Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Ain't That Peculiar" - Marvin Gaye

Like 874 .....ok fine, 8 days ago an awesome KIWI blogger tagged me.

And I do anything a New Zealander asks me to.

I was tagged to answer 11 random things about me.  But..........I added 3 because I like 14 better. Sorry.  I never did follow rules well.

Let's DO IT:

Her questions for me:

1. Jogging on the spot at the red lights - good or pathetic?

*pathetic - mind you, I'm a treadmill girl.

2. What is your best running moment?

*24 hour treadmill run

3.What gets you into blogging? Do you get inspired to run more by other bloggers?

*lately....getting tagged. ;) I do get inspired by other bloggers, for sure.

4. What is your favorite running blog and why?

*Seriously too many.  I know that's lame but it's true.

5.What do you carry on you when you run?

*In training - nada.
*On races - gu, watch, gum

6. If time is not an issue,would you prefer to run in hot or cold weather? Rain or shine? Day or night?

*I'd say cold even though I dislike cold, I sweat like crazy.  LOVE the rain.  And day - for sure.

7. What is your favourite dessert?

*Carrot cake

8. What are your short-term running goals?

*yikes . . . . . I'm doing my first R2R2R at the Grand Canyon in October, does that count?

9. How do you reward yourself after a long hard run?

*Pickles - then Mexican food

10. Do you try to eat healthy most of the week and how do you do it?

*Yes, for sure.  I work from home so I really have no excuse for bad eating.

11. Name one really good movie you have watched recently and why?

*Watched "Sliding Doors"- way old but I found it in our collection.  Love that movie.  Reminds me that life happens in the little decisions we make.......not the huge ones.

My +3

1.  I'm a self check-out girl.  Doesn't matter if I buying 2 items or 222 items.  I like to bag my own items, in my own freaking way.  Type A?  me?  never.

2.  I have a huge obsession with the number 4.  But more importantly, 444. 
No, I'm not into numerology.  Just carries a big meaning to me.

3.  I have words I hate.  YES.  H A T E.  not dislike.  not that bother me....but HATE.
The worst offender . . . . . I can't even write.  But anyone who knows me knows the WORD.

I can almost dry heave just thinking about it.


Do YOU have A word?


ltlindian said...

I HATE the word surreal. Seriously, don't even post it ever. It is so overused that it just means nothing to me.

That word is dead to me.

ShutUpandRun said...

I hate "moist" and "totes" for totally. I know yours isnt' pickle, steak, PITA or Vegas.

Emz said...

Ohhhhh SUAR.
I soooo miss you.

Jason said...

OK, so carrot cake and pickles and mexican food. Sounds like our menu for after IMAZ......ha ha ha! No I am not joking and yes I am very serious.

Then the next morning we need to find the breakfast place that serves the best pancakes, omelets and waffles because I will be eating ALL of that.

This is your mission should you choose to accept it.

Michelle said...

I HATE the word ain't....cuz it ain't a word!
I LOVE that you posted...I've been missing my EMZ fix.
I signed up for Eugene, did you????

Char said...

I don't have a word I hate. And I'm feeling really left out. I didn't know we had to hate words - I pretty much love them all because they give me power - power to uplift, to instruct or to wound if I'm careless or pre-menstrual.

Caroline said...

hmmmm in English...I have a few words I dont like that I cannot type..not a fan of offensive words..but one I can type that I dont like is Can't.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

To your point on #1 I read a funny post once that said joggers jog in place at a red light and runners just stand there getting pissed :-)

Vicky Cook said...

moist *shudders*, breaaaaaaast (have to say it like that aaaaand *shudders*). My FAVOURITE word just happens to be pickle. I like to say 'pickle truck' and get to frequently whilst reading to my son from his Richard Scarry books. I also like all swear words and wonder why my kids don't use them more often considering they hear them so much?

Emz said...

Best. Comment. Ever.

Pam @ herbieontherun.com said...

Now I'm really curious! LOL I have to know your two words!

LOL @ SUAR for "moist"

Jill said...

I'm guessing your most hated word is "alot" ... the one-word version! :)


Emz said...

M word. You nailed it. Holyfreakinggross.
2nd the "p" word for undies.

Unknown said...

Hmmm the word "moist" is a bad one. Not as bad as"panties" though. ;) LOVE YOU!