Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My favorite things. PEANUT!!!! [AGAIN]

Well, you guessed it I'm here again. My mom's is pretending she's all busy packing - so I've got blogger-duty.

Typing about my favorite things about my family [including the lady who left her phone in the refrigerator].


1. She's nice.
2. She's funny [because once she accidentally talked to a trash can at Starbucks thinking it was the speaker.].
3. She's odd, let's just say different.
Really Mom?!?!?


1. He's super tall so everyone thinks he's a "famous basketball player".
2. He's really sarcastic and funny.
3. He's nice [and he tolerates pillow fights, as long as it ends with him winning].
"WE'RE GOOD. For now"

Chuy [my Maltese]

1. He thinks he's a big dog [which he's not because he's only 8 pounds.]
2. Mase loves playing with him. Here is how this playing goes, Mase randomly jumps in place once and then they both start running around in circles. Then they have pee contests for about an hour.  Our dogs are as weird as us. But no we don't have pee contests.
3. He's cute [or was as you see in this picture]

Mase [my pit bull]

1. He's really cute.

2. He thinks he's a lap dog.
3. I personally love that he's super chill [when a bird comes and eats his food  he acts like, "Ah, I'll get him later."].

What do you guys like about me?

I like it when you guys leave me comments.  I promise I'll reply to them after lunch.



runnerwannabe said...

I love your posts! I bet your mom is super proud to have such an intelligent and witty daughter! I love when you talk about how much you like your parents. I hope my kids feel like that about me. ;) Of course mine are older and going through the "I hate everything" teen years. Just hold onto those good feelings about your parents!

Anonymous said...

I like that you are so supportive of your mom's crazy antics! In most families the parents support the kids, in this case, you're kind of the parent. Ha! Y'll sure are a cute family and give me hope of someday raising a spawn of our own.

Danielle C. said...

I love your posts Peanut, you are clearly an intelligent, considerate, loving, (not to mention BEAUTIFUL) daughter. Your mom is so blessed!

Cari Mugz said...

I like that they call you PEANUT

I like that you-dont-think-you-are-cooler-than-anyone-else

I like that your CRAZY FUN (like your mother)

I like that you like gummi bears

I like that you don't have pee contests with your dogs

I like you because you are

Quinton J said...

I like your style.
And I love that you don't need anybody to tell you what they like about you...because you're that darn cool.

and fyi...your mom talking to the garbage can was not an accident.

Matty O said...

I like that you dish out the good stuff on your parents ;)

I like that you are a confident young woman who is not afraid of being herself!

Keep on being awesome and remember to ride those horses on vacation =D

Julia said...

LOVE all of your posts Peanut. You are so supportive and obviously love your family. You are super funny and if I remember correctly from a past post...have mad dancing skills. YOU ROCK.

Kelly Leigh said...

I like that you are the awesomeness! And you're pretty funny. And you're nice to your crazy garbage can talking to mom. And I like that you like your dogs. I love my dogs. They're the best.

TRI714 said...

I love your confidence.

April said...

You are a fantastic writer! I like that you "get" your parents and see great qualities in both of them! Great post!

ihaverun said...

I like that you blog when your mom can't.

I like your name. Peanut is awesome, but your real name ROCKS!!

I like that you love your pups. I love the dog member of my family too.

I like that you are a family girl. Families are what it is all about.

Christi said...

I love that you are willing to post to your mom's blog.

I love that you love your family.

I love your puppies!

Silly Girl Running said...

What I like about Peanut? Hmmm... You need to start your own blog! Seriously. :)

And don't tell your mom, but that camel t-shirt looks way better on you. ;)

runnergirl training said...

haha I love this post! I like the tag at the end about reminding your mom to start her Garmin. hahaha I always forget to start mine. Thanks for writing & making me laugh! :)

Emz said...

Quiton J, You are that darn cool.

Julia, I probably dance like rodricks mom in Rodrick Rules Diary of a Wimpy kid [the movie].

Silly Girl running, Now not do I only understand your name but I totally agree with you.

Runnergirl training, START IT THEN RUN, OKAY?

Caroline said...

I like that your #1 favorite thing is your MOM. You lucked out in the mommy department, I am telling you.

I like that you like dogs. I love dogs also. We have a golden retriever she is the best!

I like that you write on your mom's blog and you are pretty good. I am telling you, you should write for your school journal! start one if they dont have any.

Do you keep a journal? you should. whem you are older you will be happy you did.

racing dawn said...

This is sooo fun!!!

Things I love about Peanut?!? Ummmm...

You have the cutest giggle.
You have crazy mad style (slimjim belt).
You are confident and super smart.
You are hilarious.
You're just as quick as your mom with a joke...love it.
You are super sweet and I know you have the best relationship with your mom and dad!!
And you're an awesome blogger! I'm with Caroline...you better be keeping a journal and writing for your school newspaper!
And I get to see u TOMORROW!!! Yay!

Ciara Slider said...

peanut- i dont even know you but i totally adore you! i love your parents like crazy! and i know that you got the best traits from both of them! i love your bold, fun sense of style and your fun post! you are the bomb!!

funderson said...

I like that you like that your mom is "different"...I also like that you obviously like dogs so much.
Word to your mother..

Anonymous said...

I like that you are a huge inspiration!!

Michelle said...

Yeah another Peanut post! You have a great sense of humor and sense of yourself both of which are awesome! I also love how much you clearly love your parents! Keep being you kiddo!

XLMIC said...

I like that you are super helpful and have a killer sense of humor. I like that you are so clearly loving your family :)

Chris @ Heavy Steps said...

Your posts are just as fun as your mom's! Keep her in order.

You have some cute dogs. They are so fun!

Ironman By Thirty said...

Love these posts!

I think you need to help your mom work her Garmin. She needs some young blood that understands this new fangled technology. haha

Shawn said...

I liked the thank-you note you sent me for donating after your super-mom did her 24 hours

I like Snoopy so the Peanut thing works for me

I like that you find your mom different...although, I think odd is not a bad thing

Keep posting, you have your own style...and it's nice!

Richelle said...

I like your creativity, sense of humor, and your confidence. You are going to do great things in the world and you're starting now!

Thanks for that lovely note you sent me with the t-shirt your mom sent. I'm glad you like my last name. :)

Zoƫ said...

I love that you like your nickname of PEANUT. It's too freaking adorable. :)
Warm fuzzies.

You rock, Peanut!

Anne said...

I have a feeling you are awesome to have around...funny, witty, sweet, smart and sarcastic (in a good way), confident, a little wild and crazy like your mom (that's a compliment of course) and totally adorable. You have a great writing style and I agree that I hope you keep putting it to good use!

Michelle said...

Love that you love your family! And, that you blog about what you love about your family!

Love that you use the word "word". It makes me feel not so old cause we still use it round these parts.

adena said...

I love your posts! I love that you are really funny and clearly smart. I mostly love that you rat out your mom..

talking to a garbage can at Starbucks.. OMG so funny!

Have a great day Peanut!

Unknown said...

1.) I like that you are a smart, yet super funny girl! Keep up the sense of humor... it'll get you far in life! :)

2.) I like that you like gummy bears - cause they rock

3.) I like that you support that crazy mom of yours. She's lucky to have you!

Caratunk Girl said...

You are freaking hysterical! I love that about you. Also, I am still waiting for those dancing lessons. ;)



jymmebe said...

I like that you are related to me and that you are one sweet girl!!!