Monday, October 1, 2012

Arctic Zero Review

It is said, somethings are just too good to be true.

I'll be honest.  That was my first thought when I saw these cute little pints of ice cream labeled "Arctic Zero" on the shelf in my local grocery store.

150 calories?  I was thinking......sure.......per BITE!  Nope.  The whole dang PINT!

So I bought it.  {Mint Chocolate}

Then, the best thing ever happened.

arrived at my door.

Christmas.  In.  September.

Immediately, Peanut had something to say:

Here is how the conversation went-

Me: I am going to eat this whole PINT of ice cream!
Peanut: You are so weird.
Me: Well, it's healthy it has protein!
Peanut: Can I have some?
Me: no freaking way.
Peanut: Yup, you totally win "selfless mom of the year". *Resumes TV show*

That's my girl.

It didn't take me long [about 7.44 minutes] before I got going on this one.....

I am a pumpkin girl.
This was amazing.  By far my favorite of all of them.

So how do they do it?

The secret to its insanely low-calorie contents is monk fruit. Hmmm…never heard of it?
I hadn't either.
So I did what I always do.......Hello Google. Monk fruit is a natural sweetener from China and yes, I think I'll be buying stock it that, super soon.

I tried them all. [seriously, rough work] ;)

I got a little creative with a few . . . this was BLISS!

And this was a little piece of heaven:

I have used it on my Pumpkin Protein Cakes I make......incredible.

Then, just today I tried it [vanilla maple] in my smoothie.
best. idea. yet.

You can check out their Facebook page here.
Their Twitter feed here.

This amazing product can be found at: 

or online at AMAZON. [here].

Sooooooooooooo you guessed it........ gets 5 out of 5 pickles from me.

My only wish?


* Have any of you tried this?
*what is YOUR favorite ice cream flavor?


Char said...

And they do some for we lactose intolerant folk?? That's it! I need to move countries.

Melissa Cunningham said...


Anonymous said...

I SO need this stuff. I have a terrible ice cream habit. It's an every day/night kind of habit!

coach dion said...

I wish people would send me stuff... Ice Cream would do...

One Crazy Penguin said...

OMG Pumpkin spice ice cream!?!? I'm so in!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

150 cals?!?!?! Wow! Pickle flavor?!! umm no thanks! :-)

Molly said...

Holy cow, I can't even go near ice cream because I scarf it all down before anyone else gets any. That I would let in my freezer : )

racing dawn said...

I like the adding it to smoothie idea!

And yeah you need a whole case when it's still 104* in October!!!

Caroline said...

this might actually work for me...would have to see how much fat in it...

favorite ice cream: coffee! said...

I have never tried these but I think I am going to have to hunt some down!! I am totally a pumpkin girl too and peanut butter ice cream is my top choice!