Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Race day - with a bit too much detail

OK-sorry this is long. I’m not one for long posts but …. [this surely is].

We left for Prescott [by the way it’s pronounced press-kit like biscuit, well unless your from Scottsdale. I‘m ¼ Scottsdal-ian. ; )] by 10am Friday. Peanut had enjoyed three hours of “bring your favorite child to work day” from 6:30-9:30am {that’s what she titled it}. She came back all tuckered out from shredding & recycling paper - it’s a rough life at a Trust Bank.
After we addressed her one [really, really painful] paper cut we were off. The pita enjoyed driving crazy fast in the company car and [gasp] only had to show one car the “way to the nearest exit” / AKA “the bird” the whole way there?!!? Yep, that’s a  r e c o r d. Happy me.

Peanut enjoyed taking photos most of the way. By the time I got my iPhone back from her . . . I had 93 new photos. 74 of them looking mostly like this:

Once we arrived the Pita had a business lunch at a sushi joint. Sooooooooooo jealous but I distinctly remember the part about sushi = bad idea on the day before race. Bummer. However, Peanut & I ended up at a crepe cafe which was way more fabulous than the photo looks.

Yada yada yada --- packet pick up. So I guess, I missed the memo about “normal” people don’t wear 4.5” heels to packet pick up. Whatever.  I was wearing jeans.   It’s all I wear when I’m not in my running shoes or flip flops. Oh and as to what my job actually is, click here. Next, I meet my volunteer “honey” - - “bitten off more than I can chew….” [my face is getting red just thinking about it]. Walk out. The pita says [love this], “tomorrow we are coming back…you wear those same shoes….but wear your finishing time on your jacket". Made my night. But we hadn’t yet driven the course.

Here’s one of our stops along it.

Here’s another. [the one where the Pita said, “Em, seriously, I will be completely impressed if you do this. But I hope you know you don‘t have to.” Ugggghhh.  This [as it turns out] was a "flat" portion.

I called off the “course drive” at mile 8. I had seen enough. I have never researched/driven a course ever before. Which is probably how I signed up for this. ;) I over think a lot of things in my life but not running. Less has always been more for me with running. Weird.

Race day.
4:45am - wake up

5am - eat/dress/ p r a y / p r a y / p r a y ;)

5:30am - peanut leaves my purse [with way too much cash, 6 credit cards, $400 in sunglasses, an iphone, ok you get the point] on a table in the hotel lobby [but waits to tell us at 12:30pm]

5:45am - I wonder why people run to warm up? That’s extra distance people. ;) seriously, I never “warm-up jog” first.

6am - Pita says, “you got this baby”.  [I'm thinking..... LIAR I love you.]

Garmin - start

Ipod - start

 .   .   .   .   .   .

“Let’s get it started”.

The best “fun spots":

Mile 6 - elevation gain 362 feet.

Mile 7 - EG 405’ - - wish I would have had my camera --- there was a sign put out by the organizers which said, “what the hill is that?” Looked up didn’t see anything “abnormal”. 45 seconds later, the next sign, “don’t look up now!” They weren‘t kidding!!!! *&%@!%&^

Mile 8 - EG 341’

Mile 9 - EG 373’

Mile 15 - EG 351’

Mile 17 - wait for it --- wait for it --- elevation gain 484’

Realized I hadn’t had any “Gu” yet at mile 14.  Was too busy dying.  {warning} TMI but . . . I can’t just down those things. I spread one out over 2 miles. Where do I keep it in the intermittent moments? In the bra top “gap” of course. This method had never failed me until Saturday when I looked down & . . . . nada. bummer. Yep, no “gel handouts” at this race. Oh well. By this time my ipod was playing, “[I wanna] feel it” {three 6 mafia} - and I sure was.
Crazy moment of the race . . . . Mile 17. The one that was certainly the hardest by all means . . .It was also the third best moment of the whole race. I look over my right shoulder and …… the most beautiful view I have ever seen in Arizona [and I’m a native]. Insane. Gorgeous. Listening to, “Let Go” - Frou Frou {thanks Kera} - could not have planned that better.

By this time, it was the [mostly] down [ward-ish] stretch. My lungs were opening. My legs were just going and I was alone. Rocking out in the pines to, “Magic” - B.o.B. Singing like a complete fool. Trust me, I was not blessed with a singing “gene”.
Funny moment . . . Not realizing I was still singing out loud when I caught up to a man and was saying, “mama said to knock you out” - I actually apologized. He didn’t look impressed. It was classic though, I’ll never forget that.

Best moment . . . Seeing the Pita & Peanut’s look on their face when the Pita had to slam on his brakes at 22 [not expecting to see me that quickly]. He turned around and said, “WTH? You’re doing awesome!” [I’ll take it.] At which point I told him to have Peanut put her “earmuffs” on [hands over ears] and I took the opportunity to tell him in THREE words what the past 3 hours had been like!!

He drove off yelling, “YA BABY!!” --- and I know I had the biggest stupid smile on my face.

“The pursuit of happiness” started playing. Awesome. Passed all remaining water opportunities and just rolled with it.

Saw my AMAZING parents at 25. Loved that. They drove 5 hours round trip - to see me run for 15 seconds.

Seriously.  One of the 7,444, 444,444,444 reasons my family is the best.  I love my family. Completely supportive of my insane adventures. Two minutes later my mom was sticking out the window for this photo opp. [can’t believe it worked! Sorry mom but that’s the honest truth.]

At 25.6, “winner” begins to play and out of somewhere, I get a last kick. My dad [AKA “twinkle toe’s E"] always told me, “you sprint with all you have left at the end. Anything you have left, give it up on the last stretch.” I love that. I think of that EVERY race.




Next year, I’ll be back. I’ll be [way] more “ready”. For now, I’m loving my 5th overall female and 2nd in my age group finish. Not to mention the $50 gift card & an additional $15 gift card for “Road ID”.

Check back tomorrow for the give-a-way.

Happy Birthday Ethan!!  Love you Buddy!!


Megan said...

Congrats! That looks like a really cool race.
I love that Frou Frou song. I've never thought about putting on my running playlist. I'll do that tonight.

Pam @ herbieontherun.com said...

You're my hero. :)

Not because of the running. That's cool and all, but I'm talking about the CLOTHES, baby, THE CLOTHES!

I'm in love with the orange Nina Ricci gown.

Evolving Through Running said...

Just looking at the pictures of that course is making my legs cramp. Awesome job! Also a big thumbs-up to some vintage LL Cool J (assuming that lyric was from Mamma Said Knock you Out). I actually used to jog to that album back when it came out.

MCM Mama said...

Great report! I actually laughed out loud - good thing I'm home by myself. ;o) Love the pictures too. I agree with your dad's motto and regardless of the race, try to finish the race with everything I have left. I'm pretty sure one of these days I'm going to end up puking.

Marlene said...

You rock, Sister! Freaking amazing. You handled it so well. What a brutal course!! CONGRATS AGAIN!

ShutUpandRun said...

That just looks tough. Congrats to you. And to that volunteer who told you you might be in over your head - I think that obnoxious comment just fueled you even more for a strong race! She should go work at the Debbie Downer expo next time.

Kelly Leigh said...

I love reading these running posts! They make me feel totally lazy and I want to get off my ass and run a marathon myself one of these days! I can't believe how good you did! 5th place that is just nuts. And I love your family pics. So cute.

Jameson said...

Just cruising by your blog, looks like a ridiculously steep race! Congrats, you clearly crushed it.

Aimee said...

I loved your race report! I thought it was great that you were actually singing outloud during a marathon! Most people grumble along, but you sang...awesome! Congrats again on your race! :)

Unknown said...

Wonderful race and Race Report! Made me feel like I was running right next to you except with out the pain!

Kera said...

i kinda feel like a loser, cause your blog is drawing quite the running crowd. i'm just a fat person who "jogs" everyday. but know that little tears are welling up in my eyeballs and i'm heart is swelling with pride. you are dope.

Kera said...

oh...and what's the deal with the gloves. i'm not hip to the running gear scene.

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

What's so wrong about a long blog post? It's my fave. Very cathartic. You still rock. I've told seventeen more people about your incredible feat.

Anonymous said...
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Johann said...

Nice report and pics! I love my family as well. They support me anywhere anytime. I don't think they know how much it means to me.

Petraruns said...

Fabulous report. Fabulous race. Fabulous abs (but hey I've said that before but hey you do have 'em). PRIZE? You nutcase that is amazing!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love how you do race reports!!!

Melissa said...

FANTASTIC race report. You did GREAT! BTW, again, kick ass abs and you are freaking adorable.

Aron said...

amazing race and amazing abs!!!! congrats :)

RunToTheFinish said...

oh my gosh, you are a amazing and inspiring!! I never drive race courses because I don't want to think about how long it is...all I need to do is run it.

I would love to see a post on your nutrition during training

Jill said...

Wow, that's great you placed so high in overall female (must be those incredible abs I'm so jealous over :) ), congratulations!!!

KamilahNYC said...

You are amazing! Way to go!!! Sooo happy for you.

The Boring Runner said...

Congrats!!! This looked like such a run race. I've been meaning to get up to Prescott to do one of their races.

Now, I've only lived in Gilbert for a year, but I've always pronounced it Press-cot. Maybe I'm part scottsdale'n too! :)

(BTW - finally got you added to my reader!!)

RobinLK said...

Great recap! The pics and your description reminded me of the Dipsea Trail Run that I just read about in RW (June). Yours was a much further distance, but the challenges sound similar. When I read about Dipsea, I thought, "I'd like to do that someday, before I leave this earth." Then, I saw the quote at the very end of your moving (no pun intended!) post. Who knows? Maybe this over 40, diabetic gal will get there eventually?? :)

Thanks for being an inspiration, including the GU report. LOL Seems that happens to many. I personally prefer Luna Moons... much easier on the stomach.

Oh, and here's a note of irony: just today I tweeted, "Who needs stilettos when you've got running shoes?!" And then I found your blog... The universe works in mysterious ways. :)

HUGS from Orlando! Oh, and AZ is a beautiful state.. have driven through a few times as a former CA resident.