Friday, September 23, 2011

"I'm So Hood" - DJ Khaled

Ya.  Dawn.  That.  Title.  Is.  For You. ;]

The last few days have been filled with awesome.
  • I became Peanut's volleyball coach, thanks to the Pita telling me, "we [I'm guessing he meant "I"] need to step it up as parents."   [when they {YMCA} couldn't find a coach.]
  • First practice was last night.  The girls . . . . are freaking awesome.  They are all in 8th grade.  Peanut = 6th grade.  So I love that!
  • Emz to team:  what should we call our team?  Team replies:  "runners" [ya, seriously, no joke - so they were referring to "road" runners, I substitute "TM" runners]  I about cried, I was so happy.  Peanut noticed and pinched me.
  • Happy first day of fall to all of you who actually experience "fall".  It's freaking 106* here today.  Yes, Matty-O, I am whining.
  • Received this photo In an email from a so called "friend".  ;]

  • Received this from the one and only "IMRon".  The Peanut and I are stoked.

  • This weekend  ----- something big happens in our home. 

  • New Zealand plays France.  It is at 1:30am.  I'm 100% happy I will be sleeping.  I'm sure the Pita is 100% happy to be watching this rivalry match without me.  Ummmm, it wasn't so pretty back in 2008 but I have a feeling it'll be going "ALL BLACK"s this time. [my marriage will be a lot happier if it does] ;)
  • Speaking of "a lot" - - - -

  • ok sorry, just had to get that off my chest.  Drives me crazy when people misspell that word.
  • My run today

  • All. smiles.  I am [finally] seeing results from this new method of training and I could NOT be happier.  Hoping the 20 miler on the books for tomorrow goes just as well.
  • Received this hand-out at a parents meeting at Peanut's school last night.  This freaking cracked me up.

  • Walked in from above mentioned meeting to hear the Pita say, "awww, watch out" and see him trying to teach the Peanut how to do the running-man.  I interjected immediately as this is clearly MY area of expertise. 

So.  Happy.  Freaking.  Friday.  Everyone!!

Now, please . . . . .

**Share 1 or 444 awesome things that happened to you this week.**


Anonymous said...

My kids with autism actually did yoga with me this week in my class!

Emz said...

Cheryl. I. Love. This!!
So awesome.

ShutUpandRun said...

Need to know more about this mew training method. Want to kick out 1,500 miles a week like you. Seriously - what's the new thing?

Unknown said...

I slept in to 7:30am this morning. It was glorious.

So it is Fall? BS I tell ya, BS.

ihaverun said...

I just got a huge box of pancake/waffle mix I ordered last week. That is pretty awesome.

And I went shopping for the supplies to make my cousin's wedding cake. Awesomely terrifying.

I'm very glad Peanut won't have to see little boys' packages in speedos.

Might be stealing your "A LOT" pic. BUGS me too! So much. Is there one for to, too and two?

And I need details on your new method of training.

Emz said...

SUAR - zone training. Kicking my butt now that I'm actually training in the right zones. Now....I'm loving it.

Mrs. I have run - "little packages" has me cracking up.

Jeff-ugggg freaking seriously, right. If I hear one more person say they are cold.....

kimert said...

16 today and 20 tomorrow.. you are my hero!!

Nelly said...

Awesome on being Peanut's volleyball coach! Should be fun! Run the team into the ground on wind sprints and suicides! haha

You will be proud, I watched the USA vs Ireland rugby match from 2 weeks ago, the USA actually played pretty well. They only lost 23-10. Then they got smashed 63-5 by the Aussies, haha

Go New Zealand! I haven't been able to watch any of their matches yet, hopefully I will be able to catch a match soon!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

1. New running shoes. I finally got a pair that have bright colors and I'm stoked!

2. I spent at least two afternoons cooking lunch while dancing around the kitchen to John Mayer. There's something about his music that just makes me happy. ...or maybe it's the endorphins from dancing. Either way!

3. I got called into work yesterday. Not always fun, I know, but that gave me today off and I already had Saturday off. I don't often get two days off in a row!!

SupermomE13 said...

Yay for all of it! I love that you are the volleyball coach. Good luck on your 20 miler! I hope it rocks.

Awesome things - no school today so all my kids are home.

Oldest got her braces off yesterday and it singing the national anthem at the volleyball tourny tonight.

Noah said Mama yesterday. TWICE.

I started today off with a 10 mile tempo run, and Josh hung with me for about half of it. :)

And, only six weeks until NYC! :) YAY!!!!!

Arica said...

Ran my first marathon TOU last weekend. Have worn my medal all week, despite the mocking! Can't wait to run another one :) I think I need to teach my girls the running man this weekend...

A Prelude To... said...

The "no speedos" made me laugh and that made me realize all that twisty ab stuff from this morning really did work my abs. I'm hoping for no jokes tomorrow when DOMS sets in. ah...not really. Give me all the funny stuff you've got!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

haha! LOVED this post... that maze cracks me up!

I'm pretty sure I spell "a lot" without a space quite a bit... it's just easier to not hit the space bar ;) haha

Love it that you are peanut's vball coach now... Go Runner's!!! :)

I got new running shoes... at a running store AND started fall quarter yesterday... good stuff... thankful its friday...

18 miles on tap for tomorrow for me :) I might pee my pants just thinking about it...

Unknown said...

Yeah, what is this new training thing?

Caroline said...

alot alot alot alot alot....
just kidding..!!!!
dont you find me hilarious?!!!

tomorrow I am taking my boys for a training run to prepapre for their next big race: 1 whole mile!
should be fun. they have just one speed: super fast. we will see how long they can last at super fast!!!

Anne said...

Went to the expo, picked up my bib for my first marathon and had dinner with my running family :)

XLMIC said...

Go, Coach E!

So glad your training is going great :)

I'll give you 2 awesome things... new 5K PR and my first-grader learned to read in 2 languages.

Jill said...

Busy Momma, you ROCK!!! Love that you are Peanut's coach, alot!!! There sure are alot of kids, I bet you'll have alot of fun, maybe take them out for alot of post-match ice cream? ;)

Miss you!!

MCM Mama said...

I love volleyball. I'd be so stoked to coach it.

I spent yesterday *working* at a packet pickup for a race. Getting paid to do something you'd do for free? Best.thing.ever.

jymmebe said...

1. Made a nice Visa payment . . . that is awesome at least for me! :)
2. Applied for a job at the school district in our area . . . crazy!
3. Made 6 huge batches of homemade strawberry sauce to top the cheesecake for dessert after tonight's meeting.
4. Received a great email from my Michael.
5. A clean house!

Ya, I can picture a running man competition happening in your household . . . by the way, I think the only person who could give you a run for your money in that area would be our brother . . .

That's all . . .


Jason said...

Just getting to this post so I can now officially say one of the 444 awesome things that happened to me this past week was getting to exchange emails with you.

Hope the 20 miler was awesome. I know my 19 miler went well.

HD said...

That's so exciting your coaching Peanut!!! You're going to rock A LOT :) What is your new training method your so excited about?

Melissa Cunningham said...

i always love your posts,EMZ!
you totally rock!!!
(and your family!)
so what IS this new training plan btw?
AND how bout you start a running man competition?
have those who want to enter the contest,post a video on thier blog (or email it to you?)
and may the best (or most outrageous) win?
have a time limit and time frame-ad letthe prize be a 5lb gummi bear...errrr i meant a RUN EMZ shirt or decal....

oh and the great thing that happened so far this weekend?
aside from hubs waking up with the baby so i could sleep late and spending a lot of time with family and oh yeah football tonight!)
ordering my new suit for World Cup in 5 weeks!) and let me tell ya this suit is teeny tiny! so i HAVE to get my rear in gear in th gym and i have been having great fun kicking my own arse!!

hope you have a great weekend!
have fun coaching and running those TM miles!
you ROCK!!!!

ConcreteNCoffee said...

You rock!

You're stories about Peanut are so funny and sweet... makes me really look forward to my little girls' older years :)

Caratunk Girl said...

I freaking LOVE that you are Peanut's V-ball coach! That is freaking awesome.

I think the no speedo rule should apply to all men and boys. Just saying.

I hope that 20 miler was rocking!

Char said...

I take back what I said about the Wallabies. We officially suck - can't even beat Ireland. Could it be because we have a coach who's from NZ? Is it all a big conspiracy?

Matty O said...

Ummmmmm what is wrong with no speedos? I wore one to our after prom party with two of my buddies... Life of the Party!!! LOL.

VBall coach? HOLY SMOKES! TOO COOL :) :) :)

Soooo do they have state titles for 8th graders? Because I know you aren't going to settle for anything less than the best... it's a felony (ice ice baby).

All Blacks all the way!

Had a wonder 13.1 Saturday, was on pace to blow away my PR too haha, until the 10k point and Friday night's eating and drinking caught up to me... one more chance this year though :)

You bet you are getting an email to follow up this comment too... you tease!

Jen said...

You always make me smile! Love that they don't allow speedos. Saving everyone a little pain there! Now if only they could do something about the old ladies showering and shaving their legs naked at the pool.
I would love more details on your new method of training. I'm behind.
And does it really ever cool down in Arizona? Is 80 considered winter? Craziness!

KovasP said...

That is alot of bullets! Is the running man sort of like Vanilla Ice dancing?

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

NO SPEEDOS:) I need lessons on the running man too...Pita should do a vlog to teach us all!

Anonymous said...

Thought of something today...
saw a 4 runner
and really hope you have one!

Angie said...

Catching up om your blog. Reminded how much I like you.