Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Sweet Emotion" - Aerosmith

I've tried writing this "year end" post about 3 [or I'll say FOUR] times now.

I sit down.
I try to write down all that's gone on in 2011.

like........My words aren't even close to capturing my thoughts & feelings.


without. question.

[January-April] . . . Ya, "MAY" needs it's own post.


The Pita's family came.  Truly a treat.  His sister and niece hadn't been to AZ since our wedding.  I've only seen his sister 6 times in 13 years.  Not nearly enough.

I ran a marathon with my sister.  Her first marathon.

I had a decent showing at RNR AZ . . . 3:21 . . .

But more importantly . . . .
I got to hang out with Dawn, RL & D-Rog.  awesome.


New PR.  Freaking finally.  3:18

The Pita & I went to Vegas for Valentine's Day & for a pretty amazing three nights of Rugby watching.

RUN EMZ shirts were designed by Mr. Happiness himself.  P-Funk. ;)

And rocked by many, including . . .

Ahhhhh Kovas.


March means one thing in my household.

b a s k e t b a l l.

And a lot of yelling at the TV.


Ya, like BOSTON April.
Best. Ever. 
Best race ever ....no - - - ran 50 miles 3 days before it but seeing soooooooo many bloggers/runners was amazing.



Mrs. SUAR!!

And Jim

And let's not forget the Pita acting all Harvard-y at Harvard . . . ;)

I got to meet up with JessAdore her.

Then comes May. . . .

I go back to "May" every day.

More on that tomorrow . . . .

Do tell . . . .

What was your favorite thing that happened from January-April of 2011?


Petraruns said...

I made it! I made your list! How FREAKIN' cool is that? Love ya right back babe - you're a major highlight. XX

Emz said...

Petra. you my friend . . . .would make any list I ever made.

XLMIC said...

Now THOSE are HIGHlights! My favorite thing that happened to me in those 4 months was .... going to Paris with my family :)

Unknown said...

Ahh! Don't stop! I was waiting to read the rest of the year's recap. Darn it!

2011 has been quite an incredible year for you, my dear! :)

Michael said...

Well sounds like a pretty amazing first almost half of the year!!

My favorite month was Oct when I claimed a half marathon PR!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love your positive attitude on everything! My fav early 2011 memory was getting my 50k PR and my first 50 miler!

Nelly said...

You had a fantastic 2011! If this was your entire year it would have made for an awesome year, and it was only the first half, haha

And not sure you know, but I'm heading to Scottsdale/Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl this Saturday, no idea if you are in that area or not (Go Cardinal!). Never been to Arizona before, should be fun to check out the state!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing year. I cannot wait to follow you through blogging about another one. BTW, I would literally kill for your abs. That is not an exaggeration!

Caroline said...

I love these posts
I am writing mine
it will take a few days
it is great to go back

did you have to put the Duke sucks?

ok for me the best thing from jan to april....
I ran my first half marathon january 23rd
that is pretty huge
I also turned 42 one of the days in January...yikes that means 43 is coming...I mean running after me..forty freaking 3...I feel 34 at most!

I love that 3:21 is a decent showing...

Emz said...

Nelly. Must see you!! Email me!!
Caroline.....is it march yet?!

Michelle said...

Favorite???? Qualifying for Boston!

Cory Reese said...

I'm a fan of Coach K wearing the shirt! Ha ha, so awesome.

And just thinking about running a 3:18 is enough to give me chunky burps.

TriMOEngr said...

I registered for a tri - first.time.ever! Mid-April, my husband told me I should try to get a refund since I could never do it. Bought a training book (or 2) the next day and started this crazy journey with a 5 mile bike ride that nearly killed me, a walk with my husband (who I couldn't yet keep up with) and a swim where I had to put my feet down to rest after 12 yards. But it was a start.

Char said...

My absolute favourite thing that happened at the beginning of the year was being able to pat a wombat in the wild in Tasmania. The worst thing was finding out I only got one stinking small chocolate bar in my finishers bar at the Cadbury half marathon.

pensive pumpkin said...

During those months I decided to start running. I didn't actually DO any running, but...

Jill said...

You had the best first half of the year EVER!!! Me, not so much...but at least I can run (somewhat) now :).
Hope you had a great xmas! Miss ya!

Christi said...

You had a great year but you are freakin' Emz!


Your January to April tops most peoples decade. Excited for the rest of the recap.

My best moment. a 33 minute marathon pr!

Matty O said...

Seriously... you are asking me that? I can't remember what the heck I did yesterday let alone like 9 months ago!!!

racing dawn said...

I love review posts! And I love pics!! Awesome first few months. Can't wait for the rest of the recap!

I may or may not be a little inspired to write a post. :)

DRog said...

u had a great year!!!

that PR is sexy sub 3:20

Kenley said...

What an awesome year. Hmmmm, Oh yeah, the Gettysburg North-South Marathon. Even though my time was suck ass, I had a great time of it. Very hilly course. This year will be better. Take care. Happy New Years! (even though its the 4th already)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like you had an amazing year. So inspiring! Hope 2012 is your best yet!!

Quinton J said...

How did I miss this post and the P.I.T.A.'s fly Jordan III's in that one pic?