. George for me in 2013! Like you love the TM- I love riding hills!

Jill said...

Looks like Ron's plan to have restraining orders on all the participants failed - haha. Sooo glad you got to see Aimmee and Ron...I think next year I want to go and volunteer (so that I have 2nd dibs in signing up the following year! :))...we'll have to go volunteer together, it'd be freaking awesome! :)


Laura said...

I was was awesome...

Ara said...

Wow!!! I am in awe that you got to go to IMAZ & watch the race. One day I'm going to watch an Ironman in person & then I'm going to be an Ironman. I love what Peanut said about the two folks that had prosthetic legs. Loved her sign too.

Unknown said...

I like the fact that you totally didn't mention that I WAS THERE.