Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Lights" - Ellie Goulding

Two things Tuesday.

Because I have like TWO seconds to do a post. BUT . . . .

Two of the freaking best things EVER!!!!

1. I received the FREAKING best visor in the mail . . .

See, I told you. I'm a HUGE PRR fan. If only I was sweet enough to be a racing member . . One day Emz, One day [when I'm dead]. You can buy one here: [click]

I posted the picture on Instagram [linking to Twitterati]

So of course Mr [treadmills suck] J-Moo had to chime in. rude. but I may have laughed given him the bird.

From today's run. In the visor.
See HOW bright that screen is J-moo? It's a NEED.

2. Peanut. Freaking love her guts. We had one of the sweetest convesations ever yesterday. [I may post about it one day . . . but . . . . not today.]

She stayed at a friend's place last night - - - so this morning we were texting.

Freaking love that kid.

* * * * * *

What two things are making you smile today?


Melissa Cunningham said...

awwwwww,little peanut!
so sweet!
love it that you "love her guts" btw


my 2 things im loving today
1)newborn baby sniffing
2)time spent in the gym
3)nap time so i have a minute to catch up on blogs and clean house...


Mandi Runs said...

Awe <3

Peanut is the bestest! xoxo

Evolving Through Running said...

Have to admit I had the same thought as Jamoosh when I saw the visor picture, but opted for the less smart-ass 'like' option rather than comment. If you start wearing the arm-warmers on the 'mill I might not be able to behave so well.

Karine said...

All this time I thought LMK was:
"Love Mom-Karine"

Nelly said...

I love that song by Ellie Goulding, great stuff! And yea, I'm with Jmoosh, a visor for indoors?!? It is awesome though!

racing dawn said...

That kid of yours... Just when you think you couldn't love her anymore she she says another impossiblely perfect kid thing and melts your heart. She can come live at my house when she goes to college here.

ShutUpandRun said...

LMK - genius. WAY better than "let me know."

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Love it!! btw I have no idea why but if I try to post a comment on here and I'm the 1st one it won't let me, I have to wait until there are others. Weird..

H Love said...

I see a new treadmill visor trend starting...now! You are such a good mommy!!

Char said...

LMK - I learn something knew every day. But I usually learn it from the kids. My niece taught me something the other day. She'd sent a text to thank me for some sewing that I'd done for her. And I replied - no problems. Apparently punctuation has its own meanings in test-speak. I thought I was finishing a sentence but to teenage girls a full stop means you're angry. I think it stems from them not listening in English lessons and their teachers getting frustrated.

ConcreteNCoffee said...

Love the love that you two share!

Emz said...

Melissa. You. Are. Amazing.
You're in the gym already?! Girl. You are crazy good.
Tried getting to your blog but it says user info isn't available?!?!

Emz said...


Emz said...


I have worn them before.
No. Lie.

Emz said...

Please sign below so said "deal" is legit.

Emz said...

That's freaking weird!!!???!!

XLMIC said...

Love the visor and love your girl and her LMK definition :)

I'm smiling today because my chocolate cake was awesome and the sun was shining with the perfect intensity for enjoyment.

fancy nancy said...

LOVE the visor!! You peanut is so cute!!! Making me smile today....my picky eater decided she was going to eat cottage cheese and the sun is out!!

Jill said...

FLMK = Freaking Love My Kid.

Visor on the treadmill is a rule! Keeps the wet sweat-soaked hair from falling on the face and driving us insane. And they look cool - at least on you!! :)


Emz said...

You. Nailed. It.
Sweaty face = not awesome.
It has a built in sweaty band.
I. Love. It.

The Green Girl said...

No way, you have a tv mounted on the wall for your treadmill? How did I not notice that before?

Caroline said...

Jill stole my line...
I forgive her this time!!!