Tuesday, May 25, 2010

leaving on a jet plane


I'm already worried that I'm not quite ready for the conversations.  I sat at my computer this morning to find an email from the Pita's sister. 

Here is just an excerpt:

"Hiya, can you please bring me some new trainers.  Mine are too small and have been needing to wear plasters with mine for months.  I'll pick you up at the airport.  Don't turn up in jandals!  It's cold!  Just so you know, my car has a bit of a pong to it but you'll live."

Oh man.  I don't even want to know what "pong" means.  And I'm hoping the "you'll live" part is a guarantee.

Check list:

*13.75 mile run in this morning.  check.
*3 new running books.  thanks Steve!  check.
*ambien.  check.
*Peanut's last day of 4th grade.  check.
*Peanut coming out this morning in this outfit proclaiming, "It's my last day.  I'm going to show them what I'm made of!".  I have no idea where she gets this [but see shoes below.]  check.

*sitter for Chuy [dog].  check.
*food delivery for Mase [dog].  Check.
*scorpion care taker. I refuse. [click.]
*Garmin watch. I am sooooo going to get lost.  check.
*camera.  check.
*these sweet new heels.  you bet cha.  you have to trust me guys/gals.  relax I'm wearing them with jeans [the sweetest part{s} will be covered].

trust me . . .when they are NOT paired with inappropriate leather, PVC and Lycra they actually do look MUCH tamer.  and I heart them.  Did I mention they were $695 and I got them for ---- well ---- a lot ---- LOT less.  check. 
*running shoes.  boring.  check.
*new zealand to english slang language converter.  [aka, iPhone google].  check.
*iPhone International phone package [$$$ ouch, this is robbery].  check.
*sleeping "u shaped" pillow thing that never works.  check.
*getting a surprise gift [and it is INSTALLED?!  what??] from the Pita last night.
said it was a "peace offering for the glitch in [running] training" [for July marathon] this trip may cause.

ummmm, want to go on any more glitch trips Pita?   check.
*two xanex.  huh, what?  Thanks Ashley! Man, I have awesome friends.  check.

Oh and now we'll be going here for three of the 9 days thanks to Uncle Rod's sweet bach in Hokianga.

Uncle Rod.  Is.  The.  Best. 

If I ever see him with more than his undies on . . . I'll get a photo of him for you.  Seriously.  The man loves his undies

And the bach?  Bare bones.  The Pita's mom sent me a text Saturday saying, "you know they are just drop toilets, and no cell service right?".  Uhhhh, ya, totallyDuh, of course, I knew that.

w h a t ? 

This is going to be awesome.

Post edit . . . this email just in from the Pita.

Pita: "you know the water there is sketchy, right?"
Me: sketchy like - not clean?
Pita: Em, this is NZ - clean is standard
Me: sooooo you mean sketchy like "_____"
Pita:  like . . . not always available.


Oh man, I'm so hopping I can figure out how to blog from there

I may have to run 20 miles to blog/get a signal/find water but . . ]


Karine said...

After only 1 trip to NZ to know about 2 of the language "slang". You should do fine with your multiple visits. Plaster is bandaid, right??

alaina said...

hi :) i've been following your blog for a while, mostly because i'm trying to get into loving running and you're a great inspiration, but also because you're so funny! and i'm a kiwi...so this post was hilarious for me! hope you have a great holiday! and i hope you SURVIVE your great holiday ;)

Unknown said...

You so need to find a way to blog!
Peanut looks awesome and she sounds like a cool chic!
Have a wonderful time and heres to finding a signal and water :)

Marlene said...

NICE new gift in front of the mill! If anyone needs that, it's you!

Have a safe & wonderful trip!!!


Have a great time. You will totally SURVIVE.

Peanut is such a rockstar.

Love your surprise gift. But will you ever turn it on?

Anonymous said...

Myrtle Beach is have a "Heels Run" - get there, stat!

Sarah said...

Can't wait to hear about it!

Anonymous said...

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

Have fun

misszippy said...

It certainly sounds like it will be an adventure! Happy travels. Oh, and I love the shoes!

Gina said...

have fun - can't wait to see pics!!!

Melissa said...

I hope you have fun. Take lots of pics!!

Holly - Run Like the Wind (or Shuffle Like an Old Lady) said...

Have fun!!! Pretty shoes but wowza! I would definitely break a bone or 2 wearing those!!! :)

RFalkenrath said...

Those heels are going to suck for running.

Teamarcia said...

Have a great trip! Congrats to Peanut on her completion of grade 4! I'm sure she's made of pure awesomeness!

Unknown said...

have a great trip!!

jymmebe said...

Seriously, those shoes are crazy, but you, of course, could rock them. You probably have the abs that you do because you can actually walk and balance yourself in them . . . those have got to work your core muscles don't they? :-)

Love you guys, have fun!

EZEthan said...

Sounds like you in for an adventure... I'm wondering if 2 Xanax is enough! :)

Jamie said...

Wow! This trip sounds like it's going to be awesome! Have fun!! I figure you will. And definitely figure out how to blog, updates would be sweet!

Pam @ herbieontherun.com said...

Hope you have a safe, fun trip!!!

(I'm insanely jealous over those shoes, you know.)

The Boring Runner said...

Have fun! Gosh, if going to NZ was 'punishment' enough to get a new tv by the treadmill, what would a trip to somewhere like North Dakota get you!?

Although, maybe the TV was for the uncle in his undies.

Anne said...

You'll have a blast...and when you get back...a new tv!

As usual, you crack me up :)

MCM Mama said...

Have a fabulous trip! And I WANT those shoes...

Aimee said...

This post just cracked me up! :)

Have an awesome trip!

Berryfine said...

You can set your blog up so that you can email your posts from your phone...not as exciting as the set up you have now but it will do the trick. From dashboard just click the corresponding icon (phone, email, etc) and it will give you an email address to send your posts to!

Have a fantastic trip. While you are gone, I shall be reading your blog since I'm a new follower!

Stacey said...

Sounds like you are going to have a fabulous time!

Steel Springs said...

Have a wonderful trip! That photo looks gorgeous.

The Eliason's said...

I'd leave the running shoes :D...have fun!

Kelly Leigh said...

Oh you're going to have such a good time! I am so jealous. When I lived in Australia water was a serious issue too. My house mates were constantly getting mad at me for doing the dishes American style (leaving the water running). Oh and I still want to be friends with peanut. those shoes! ugh if only I was a 4th grader in arizona...

Laura said...

Have an amazing trip! I haven't been to NZ but Aussie-land twice and loved it. H20 was 'sketchy' there as well.

wendy said...

Oh my, those shoes would kill me : ) have a great trip!

Madison M. said...

Woah girl those shoes are soo cute! I would definitely break my neck in them tho! haha.. Have an awesome and safe trip!!

ShutUpandRun said...

Travel safe and without stress (ambien). Enjoy NZ!!

Julie said...

Have a wonderful trip!! Remember to have fun and take lots of pictures:)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Hope you've arrived safely, and having a blast so far!! That is definitely a trip I want to take one day!!

RobinLK said...

Wow. Not sure what else to say... oh, here are three things:

Congrats on peanut's 4th gr graduation.. very cool! LOVE the outfit!

Awesome shoes...leaving all inappropriate comments OUT. Envious as he**. WISH I could wear them!!!!

Have an amazing time in NZ... again - ENVIOUS.

Wishing you safe journeys...

HUGS from Orlando!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

You are an inspiration, really! haha I decided I am going to do my first Marathon next year! St. George Marathon! (then someday the San Diego, hehe)