Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Ask" The Smith's

I've been tagged by Caroline.

Love. her.

So - ask away.

I'll answer.

Who to tag???

SUAR - but if you've already been tagged 844 times . . . . sorry been out of town.
Haley - I only met her for 444 seconds - but she FREAKING rocks.
Mandi - yes, with an "I".  I adore her.

Ask away.


chloƫ. said...

omgosshh am i really first?!

okay question: what's your BIGGEST life goal? and when are you having another baby? :)

Anonymous said...

You probably could've seen this one coming from me -

How did you grow to love the treadmill so much? And can you teach me?

KovasP said...

How does the Garmin work on the treadmill?

Do you sprint on the moving walkways at airports?

Is your dream job one with many conveyer belts?

Heather-O said...

How did you get started running?

Do you think you will ever do a triathlon?


Where do I get one of those GIANT gummy bears?!?!?!??!?! Lol!

Christi said...

Can you help me get abs like you?

Melissa Cunningham said...

what is your favorite post race meal????
how did you keep your legs feeling good while you were trainig for your 24hr TM run?
do you ever do strenghth training?

can you have peanut mail me a 5lb gummi bear?
i so want one!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mine is two part (and I'm asking it of everyone who is doing the Q&A).

When you run, are you a greeter, ie, do you wave at an approaching runner or do you look away?

If you are a greeter, does it bug you when the other person looks the other way and doesn't acknowledge you?

fancy nancy said...

What would we find you doing when you aren't on the mill? Like if you weren't an amazing runner what would you want to be?

Anonymous said...

what's your 10K time pr?
Have you ever wanted to do a r2r2r at the canyon since you lice here? (or maybe you have and I missed it.)

Highly recommend it if you haven't.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Have you ever been injured from running?

What words of inspiration do you have for someone recovering from injury?

funderson said...

Are you AZ born and raised?

Jason said...

when are you cooking with tempeh?

Anonymous said...

can i have your horsey belt?? :D

Nelly said...

What sports did you do in high school and/or college?

Who thought of the nickname EMZ?

Can the PITA dunk?

How tall is Peanut expected to be?

Caroline said...

where do you find these great titles for this blog?

when will we meet?

I also want to long were you engaged?

did you have a big wedding with wedding party and all that?

who in the public eye would you like to meet?

how long can you survive without going to Costco?

If CK asks some questions..will you answer them?

Caroline said...

who would you like to see in concert?

did you wait to find out that Peanut was a girl?

Caroline said...

does THE Pita read your blog?
how about the comments?

do you think that CK's gf exists for real or you think he just photoshop pics for his blog or even better that the girl in the pics is really is cousin?

Aimee said...

Do you want Peanut to become a runner like you??

Emz said...

Awwww Caroline. I. Heart. You.

Allison said...

Please answer that treadmill question! How the heck did you learn to like it so much! And do you have a good hill workout on it?

Ironman By Thirty said...

How/why did you come up with this writing/blogging style? I love it because it is different than any other blog I read.

ltlindian said...

I know pita is your hubby but in my neck of the woods pita is an acronym for 'pain in the a$$'. Is that where you got that nickname? :) lol

How tall are you?

Other than gotein, gummy bears and sushi what is your favorite food?

Char said...

How do you get abs like that?

Chris K said...

I have just one. Do you sometimes feel horrible for calling me an Old Fart?

April said...

do you use any supplements in your diet?

what is your most favorite running accessory ever?

Gracie said...

Where did "Pita" come from??? (The nickname)

Cari Mugz said...

Where is the craziest, funnest, place or race you have ran?

Johann said...

What do you see as the ultimate race challenge?
Will you consider going for the world distance record on the treadmill?

Jill said...

OOOO, I second Johann's questions - he rocks!

Will you run a pathetic 10:17 pace in Vegas with me?

Can I text you to death with my training?

Out of town for a few days. xoxo