Friday, September 16, 2011

"Honestly" - Cartel

My intentions hold no mystery.

I completely suck at keeping my own thoughts secret.

The things I should probably "keep to myself".  I usually cannot.

I mean, I don't tell my life story to a random post office clerk or ever answer "how are you doing today?" with anything negative.  It's always a "good", "great", or "can't complain".

However, when people ask my opinion . . . well......they asked, right?!

If some random person wants to know "which dress" looks better - I'll say which one within seconds.

I always have an opinion.


I always have my own back.

If someone makes a brash/rude comment to me - - - I'll reply 99% of the time.  I always try to do it in an "as nice as possible" way.  My new method of counting to four before I reply has helped a lot. ;)

In relationships, I'm not afraid to reveal my feelings, no matter how rare/raw they are. I don't shy away from frank discussion about losses and heartaches.

I often do borderline stupid random things . . . . . I know I'm on the receiving end of eye-rolls way more than I'd care to admit.  I'm  freaking good  with it.  Laughing at myself . . . . .I'm a pro at that!

I can run through my days, second guessing others' intentions, motivations, thoughts, but  . . . . . . . the truth is . . . . . . I'm having way too much fun keeping mine in check.

since this is MY blog . . . . . here's what . . . . .

"I'm thinking about today":

* I finally felt awesome during a long-ish run.

* I wish I could prevent Peanut from ever getting zits.

* I'd like twin boys.   I have two awesome boy's names and I'd hate to have to only pick one.

* I wish January would come sooner.

* When should I post my HAKA?

* I wish I was in Logan with Dawn.  I should have sucked it up and bought the dang [hugely over-priced] ticket[all three of you girls [Erin, Cari & Dawn] - go out there and kick it]

* I love this photo from Pokey marathon [and I'm not even flipping the camera off?!!?]

* I've secretly always wanted a tattoo.  Just can't think of anything that would still look cool when I'm all wrinkly and still wearing bra tops during marathons at 80.

* I'm digging my new Newton's.  Thanks Coach!

* but ---- I'm kinda digging these more [ya, thanks Dawn].  And they cost less?!?!  WHAT THE . . .

* I can't believe I just paid someone $50 to make my dog look this ridiculous.

* That was really stupid to send a reminder text to Peanut at 1:15am when I remembered something.

* Even stupider . . . .thinking she would have it on "silent".  Yes, the Emz household LOVED that.

* I hate politics.  Truly.  Hate all the hate IN politics.

* Should a treadmill really cost the amount of a used car?


What are you thinking about today?

Other than . . . . . it's FRIDAY!!!!!!


Caratunk Girl said...

You always make me smile!

I need to try that counting to 4 thing.

Today I am thinking about...why a forester (me) can't get firewood for our is coming this weekend and bringing his obnoxious dogs and I just cleaned the house and...I want someone to go with me on that Eagle Rock hike but everyone around here are lazy sows. F(reak)-it, I will go with just Porter. That is why I have a dog anyway, although I THOUGHT it was why I had a boyfriend...The dog really listens better though...

And the stream could go on and on...


Caroline said...

I think I love that racing picture!!!
I also think race pics are way too pricy!

I think that moms at the school should stop gossiping! I cannot stand it.

I think that I am starting to think that I could do a M.

Caroline said...

Ho...I almost forgot
I think that you should sign up for Surf City...

XLMIC said...

I'm thinking that one day I want to run in that belt buckle race you did. How crazy is that?

have an awesome weekend, woman!

ihaverun said...

I'm glad you say it like it is. Wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm so with you on the zits. I can't bear to think of my girls getting them.

If you were in Logan with Dawn, I'd probably be there too. It would be too hard to resist.

And I lvoe that photo too!!

Last but not least, I've always secretly wanted a tattoo too. Have the same problem though. And the fear of the needle.

Nelly said...

Gotta give a shoutout to Cartel, they are awesome! I haven't listened to them in like 7 years, I might have to break out the CD!

The whole Chroma CD is pretty solid, haha

NZ destroyed Japan, the Kiwi train keeps rolling!

And yea, it doesn't surprise me that you bring it with opinions, good stuff!

Char said...

I see you got your dog the value hair cut - it'll last a long time before he has to look that ridiculous again.

I wished I could have stopped the pimples on my boys too. Two of them ended up on Roaccutane and it broke my heart to see their beautiful faces so sore and red.

Those shoes look seriously fast - the runners NOT the wedges.

Jill said...

I have 16-year old twin boys, you can have them!!

Carly said...

I am thinking I have been away from reading blogs for far too long. Missed your blog. Happy Friday!

Sid said...

Love your blog! I am thinking...where r those shoes from?! I want them!! And where do u get your arm warmers? I am running the dirty dash tomorrow with all my friends and hubby's- soooo excited! Have a good weekend!

Amanda said...

I heart your random posts cause they are so fun :) I'm thinking about the race I'm running Sunday over and over and over again in my head. Can't wait to actually do it! :)

Sarah said...

I would love to take you clothes shopping with me someday. :-D I'm very open to opinions then because I don't want to look like a fool.

J. L. said...

It made me feel so much better to see you mentiOn peanut and sits. I have a daughter and think the same thing on a daily basis. Argh! I also want a tattoo. And no, no idea what. Tho you should get something with a 4 on it. 4'is a special number. It's 2squared and 2 +2 what other number can say that?

Anne said...

Loved reading this :)
I am thinking a lot about my upcoming first marathon...I hope my foot is all all better. I hope I can do this. I hope I don't have to DNF. I hope I come in under the 5:45 cutoff. Yeah, those are pretty much my thoughts these days! :)

A Prelude To... said...

I don't have nearly as many thoughts as you...

I wasn't sure about those shoes at first, but they're growing on me.

Aimee said...

I had to take my mom to the airport today and I'm thinking I already miss her.

I'm thinking I need to get my stuff together and go for a run, but lounging in my PJs drinking coffee sounds so much better right now!

Anonymous said...

Work- good thing someone else is paying the bills for you.
Do you ever run outside? It's gorgeous at 5 a.m. now.

Emz said...

Cheryl-"paying bills for me"?! I wish too. ;)
Nope all tm here. You know how much I love my mill right?!

Caratunk-You. Make. Me. Smile.
Carotabi- do it!!!!!!
Jill-I'll take them. Can I rename them though. I really like the names I picked. ;)

Nelly-yay! You know cartel!!
Amy. Love moms. Love. Love. Moms.

misszippy said...

Oh bitter, bitter commentor!

I've got your back, EMZ!

Karine said...

What I am thinking about? No tat! I am the voice of experience. LOL

Unknown said...

Since it is now Sunday - I am thinking that all pregame NFL shows are freaking stupid. A bunch of dudes sitting around telling stories that are stupid followed up by a bunch of fake stupid laughs from the other 17 guys sitting around a table.

I really need to produce one of these shows. It would still be stupid just not as stupid as the current ones.

Yeah, not riding my bike today and I am 3 large coffee's in!!!

Quinton J said...

newtons huh? nice.

Emz said...

Q. I know, right?
Whodathunkit?! ;)

Cari Mugz said...

I think your random thoughts are pretty cool....

I think you are pretty cool too...

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

No more doggie haircuts...invest the $$ in a Woodway!! ;)

And, I LOVE that rocking out pic too! You are pure awesome!