Friday, December 10, 2010

"Posse In Effect" - Beastie Boys

Mooshy, put his beer down long enough to slap me with these questions . . . running edition of "tag".

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?


Hands down.

A top four moment in. my. life.

Call me dramatic [you'd be the 4,444,444,444th person to do so] but it was a life changer.

Anyone can do a 50 mile run. I just thought doing it with horses would be cooler.


Running goals for 2011?

a 3:10 marathon.

I want to BQ like a man.

It's a personal thing. [don't slap me with rude comments.......ummmmm, please].

Why should a woman get to qualify in 3:40 [for my age] and a man my age has to qualify in 3:10?

I think it's lame.

** So I'm going to BQ like a WO-man in 2011. **

My favorite race?

To date....... Tucson 2009. It was my first marathon in 9 years.

Second marathon over-all. Smiled. the. whole time. I knew I had it in me to BQ.
And I was freaking happy.

Yep, [once again] this was me in this race in 2009 [at mile 25.2]. All. smiles.

Favorite Holiday Guilty Pleasure?

I'm an over-thinker.
I don't think any holiday pleasure should be labeled "guilty".
It's Christmas.
Christmas never  ='s guilt in my book.
My favorite thing to eat at Christmas . . . my mom's caramel nuts with popcorn sprinkled throughout. ;)

Most embarrassing running moment?

Oh you mean other than being followed by a medic with a "5 barf buffer" at Top Of Utah, last September.

Nope, that's about it.

who to tag?
who to tag?

SUAR - no doubt.  I mean I put her sticker on my most prized possession.
Caroline - look at that photo with her kids.  Adorable.
Pam - the girl just ROCKED Vegas!
Happy Freakin' Friday!!


Anonymous said...

You go WO-man!

Unknown said...

You're a rockstar and thus, will total BQ like a man! :)

Anonymous said...

i'd like to break my PB marathon of 3:16. i've never been able to. :(
i'm wishing you luck with your 3:10


Emz said...

termite - 3:16. AMAZING! I'm not close to it yet [3:10] but I'm hoping 2011 will look a 3:10 kind of happy. ;)

Karine said...

The "cook" likes to take credit for the caramel nuts/popcorn thing, but I claim it as mine. Thanks for the shout-out. So glad we will be able to cheer you on in Tucson. 2011 is you year!!!!

Unknown said...

...and there it is. THE picture :)
rock 3.10
own it
be it
you will do it :D

Andrew Opala said...

I guess Jamoosh is out!

misszippy said...

I love this concept--BQ like a man. You've so got it in you!

ShutUpandRun said...

3:10 holy shit who wants to be like who now???

Thanks for tagging me. I loved being tagged and no one ever does it.

Emz said...

SUAR - until the REAL {TS} tags, my friend. ;)

bobbi said...

You are STUNNING at mile 25.2.


You will totally BQ like a wo-man!

Marlene said...

Love it!

"I want to BQ like a man." <- favorite quote EVER!

Pam @ said...

What?!?! No picture of the buckle?!

Awesome. I'm tagged. I'll have to think on these a while...

Melissa Cunningham said...

girl,you are so gonna BQ like a man!!
and i agree with marlene...that has to be the best quote ever!!!

RunningLaur said...

Best running accomplishment for 2011?

Man BQ



You're going to rock both.

Johann said...

I like everything you posted here. You didn't have to think about the answers long, you knew them because you know what you want so well. Good one EMZ!

Emz said...

RL - ohhhhh that made me
just looking at it.

Pam - I know. I know. but there is the "perm-a-picture" on my blog.;)

Emz said...

johann. I love your comment. Very true. This post was easy. I love that you said that. [yes, I know I already said that but . . . I wanted to say it again].

I loved that comment.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

three one!

But I know you can do it!

I love that photo of you running with that smile plasatered on your face! So great...even better at mile 25!

Caroline said...

love this post!!! and even though I am far from being in the BQ league I do agree with you about the woman vs man time...!

thanks for the tag and for the kind comment about my kids...!

Heather said...

"I want to BQ like a man" I agree, that has to be one of my favorite quotes of yours!! You'll do it too! Great photo of you with the HUGE smile on your face!

KovasP said...

I am WO-man, hear me roar! ( or neigh maybe)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

In my books, a 50 miler is a life changing experience, I will also add a mary as well, and of course an Ironman is as well, all of them are ranked very high in my books

I have faith you can BQ under 3:10!!!

Hey, your 5x barf o rama, earned you a pukie, one of the most prestige awards out there, if not the most, for endurance atheltes!!!

Emz said...

BDD. Sooooooo very. Very. True. & it was from YOU. My favorite urban legend.


Aimee said...

Loved your answers! Those are all awesome pictures and memories!

3:10...if anyone can do it, YOU can do it! :)

Anonymous said...

You've got that 3:10 in the bag, baby!!!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

I want to BQ like a man too! ☺☻☺

Laura said...

...I'd like to BQ like an 85 yr old wo-man.
Oh yeah....I am still too slow.
Happy weekend!!

Tom said...

I would expect medics to follow someone who is smiling during the last mile of the marathon. I would assume they were delirious and didn't know where they were if I saw that.

Jill said...

Hey, I was there when that picture at mile 25 was shot...only a few miles behind.

3:10 marathon? Piece O Cake for Emz!!

Hey...I got a shirt in the mail today - yay me!! :) Will post on my blog next week - THANK YOU!!

Go get 'em in Tuscon!!!

Emz said...

Tom. Hilarious.

Jill. Shhhhhh. Don't tell kovas!! ;)

Unknown said...

haha, I am with you on the BQ like a man. Go for it! That 50 mile race sounds interesting. I am intrigued, in a good way. Yes happy FREAKIN FRIDAY!

Unknown said...

GREAT blog! How'd I not find you sooner? I have a feeling that you'll rock that time and then some.

Karen R said...

Love that photo of you - smiling at 25 miles. Hilarious. And that is SO not what I would be doing at mile 25 :)

Popcorn with those yummy nuts - sounds really good!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

You did top of utah....ME TOO!!! Wish we could have met. Girl, you have the best abs I have ever seen. You will get your 3:10 marathon time!!

Jason said...

You slapped your SUAR sticker on Peanut? What does she think of that? Although kids shouldn't really be considered posessions should they?

And 3:10?

Go get 'em WO-man

and please KEEP SMILING.

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

love love love that photo of you. long legs and killer abs and smile. just perfect! =)

Quinton J said...

Some of my favourite EMZ moments in this post! Love'em. Every One!
Smash it this weekend girl...can't wait to hear back.

Emz said...

Q. I'm pretty sure you invented the 5 BBuffer. Thanks. ;)

Julie. Day. Made.

Jason. Love your comment. Peanut's ok. ;)

Kathy said...

YOU. Are my freaking hero! The END!

DRog said...

Race well

TM attempt #4 this weekend I'll rock some Ramones some KP and make it thru


XLMIC said...

It's always fun to read your 'Tags'! lol

You are such a cutie!

Caratunk Girl said...

You had me at Beastie Boys.

Have a blast at the races. You rock and always make me smile, thanks!

Emz said...

DRog. Do it. #4. That's a good sign
#4 is yours. All freaking yours. Trust me.

Sarah said...

Yay! I had time to read blogs today! Your embarrassing moment comment cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

Wow I wish!!!!!!! I want to BQ this year too, but there's no way in HELL I could run that fast.. booo!

Angie said...

The 3:40 is for losers like me for whom that is a bit of a pipe dream. But. One of these years I will do it, I will meet you in Boston in the springtime and you will be allowed to judge me, but only in your head. :)

Emz said...

Angie. You. Rock. We will meet in Boston. We. Will.

You rock.
[& your cmas card.........beautiful].

Unknown said...

that 2nd race picture is AWESOME! can i have your killer body and YES Christmas = no guilt! fa la la la la la!!

GOOD LUCK BQ-ING LIKE A MAN! that made me laugh out.loud!

ihaverun said...

I'm thinkin' you've got that 3:10 in the bag. Nice job out there today!!!!

The Boring Runner said...

We should both BQ like a man this year. That'd be fun. Then we'd rock the face off of boston 2012 together!