Wednesday, May 19, 2010

luv . . . Tr..ooooo...luv

So yes, I married my "kiwi" 93 days - - [nope not a type-O folks] ninety-three days after we met on a VERY blind date.

The "very" is added as I didn't even know the person who asked me to take his "friend" out while he was here visiting on a "7 day vacation from back east".


from that 7 day "stay-cation".

I have an EXTREMELY private hubby --- so I'm going to leave it at this but I will tell you . . . the way he poses for me when I try and take his photo, is certainly NOT how he sealed the deal with me.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

But he sure keeps me laughing.

What endearing "traits" does your spouse/significant other posses?


Sarah said...

Hahahaha!!! Oh dear.

My husband is always telling me not to put pictures of him on my blog. But then they accidentally end up there somehow.

Aron said...

hahaha that is how my hubs poses for me too!!! LOL

Marlene said...

Ahahaha... too funny. And I love that you met on his "vacation" and he never left. :)

My hubs has a wonderful habit of making up extravagant "stories" to see what I'll fall for... and I'm *still* gullible.

ShutUpandRun said...

I'd be flashing the finger too if someone tried to take a picture of me after I pissed myself.

My husband is the best ever. He is so funny and probably the only person who can handle me.

Emz said...

okay "shutupandrun" you didn't let me down. I was wondering how long that photo would "fly" without more details!! LOVE IT!

got to love it when peanut spills water . . on HIS chair [while he was in the bathroom] and he sits right in it. Why didn't I alert him? dang, was I supposed to do THAT?!

MCM Mama said...

LMAO! He's definitely a keeper!

My hubby puts up with me. Not many men would LOL.

Angie said...

My husband created a page on reddit dedicated to the raspberry and he posts article and pics and such all the time. Every time I even think about it I giggle.

Unknown said...

YOU crack me up!!!!!!!!! My husband is SO shy but he also makes me laugh 100% of the time so that's okay. I'm so sorry your guy peeped his pants...even though it should be in the front...I HAD to show this picture to my husband and his reply??? "N...I...C...E!' Seems like your husband is speaking for all of ours!

Anne said...

Ah so that's how he got "wet"...loved the pics :)

Bethany + Ryan said...

haha. ask me this question in 5 years and i'll probably have a long list...but for now...i can't stand how ryan leaves the cap off his water bottle. LOL that's all i can think of. and thats not a trait, it's just a habit.

Unknown said...

I hate (ok not really) that my hubby always gets me to laugh when he is picking on someone, even when its me. Which it usually is!
He has this thing with picking me up too. He is an MMA fighter and trainer and he is always doing some kind of move on me when I am in the middle of something.
He is the best though and certainly is a saint for putting up with me!

Anonymous said...
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Kim said...

Ummmm ill let you know when I find a guy I keep around for more than a month :)

Men sure are PITAs, but you are so lucky to find one you love and who loves you back ;)

Christina said...

That is so funny! My boyfriend will look grumpy in pictures because I'll offer to take someone's picture so they can take ours in return. When he wanted pictures for his mama I jumped on the opportunity.

The Boring Runner said...

LOL. I LOVE it. I need to flip off the camera more often. It is a lost art really.

Aimee said...

I totally thought of the "Princess Bride" when I read the title of your post! :)

Love the pics...ha ha..that's hilarious!

daily mix LA said...

these pictures are hilarious!

Quinton J said... should get him a finger puppet.

Petraruns said...

Ah. I get it all now. He IS a kiwi. Sorry!

That wet patch?