Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Back In Time" - Pitbull

Let's go back in time a bit.

Since my blogging has been as less than awesome these days......lots to catch up on.

By.  The.  Numbers.

[running stuff]

* 374 - miles I ran in August.

* 370 - miles done on the treadmill

* 26.23 - distance of longest run this month.

* 38 - days until I get to do Rim - to - Rim - to - Rim

* 46 - [ish] miles of above said run.

* 1 - mile I ran on old Ed - before I said my farewell to him.
[nothing says, "I'm taking this run seriously" like wearing jeans.]

[Pita/Peanut stuff]

* 100 - percent chance we will reenact this photo when we are there. 

Pita better start hitting the gym more frequently.  She's not 3 any more Pita.

* 24 - bottles of water she probably damaged in isle 11.

"Mom, I'm walking on water."  nice, Peanut, nice.

* 690 - amount in dollars spent at "Ocean Club" for a group of four.

I'm going to go with "worth it". Mostly, because I didn't have to pay it. ;)

[life stuff]

* 98 - percent chance I'll be on Pinterest each night reading quotes like this one:

and this one:

L O V E.

[MY Parent's - stuff]

* 3 - number of days until my parent's 50th Anniversary.

* 1 - number of days after their wedding this photo was taken:

* 3 - buttons on my Mom's above jacket that I'd kill for!!

* 5 - minutes spent cracking up and what my Mom told me to buy her for her anniversary......

[.....ya, I'll get right on that GOLDEN Anniversary Apple Corer right away.] holy crap. 


1.  Do YOUR parents [AND OR family members] do this to you?

2.  What have they said they wanted for a birthday/anniversary gift that made your eyes roll?


Jill said...

So good to see your post, I was just thinking about you today - seriously miss you!

Your mom is adorable. My parents haven't been alive for a billion years it seems, but my mom would have wanted something practical like that too. Hahah.

Your monthly mileage is so incredibly awesome. In my next life, I'm going to ask to be you!!


Char said...

I love the way that every so often I'll think that I haven't read an Emz post in ages and the very next day one will magically appear.

So my take on this post is that someone, somewhere has developed a technical fabric, wicking denim. I would kill for a pair of jeans that were comfortable in our sweaty summers.

Most weird gift my Mum has ever asked for - dirt. When she was in her gardening phase. You want worms with that, Mum?

coach dion said...

I like all those numbers, the 370 miles ! on the tread mill scare me, in the last 10 years I've run about 3 miles on the treadmill... now I'm thinking about doing a sports science test that would have me running 3-4 x 10km... I know you would love it, but not me!!!

Caroline said...

pinch me somebody....a post from my Arizona friend..... (still W___ing btw)

gift....for their 40th...my mom asked for a frame to put 1 picture in....I think it was a 5x7

my dad asked for a wireless computer mouse...

seriously../instead we flew to Quebec and I organized a big party behind my mom's back.

fancy nancy said...

Oh my mom is classic for "Oh you don't have to give me anything...just visit!" Yeah ok Mom! Whatever you say!! 370 miles on the mill....Wow...You're a rockstar!!

bobbi said...

we have both been slacking on the blogging :) I'm writing my "tagged" post today. (now I have to DO it!!)

My Dad's standard answer anytime I ask him what he wants is, "a hug and a kiss." Which is sweet and great and all, but makes it tough to shop for the guy.

Runners Fuel said...

When I take my parents out to dinner to celebrate something big, I ask them where they want to go and they always says "Taco Bell". I've learned not to ask them anymore.

Tamara said...

OMG I had to laugh out loud at your mom's wish list for her anniversary! That is just so adorable!

Neil Zee said...

We have an apple corer and it. rocks.

The mandolin slicer is on my bucket list of kitchen appliances.

Can't really blame her.

So, are you going to disappoint her and get something YOU think is cool? Or are you going to get her what she truly wants?

Neil Zee said...

Or you could buy her a Neil Zeller original photo art piece. #justsayin

Emz said...

Show. Me. The. Link. Mr. Z Cool kid

Karine said...

Never again will I wish for a mandolin. (or maybe) I should ) because the gift you chose was sooooo spectacular, I never could have dreamed it.
๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’˜thanks for helping this anniversary special and memorable.

racing dawn said...

Love this post. You and your cute fam are the best. This wkend's celebration will be amazing. And they deserve it!

You can always save the apple corer for a Christmas gift. ;)

And it's about time you threw up a post...sheesh.

Neil Zee said...

Well. There are a few in here.


derunningmom.com said...

Great post!!! Love the walking on water pic...priceless! And your mom is so cute. My mom always asks for practical things too like SOCKS! While my dad request things like a bigger fishing boat!

Hope your parents had the greatest 50th anniversary ever!