Monday, February 27, 2012

"Love Ultra" - Dwele

Actually . . . .

"FREAKING" - Love Ultra[s] but no one seems to have written that song title just yet.

So a few months back, Mandi asked me if I'd be interested joining her Ragnar [6 women - ultra] team.  Heck ya, I would.

best. decision. ever.

Truth time.

This is how the conversation went down with the Pita when I told him about it.

Me:  Mandi asked me to do a Ragnar with her!
Pita:  sweet.  when, where, blah, blah
Me: February, Wickenburg to Tempe.  It's an ultra.
Pita:  So you run an ultra 3 times?
Me:  No a total of 37-ish miles
Pita:  then that's not an ultra.
Me:  well, it kinda is
Pita:  It's kinda not too
Me:  explain mister
Pita:  well . . . .  do you run 20 miles on Friday then 6.2 miles on Friday night and say you "ran a marathon"?

I'm sure I'll tick a few people off at some point during this write up.  Sorry, in advance, if our opinions differ.  First, you must know, I am married to the Pita.  This husband of mine speaks his mind and I actually agree with some of it, some of the time.

So before I write up my review of this freaking awesome race, I have a question for you . . . . .

* *What do you consider an ultra?* *

Way too long race report to come tomorrow!!


Evolving Through Running said...

Think I'm going to have to agree with the Pita on this one. Anything over 26.2, in one continuous effort, would be an Ultra in my book. Having never gone beyond that distance, I'd also consider it pretty damn awesome. I'm doing one of these relays in April, but thankfully it's a team of 12. Less running and more drinking .... a win-win.

Jill said...

I'm gonna agree with you on this!! Any one race where you run a given distances is that distance. Period!! It was ONE race, you ran 37 miles. ULTRA baby!!

XLMIC said...

An ultramarathon...single event over 26.2 mi. An ultraRelay...what you did :)

Caroline said...

I could explain this to him in French in hmmmm let me go check the countdown ....11 days!

Char said...

26.21 miles is an ultra. And yeah, I think you have to do it all in one go or else that weekend I did the Warwick Pentathrun would count as my first marathon and I just can't honestly do that.

Unknown said...

sorry beautiful, with the Pita on this one.
26.2 PLUS miles in one effort = ULTRA

XLMIC said it right.

Melissa Cunningham said... agree with the pita
and yes XLMIC said it perfectly!!!

looking forward to the recap!!

ConcreteNCoffee said...

Mostly, I consider an "ultra" to be anything YOU are running at any given time!

Runners Fuel said...

Sorry, but I think he's right.

Christi said...

Anyone running more than me is an ultra! :)

Neil Zee said...

whatevs. Call it what ever you want. I've always said, running is what you want it to be. You could have this same arguement regarding how fast is fast running.

So if you think you are running an Ultra, you are. What is PITA running that weekend?

Jason said...

anything over 26.2 miles (26.3 counts) run CONSECUTIVELY at the SAME TIME.

Otherwise two weeks ago when I ran over 30 miles in 5 days I ran an ULTRA.

Pita Rock On -- I got your back brother and please remember that when I show up in November.

Mandi Runs said...

I agree with PITA. That man knows his shit.

This girl will run a real Ultra one day :-)