Saturday, July 9, 2011

"For Whom The Bell Tolls" - Metallica

I love this Metallica song.

[random fact] I super love that they use the word "whom".

So ya, I'm gonna toot my own horn here for a second and say - - -

holy. freaking. crap.


e v e r.

So I wasn't 100% motivated today.  I hadn't been able to get my (&$@%# garmin to work [indoors] after three failed attempts.  Ya, coaches LOVE that.

So I started.  I was fine.  No music.  No TV.  Just me and my moving piece of rubber [oh and that Garmin thing].

Enter mile 4.  no joke - it WAS mile four!

enter cow bells.

Yep, Pita & Peanut.

Ringing Boston [John Hancock & Niketown] get my head right.

Guess what?  It. freaking. worked.  Long [awesome] run done.

Pita ran [literally-see he CAN run] from the photo opp.

Peanut - stuck around to show off her goods.

Just a huge, "I'm so grateful" moment.

In the words of Trader Joe's . . . "thanks for listening.reading."

Do you keep your cow bells?


Richelle said...

I love it! Your family is awesome.

Yes, I do keep my cowbells. I often bring them to races where I'm a spectator to encourage the runners. More cowbell baby!

Michelle said...

Do you think they'd be willing to ring the bells while I'm just trying to ENTER Boston on the computer??? :) Hee, hee. Pita and Peanut R.O.C.K!!!

Chris @ Heavy Steps said...

I got a fever and the only cure is more cow bell! I gotta have that cow bell!

The support of your family is great! I would be lost if it wasn't for mine!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Best freaking story every. Your peanut and pita rock!

Love cow bells.

Michael said...

That's so sweet! You have the best family ever!! I love how they are so incredibly supportive of you. You are one LUCKY woman! But I know you already know that!

Ironman By Thirty said...

I have a bunch of cowbells from races. I even have a cowbell iPhone app! Shake the iPhone and the cowbell rings. Epic.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I've often asked Michael to get up early and wait for me in the dark at mile 10 on a 20 miler, but nothing yet. Oh well. The only cowbell I have is Boston. Of course I kept it! Awesome family!

bobbi said...

I don't have any cowbells, but now I want some :)

Char said...

Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes a young girl, sometimes a tall man and sometimes both. Love that they know which of your buttons to press to get you going.

Have you made the cupcakes yet?

tahoegirl said...

Hubby has a cow bell from the 2002 Winter Olympics. That is my official spectator cow bell. Your family is awesome and you are freaking amazing! :OD

Jill said...

I never saw that 2010 Boston cowbell...I need it, it has my birthdate on it!! :)

Happy Happy for you the Pita and peanut managed to get you out of your funk and nailed a great long run. You are BLESSED!!!

Danielle C. said...

That is so freaking awesome!!!

KovasP said...

No cowbells, but can you imagine the noise of 4 kids and wife ringing cowbells in the basement?!

Michelle @ said...

How inspiring, and touching...always wonderful to have your family supporting you. Love your blog, thanks for the great read. <3

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

I have 2 cowbells: one from Ragnar (my 3rd love after hubs and kiddo) and one from a tri I volunteered at.

All I can say is MORE. COWBELL. ;)

Patrick Mahoney said...

Being a fan of cycling, I have bells that ring in French, Flemmish, Italian, English and Spanish. I can tell the difference.

SupermomE13 said...

LOVE the Metallica song and love how awesome your family is. I wouldn't achieve half of what I do without the love and support of my family. GREAT post! :)

Heather-O said...

That is awesome!

Unknown said...

That's super cool!

Yep... we have ours. I gave them to 18 people in my family for my first Ironman. Nothing better than a bunch of crazies ringing their cow bells!

Aimee said...

Sooo awesome! And, I totally keep the cow bells! :)

Matty O said...

Hilarious girl. Honestly hilarious. You're FAMILY freaking ROCKS!


funderson said...

Love the whom..big time. ALSO, love cowbells! That's really cool they cowbelled for you.

Laura said...

Your family is just so awesome!

DRog said...

Make his fight on the hill in the early day ... Constant Chill Deep Inside!!!!!

send some of those cowbells my way struggling to finish this thing off!


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

One, I love Metallica, so I was drawn to this post. Two, "I need more cow bell!" fav Will Ferrel skit!

Love you and your family. Blessed!

Emz said...

Jess so funny. Couple we were out with Saturday night showed that to us......hilarious.