Friday, February 25, 2011

"Say Yeah" - Wiz Khalifia




Termite.  you. freaking. rock.

You see, two days ago.......... we received this:

And this very handy/awesome insert:




I had never heard of a King's Cake.  And apparently, it pays [if you know as thoughtful of a person as termite] to call your stupidness out into the blog world.

Thank you so very much.


Awwwww, heck ya!

2011 is going to be a great one around my casa!

Thank you Termite!

I'll leave you with a few photos of my two [very opposite] dogs "playing" together this morning.

Then . . .

No worries, the fluffy [incredibly useless] dog was not injured.

Happy Friday!


SupermomE13 said...

I have never heard of a King's Cake either... it looks amazing though!!

And we have a little fluffy dog like that who is quite useless too... I think it's the defining personality trait of small fluffy dogs. :)

A Prelude To... said...

Oh Boy! Too funny! Fluffy didn't even look phased in pictured #1.

Have a great weekend!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I've only *heard* of King Cake, but never had it. Knowing me, I'd choke on the baby.

Laura said...

I've have never heard of (or therefore) had King's Cake.
It's made from babies?...gross.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I've never heard of a King Cake either. But it look yummy.

My dogs act like they are going to kill each other too. It gets scary at times!

Karine said...

Just read that the tradition requires the person finding the baby to bring the King's Cake to the next celebration!


Anonymous said...

you're welcome, babygirl!



Aimee said...

Oh my...that King cake looks really good!

Ha ha..the pics of your dogs "playing" cracked me up!

Marlene said...

I don't know WHAT that thing is, but it looks


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

EMZ--I knew what your advice would be on my 18!!! :) ha!

Enjoy that King Cake but save room for my bars which (according to the P.O.) will arrive tomorrow!

Your oppo dogs crack me up--love the playtime pics!!!!

LB said...

i think ive heard of king cake, i knew of some kind of cake with a baby hidden in it, i didnt know it was called that. looks delish!

love those dogs. HIlarious!

Katie said...

hahaha, those pup pics are awesome! :)

Julie @ HotlegsRunner said...

looks like he was going for the neck! haha! I heart dogs! =)

XLMIC said...

Was there a little toy baby in there? What was it made out of? Was it scary when you bit into it? My kids go to a french school and they have a similar thing... the galette for Epiphany. There is a thing cooked into it. I always wonder if one of the kids is going to bust a tooth or choke!

Molly said...

yay for the baby find! King Cake makes me think that spring is a comin!

jymmebe said...

Hey, not that Chuy looks afraid of Mace or anything, but I think he might need to get away from him for a few days to visit us . . . just sayin'! :)

Char said...

I wasn't worried for Fluffy. You can tell your other dog is just playing - hackles are not up and in the first pic he's down in the 'let's play' position. It's all fun and games.

Amber said...

oh poor little guy! :(

Jason said...

King Cake is a lot like you....


Megan said...

I just blogged about the King Cake 5K I just ran last weekend! King Cakes area aaaawwweeessoooommee!

bobbi said...

That King cake looks AMAZING. Yum!

And I think Fluffy taunted your other dog into that - you can almost see the "I double dog dare you!!" look on his face in that first pic...

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I have not heard of a king's cake either! lol... it looks yummy! :)

Silly Girl Running said...

Okay, we don't have King Cake in the least, I've never heard of it. I'm googling the recipe as we speak! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, so what you are saying is that if I say I have never had a sub 4 marathon, bloggers will flock to my next race to pace me?

See you at 8:00 AM (CST).

Gracie said...

It's a KING cake, not a king's cake...
and I've eaten about 8 this year already!
Termite is the best, I agree with ya.

Unknown said...

I want a King cake!! That think looks amazing! I had never heard of it either.... where's my darn cake?

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Awesome.King Cake.

Karen R said...

What a thoughtful friend!

My little guy and I are learning more about Mardi Gras this week since it's next Tuesday. Hmmm...maybe I will have to find a king cake!

Chris K said...

That cake looks lovely :-) BTW, thanks for not rubbing it in for you-know-what. I think our ass whooping means the Aztecs aint going to Tucson. Darn it. Eh, maybe we'll beat BYU in the MWC Conf Championship. That's a big fat maybe.

Hope you had a good weekend. I'm all set to meet Kera next weekend for lunch and some sightseeing. So cool.

Jill said...

I've never had a king cake either...but I'd better not google how to make one or I'm afraid I'd eat the entire thing :p.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Matty O said...

So this may be a stupid comment but... what the heck is the point of that fluffy mop looking thing? Do you use it to dust your blinds?

Frankie wants to be friends with your pup :)

Barbie said...

That king cake looks delicious.

Matty O said...

Really... no one else commented on this post?! I LOVE YOUR DOG :) I came back to see him playing with Mr. Fluffies!

xiape said...

King Cake rocks! My wife's aunt sends one every year, though this year we got ours today, a day late (damn delivery guy!). Most places don't put the toy baby IN the cake anymore because it apparently presents a choking hazard. Now you have to put it in yourself, which means you really should cut the entire cake, separate & jumble all the pieces, have someone else put the baby in, & then reassemble the cake so that no one knows where the king is. Crazy!

Still, it's a great tradition. I like the more colorful cakes, personally. The ones we get are covered in purple, green, & gold icing as well as the white, also with sprinkles. This year's also came with an apple-cream cheese filling! Got to love it.