Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Make Me Proud" - Drake {and the winner!!}


A text from my awesome Niece Morgan saying, "I want to run a half marathon, train me!"

Would lead to the Pita saying, "If Morgan can do it, I'll do it running backwards." [uh, ya, anyway....]

Which led to my sister training with her daughter [Morgan].  Which led to my oldest sister saying, "We are in! Me, Dave, Troy & Julia!". [I should probably ask Dave, Troy & Julia if they know they've been signed up].

So that's like most of the people you see in these photos!!

So then, I had to text my sister in Indiana saying, "It's a RUNUNION!  Be here March 3rd, 2012!"

Still waiting to hear back from MY brother.  But he's in.  He has to be in.

cannot. freaking. wait.

Now on to the best caption [to this photo] winner.

To be fair I had Ms Morgan, her mom, her dad & THE PITA pick their favorite one.

They. all. picked. the. same. one.



Shut. Up. And. Run's. Comment.

Did you read it?  Do you remember it?


okay SUAR, you have a choice of:

1.  airline ticket for Ken to witness you running with Dolvett.
2.  what's in box #4 [measurements are 8 x 8]
3.  being my maid of honor at my Elvis wedding in December, but please can we not go to "that" restaurant before I try on dresses?
4.  [because there has to be four] a RUN EMZ shirt drenched in pickle juice

? ? ? ?

Which would you pick if you were lucky enough to be SUAR?


Unknown said...

ohhh! all the fam together running a race that would be super fun! especially if/when people get to that "bite me, stfu" moment. :)

Unknown said...

Ha! I'm jealous of the brilliance that is the "tampon toe"!

ShutUpandRun said...

baahahahha!!! Tampon toe!! Only in the blog world could tampon toe be a winner of anything!! I am dying laughing and so honored that someone else thinks I'm funny other than me. I am thinking on my options. I don't want Ken to get jealous, but I really want him there. Pickle juice is my favorite cocktail so that is tempting. 8 x 8could be so many things, but more than likely is the PITA, and I don't want you to get jealous. That leaves me with being a bridesmaid, which would mean I would die and go to heaven. I just hope I don't upstage you with some sort of gaseous fume.

Nelly said...

lol I read SUAR's comment yesterday and knew that was going to be the winner, haha

Oh, and I watched the New Zealand-Australia rugby semifinal match, what a peformance by the All Blacks! They just dominated the Aussies. But wow, rugby is insanely rough. I've never seen more broken noses, blood and injuries. Rugby at the highest level is way more dangerous than american football it seems like.

I'll definitely be watching on Sunday for the final, go All Blacks!

Char said...

So much fun that you get to run with so many of your family. That's just awesome!

jymmebe said...

Uh, oh . . . I think I just might be having remorse for committing! :) hehehe

XLMIC said...

I think she should pick #1 because then I'll get to be Dolvett's date. But I think maybe one of the prizes should be a tampon …you know…so no one needs to use her toe ;-)

Your family will have such a blast running together!

Laura said...

Quelle surprise that SUAR won...I am still laughing about her comment.
Awesome about the FAM!!

Anne said...

I definitely laughed when I read SUAR's comment :)

I love that you'll be training with tons of family...that will be such a cool race!!

Christi said...

Yay for family rununion! That is awesome!

Sara said...

Awesome! Love the shirts.

Did you by any chance run Columbus last Sunday?

Runners Fuel said...

That is awesome that your family is running a marathon!!

Sarah said...

How could I pass up the opportunity to be in an Elvis wedding?

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I CANNOT WAIT FOR VEGAS!! DO you need another bridesmaid?! :)

Well done SUAR, but I'm battling you for D-train!!!