Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Emily" - Elton John

So I was tagged again to do 11 [super] random fact about me by Emily.
Emily of Unicorns On Roller Skates .

If you don't follow her . . . you must.
And while your at it . . . follow her on twitter . . . she's a freaking riot!
[totally stole this photo without permission]
Her questions for me:

1. Why do you run?
Hmmmm. Pretty sure I'd be mentally unstable, if I didn't.  Yes, this IS stable.

2. What is your favorite childhood memory? Why?
Birthday dinners.
The menu, the song, the cake shoving . . . bliss.
3. If you could be anything other than your current profession, what would you be and why?
Truly.  Wouldn't change a thing.  Kinda feel like I'm "living the dream".

4. Favorite City you have run in or raced.
Whangaparaoa.  New Zealand.

5. Favorite late night snack
Healthy - blueberries
Not - In -N- Out.

6. Describe yourself best in 3 words
Driven. Sensitive. Loyal.

7. What is your drink of choice? Alcoholic or Non?(drink that is)
Workout drink - Pickle juice
All other times - Muscle milk
unless I need a Rockstar, Monster or diet coke.

8. What kind of vitamins do you take? Why? Certain brand?
Crap what DON'T I take?
I produce the worlds most expensive pee.
Let's see:  Multi vit, vit D, calcium, Glucosa-whatever, vit C, hair and nail blend from Hi-health, Flax seed oil & fish oil.

9. How do you sleep? On your back, side, pillow btw the legs...
Side sleeper. Three pillows.  two under head.  one between legs.

10. Your first pets name and your moms maiden name? 
Pretty sure these are my credit card security questions --- so I'll lie and say..
Dog "roscopecotrain"
and Maiden name: "Hickey"

11. Favorite Book. How many times have your read it?
"The Happiness Project".  Ummmmm.  Still working on it, but I swear it's my favorite.

Thanks Em!

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Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

love the #6.

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

Very cool...and I'm pretty sure those are securtiy questions as well lol! Pickle juice?

Pam @ said...

LOL @ world's most expensive pee!

Char said...

Don't we all run for mental stability? Does that mean that most runners are verging on needing to be sectioned and locked up? And does it also mean that those who do not run are mentally stable? Or are they just seething volcanoes waiting to erupt?

Jill said...

Treadmills and Diet Coke??? Oh, we ARE friends! :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Diet coke is my weakness (with lemon and cherry juice)

those are security questions. glad you didn't answer them.

run does equal sanity.

Petraruns said...

Hey Miss Hickey - you always crack me up. X

Matty O said...

"I produce the worlds most expensive pee." In tears here.

Best phrase of your blog... ever! hahaha.

B. Jarosz said...

I laughed at: "this IS stable."
I feel the same way. ;)