Friday, February 3, 2012

"220" - t.A.T.u. [and winner, winner, winner]

So it's WAD.

Wacky Ankle Distress?
Worry And Die?
Wonky Achilles Disco?
Weird Ache Damage?
Want A Drink?



So here's the math [I suck at math so feel free to check it].

7 outdoor marathons:


= 183.4

Plus the 10k with Peanut

= 189.6

Plus my 9 mile run sucked & I almost died. [ok, ok, I didn't]

= 198.6

Plus 3 miles run with Peanut at run club

= 201.6

Plus three separate 5 mile hill runs

= 216.6

Plus four miles, one random day in November, when I had lost my brain.

= 220.6

So out of 3,204.44 miles in 2011 . . . .

220.6 were run outside.

Which makes the winner . . .

Holy. crap.

two people said 227.  Which was the closest answer.

So I went down the the time the answers were submitted . . .


Jenna Z -- ding ding ding YOU win!!

Dancing runner - - please also send me your address and I've got a few pretty sweet things to send you too!

please email me at runemzrun [at] gmail [dot] com

Now for my Friday question . . . .

** How many miles to you run to warrant putting on your compression socks? **


Christi said...

My compression socks are real pretty so I will wear them for fun! :O

I am not a "long-distance" runner so I have no excuse to wear them. However, if I bike 50+ miles then they are on!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

more than 12, but at least 12. of course that is after the run. i just can't do that look while running - at least in my shorts.

Running In Boise said...

I am in love with my compression socks that I wear them almost everyday, even when I don't run. I even bought some grandma-looking compression socks and wear them to work.

bobbi said...

I still say 100 miles on the treadmill outside counts as outside :)

Congrats Jenna!

I don't wear much compression, except after marathons or unless something lower leg is hurting...

Jason said...

Friday is compression day. That is my rest day and I wear my pants in the evening and socks all day.

That is the only time I wear them unless after a race where the lactic acid is absurd.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

That's a good question, I finally bought some and haven't used them yet. So apparently for me it can't be under 10 miles...

Gracie said...

I actually only wear compression socks while I'm working- like, just 'cause I stand up all day. Kind of wish I'd worn them today :-/

pensive pumpkin said...

I'll sleep in compression sleeves, just cause they feel good. I know, I'm a sexy beast.

And since I'm balking at anything over a 5k right now, I have no call for them whatsoever. *shrug* I just wanna be cool like y'all dorks.

Alanna said...

I wear them after my long runs religiously, especially now that I'm working post-run too. However, I'll wear them after almost any run if I'm willing to putz around with them to get them on right. Love my CEP socks, but got a foot cramp once trying to get it on!

Ironman By Thirty said...

I don't get anything for guessing 444? What a rip off! haha

XLMIC said...

I have really screwed up circulation in my feet so I wear my awesome thigh-high compression maternity stockings after pretty much every run...definitely anything longer than 6.

Congrats to the winners!

Char said...

Answer to today's question - more miles than I've run in a long time. But I'd say about 20k.

Emz said...

Alanna. Me toooo!! Every time! Either a foot cramp or my abs cramp up. No joke. One or the other. Uggg!!

Unknown said...

Usually only out on the compression stuff after the Sunday long runs or a real hard speed workout. Probably should do it more but am sort of lazy and they make my legs sweat!

I did 1600mi last year and only 42 were on the TM. 6 at a hotel, 4 when I had bronchitis and the other 32 in August when it was 110 degrees with 100% humidity every day.

Yep, I am totally disrespecting the mill. And when I typed "disrespecting" I bobbed my head left and right (-:

Caratunk Girl said...

I wear compression socks if my calves feel tight...that could be after 6 miles (eek) or after say...18. Or if I want to look cool.

Unknown said...

I wear my compression socks on days when I haven't even run. I just love them so much! :)

Yay to the winners... that's a crazy low amount of miles outside! Hahaha...

coach dion said...

I try and wear them when I racing, for easy runs I don't need them.

My Own Calcutta said...

Zero. I don't believe in compression socks. I figure us humans have ran for thousands upon thousands of years with out compression socks -why start now?

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I live in compression socks...okay only at night. I only wear them to run during races and during training runs when my legs are just screaming tired.