Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Outside" - George Michael

Okay, first and foremost.  I wore boots last week.  Yes, boots. 
[and I swear I had just cleaned this mirror, weird]
It was 78 degrees for one day and I was all over it.

Unfortunately, my coach knew it was 78 degrees for like 14 hours and asked, "Why aren't you running outside?"  I gave him 84 reasons why then today..........

I sucked it up . . . . opened my front door. . . . . then, I shut it.  But then I opened it again . . .

And . . .

For the first time since December 2010 . . . .


Ya, you read that right.

o u t s i d e.


Yes, it was a nice 70 degrees outside at 6:15am. 

Everything else......UGGGG.

How do you guys do it?

Here's just a snippet of the non-fun I had....in numbers.

9 - Recovery Run miles I slowly slogged

1 - number of times I was seriously close to getting hit by a car.  The man was sooooooooooo focused on getting right into that McD's breakfast sandwich he picked up all 4.4 seconds earlier.

2 - number of times I was asked by high school cross guards "how many miles are you running?" [two different cross guards]

3 - Neighbors who saw me and tried to hold a conversation out their window.  Joe, you were by far the most entertaining.  Do you guys wear shirts that say, "in training" or "no time to talk" ?  Just curious.

2 - honks received from landscaper guys.

2 - middle fingers each landscaper guy was shown after above mentioned honk. [why do guys think women like this?  I'll never understand.]

1 - random dog that ran out / off it's front yard after me.

1 - dog owner who yelled at me, "Stop! He just wants to smell you."  I turn back like you're freaking joking [but didn't say a word].  Then she says [no joke], "Stop or he'll keep running after you."  I stop.  He gets his sniff on.  And this lady knows her crap - - - -he runs back towards her.

0 - percent chance I'll be running outside tomorrow.

And you guys ask me how I can handle running on a treadmill?!?!

I got back to see a text from Mr PRR himself:

"Outdoor run?  OMG!! You okay?  Is the power out at home?  My thoughts & prayers are with you!"

Can someone please tell me:

1.  How you avoid talking to everyone you know without being rude
2.  Avoid crazy dogs
3.  Avoid getting run over [no, I was not running with music/iPod]

Would greatly appreciate your input.


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Unleashed dogs are illegal where I live. Not that it stops people. But, it just makes me run faster. The worst is dogs sans owners. I have to make sure they don't follow me. Otherwise they might be homeless. And then I'd have to deal with them.

For me the worst part about running outside is the SMELLS. So many foul smells when I'm trying to run on city streets.

That's why I prefer trail running. It smells like nature.

Ashley said...

1. I just moved and one of my neighbors is the nosiest, most talkative, most oblivious person I've ever met. I've taken to leaving my headphones in when exiting and entering my apartment from runs just so I don't have to be rude and tell him to buzz off and never speak to me again. It will probably happen one of these days anyway. I'm interested in reading what others do about this.

2. I have found that most dogs will leave you alone if you ignore them. Just don't make eye contact and they seem to lose interest. But I think in most residential places there are leash laws in effect, as noted above.

3. I run with headphones and am constantly looking for cars at crossings. I've never had a close call and that's mainly because I assume that no cars will see me. I try to choose routes that have minimal traffic, but sometimes it can't be avoided, so constant vigilance is key!

Unknown said...

I'm just rude. I have neighbors who's dogs chase and I just keep going. If they get a foot to the face, then they shouldn't have fallowed so close.

Aimee said...

I usually run at crazy times and try to run on trails. So, there's not many people to talk to b/c everyone else on the trail is either running/biking/walking/etc. and don't want to talk either.

The dog thing freaks me out too!

MCM Mama said...

I live in a neighborhood where no one is home during the day. Running after kid drop off pretty much means I have the world to myself. Except, of course, for the construction workers who like to comment on my running...

XLMIC said...

This is why I pretty much only run at night ;-)

You're the treadmill lady and I'm the night running lady. We can be 'weird' together :)

Laura said...

I smile, nod, do the runner's wave and be off. I trust NO CARS so am just extra vigilant about them...it makes for good stories about the morons out there...

Danielle C. said...

LOL like I said on FB, I will never understand the creeper men that honk or shout stuff out the windows.

As for cars (there is a horrible McDonalds on one of my routes), I always assume that NONE of them see me (and that even if they do they won't stop). Always make eye contact with the driver. It sucks but it's better than getting hit.

I have never run into anyone I know out running (I also live IN a city apartment so there are a lot of people coming and going).

I carry handheld runner's mace, not only for creepers but also potentially dangerous dogs.

City running entertains me (never on garbage day in my 'hood - Thursday LOL).

Unknown said...

Sometimes I wear ear phones but do not even turn them on - do this all the time in the neighborhood. If someone says something to me I act like I can't hear them and keep on going -- works like a charm.

As for the dogs, I have a very deep voice and a strong "sit" or "down" stops them every time. So take some testosterone to get a deeper voice and you'll be good.

Michelle said...

I do the runner's wave and keep moving - that seems to do it for most people.

As others have said, I always assume drivers can't see me - run against the traffic. Also pick low traffic routes.

Luckily my town has very strict lease laws - the dog thing freaks me out!

Yeah I don't get why guys honk - I've definitely been known to flip a few off ;)

Spandex King said...

Trail running is the best. Night running is a close second. I'm the lurker that creeps your street while your asleep!

Christie said...

I either use the headphones 'i cant hear you' or I will say 'come run with me and we'll chat'... so far I have not had any takers, darn :)

Dogs scare the shit out of me - They are unplanned sprints.

Good luck running outside, it is an adventure for sure!

Char said...

I'm thinking that if that dog got loose in a race there'd be a lot of cranky runners waiting in line to be sniffed before they could continue. Maybe he should be kept in his yard? Just a thought.

Jill said...

You totally make me laugh! :)

I run a lot at the state park by my house...well, when I'm not on my treadmill :)...no cars, no landscapers, a few dogs, no McDonalds! Come run with me!!

Karine said...

Does running "outside" on a treadmill count? If so.....this is your 2nd outdoor run since December 2010. Have you forgotten the 24-hour treadmill run? As I recall, that was outdoors!!!

Glad you survived all the distractions and trauma of the day.

coach dion said...

I have see any one at 05h00 (ok it is still dark outside)

Run faster and point at your watch if anyone trys to talk to you...

head for the trail...

Good luck I don't know how you run without getting anywhere!!!!

pensive pumpkin said...

I second the idea of headphones without music. That works on airplanes as well.

And, might I add, I was excited to see another Night Runner in the comments. 10pm rocks!

Unknown said...

1. How you avoid talking to everyone you know without being rude
we ear phones but with no music. you can ignore them totally without seeming rude.

2. Avoid crazy dogs
carry a gun

3. Avoid getting run over [no, I was not running with music/iPod]
hit the trails

just come to Maine and run my beach route with me-it's amamzing, beautiful and dog free. I can't promise no landscaping perverts though...all those beach houses have "people" to take care of all those mundane tasks like cutting the lawn, watching the kids, cooking, shopping, etc.

then instead of an ice bath, you just jump in the ocean.

its awesome.

Matty O said...

I run with tunes. I ignore everyone :)

as for the dogs, you need to find a nature path or something to run on away from houses with dogs.

Congrats on going outside!

Heather-O said...

Yeah that sounds about right ;) I too enjoy a good treadmill run...on my own treadmill in the basement... definitely NOT at the gym (although that makes for a good laugh too).

Congrats on the outdoor run though!

Runners Fuel said...

I loe running outside when it's Perfect" weather. I'm a big baby in the cold/heat. It's the perfect time right now! I actually prefer running in the rain.

Jason said...

First off I would have kept running while that dog chased me so that the lady would have had to get out of her house dress and get the damn dog. Put the f'n thing on a leash for crying out loud.

Secondly, I just run and wave. The wave says hello and don't f'n bother me I'm running. I'll talk to you later.

Thirdly, I don't wear headphones at all because of all the dumbasses out there but I run as if I own the street. You better stop for me because I'm going to keep running.

Rachelle Wardle said...

I totally understand where your coming from. I used to be a slave to my treadmill but have recently broke the habbit. It is like breaking any habit, it takes about 10 days. ha ha (I know this is rediculous). Anyway now I am slightly obsessed with running outside and have realized that most things that happen outside could happen in a race so might as well be prepared right.

Oh and dogs = awesome speedwork. :)

Nelly said...


Is that a Run EMZ belt buckle? That is awesome!

That is awesome that you ran outside! Seriously though, all the things you listed here that happened during your one run outside - that much stuff hasn't happened to me over an entire year of running outside!

It sounds like if you want to run outside that you should find a trail to run on, because on trails you pretty much avoid everything that annoyed you on that run. Because everyone is out there for the same purpose you don't have many distractions.

1. If I see someone I know on the trails, I usually stop briefly to talk to them, but generally I don't run into too many people that I know while running, so this is rare.

2. This is hard to too, some owners have their dogs off leash, so this is unavoidable

3. I basically only run on trails, so I avoid cars altogether

Unknown said...

I'm still cracking up at the "stop, he just wants to smell you" comment. Seriously... that's hysterical!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I rarely run in my own neighborhood. I usually run at the lake where everyone else is also in training and they ticket people who's pets aren't leashed. All the stuff above would drive me nuts.

ConcreteNCoffee said...

The dog thing- I learned that from Cesar Milan and Victoria Sillwell: if you keep running it engages their chase instinct but if you stop and stand still you are far less interesting. Otherwise, I live in a city and I run when everyone else is driving to work so I don't have to stop for neighbors or busybodies. The traffic thing, though... I definitely have to pay attention. Even with the right of way I always glance over my shoulder to make sure someone isn't going to turn into me as I make my way across the crosswalk! Also, I wear a pretty blinding shade of neon yellow for my morning runs. I have to say, though, if I lived in your temps I'd be on the TM all the time!

Kenley said...

I love tread mill running for all the reasons mentioned in this post. I hate the fear of being hit by a car esp. Being on a tm is systematic for me. I do most of my running on tm. But when I am training for races, I still run on the treadmill, and maybe 10% outside, plus my long runs. Take care.

KovasP said...

baby steppin'...soon you'll start enjoying the fresh air

Kenley said...

I hope your are happy with the comments. I just wanted to check back to see if I had left a comment. lol. Yeah I did, and yes, I love running on the treadmill too. Take care.

Laima said...

Pretty funny - guess I would stick to the tm also if my runs were so eventful :)

Angie said...

I wear headphones and pretend that I don't see/hear anyone that tries to talk to me. Dogs suck, why should you have to let it sniff you? Why can't she just keep her nosey dog on a leah or something? Rude!