Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WWW - wiggity Wack Wednesday

Wednesday's are always wack around my place. Not really sure why. It's probably just that "hump day" thinking [....seriously, I'm only HALF way through this week?]

This week has been fun. Peanut has been in an additional volleyball camp for an extra 3 hours each morning.

She's loving it.

I've been going to the gym more frequently due to the location & time of her camp. It's a different LA Fitness than we usually go to which I LOVE.....mostly.

People are WAY more chatty at this location which is a + and a -.

My favorite comments from this morning:

* how long you going to stay on there? [treadmill]
* you sweat a lot
* are you training for something?

* what's punk rock racing?
* didn't we used to go to the same church? [holy crap, hadn't see that guy in 6 years]
* did you get your abs from running?

[this is with earphones on]. . . .

but the people were super nice [minus the guy who seemed really put off by my sweatfest]

And starting tomorrow morning . . .

there will be no more need for this set-up:

[yes, "crazy, stupid love" a top five favorite of mine......and his abs may be as well]

Because the Woodway & that TV is getting "the hopper" - the hoppa? The HOPPA!

Happy WWW!


WHAT'S the weirdest, most random thing anyone has ever said to you before at the gym?


bobbi said...

Back in the day (as in, it's been 10 years since I belonged to a gym) I used to go with my friend both so people wouldn't talk to us AND so we could make fun of people after we were done. There's some crazy good people watching to be done at a gym...

What's next for you?

Danielle C. said...

The past few days I keep forgetting to put deodorant on before I go to the gym (seriously WTF). I can guarantee if you smell bad no one will talk to you....

Jford said...

I thought this was going to be a tribute piece to Kris Kross! We all know that the Mack Daddy,or maybe it was the Daddy Mack? anyways, we all know that they were wiggity wiggity whack!

Runners Fuel said...

While on the tm, I had someone tell me that I was fast and he couldn't keep up with me. How did he know how "fast" I was going unless he was peeking over (which I hate)?

MCM Mama said...

I once got asked if I had ADD because I went from the elliptical to the bike to the rowing machine (never mind that I spent a significant amount of time on each)

I can't believe Peanut is 12! Looks like it was an awesome party!

racing dawn said...

Are those abs photoshopped?!?

You and RG are in the same club. Rockin abs.

WWW. Love it.

Emz said...

Best. Line. In. The. Movie

Emz said...

ADD. Hilarious!!!

Vicky Cook said...

You are simply a more toned, funnier version of me. Did I mention breath of fresh air? Very pleased to have found your 'running' blog.
Yours, nearly drowning in the Stepford wives burbs of Houston.
Do you refer to your husband as PITA, as in 'pain in the arse (there's an r in there where I come from) - I think I love you.

Emz said...

Vicky---I love you back x 444.
Yes. Pita. Is. PITA. Funny note....HE actually came up with his own name. Ya know....if the boot fits...;)

Vicky Cook said...

ha, self named PITA - even better. It would never work between us, we'd fight over who'd get to go out and run. It was good while it lasted!

Char said...

Weirdest thing said to me at the gym - 'I can see your baby bump starting' That was said when I was 10 weeks pregnant, had lost 3k with morning sickness and wasn't showing at all.

ConcreteNCoffee said...

I give off a pretty hard-core "can't talk, must run" vibe at the gym, so strangers don't approach me on the TM. But I got yelled at once for picking up a BOSU ball while pregnant.

I wish my own PITA had the presence of mind to have given himself his own moniker!

Unknown said...

For 3 months a year I spend a lot of time indoors at the gym due to the oppressive SE Texas heat. I used to think the best place to hang out was at the massive treadmill area and just laugh at all the crazy people, it is still good but the pool in the evening is the absolute best!

The last few years I had always swam at 4am and pretty much had the place to myself. The last few weeks my ass has been dragging so the swims have been happening after work and the people I have encountered are ridiculous:

Fat guy who thinks he still fits in his speedo from 20 years and 75lbs ago, skinny speedo guy who makes the speedo look like a blanket, big lady whose boobs pop out of too small suit, the dudes who try to race me in the pool, the tatted up crossfit guys trolling around and freaking out the womens, the crazy dad who runs along side the lane as his kid swims and gives instruction over and over, the aqua-aerobics, .... Oh and don't even get me started on the locker room. I really need to write a book about this - each chapter could be dedicated to a different crazy!

Jason said...

Love the Hoppa commercials. We may have to shoot one in November.

Every time it comes on Karen and I start screaming.....Hooppppppaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

HA HA HA! Love it.

Yes I got these abs from running. I also got these great hamstrings and quads from standing up and sitting on my couch!

Melissa Cunningham said...

first off,happy belated bday to peanut!!!we shared the same bday weekend,albeit im sure i didnt have as much fun (ummm a 9 day old baby stuck on my boobs all day!!)

and,ive heard lots of weird random comments,some of my favorites:

are you Muslim?(i stay covered in the weight room-long pants and longsleeves)
if i start running,will i look like you?(said by one who saw my comp pics)
what are you training for,an obstical course??(asked while i was doing my plyo routine)
how do you go so fast with long pants on?
do you ever stop??


Michelle said...

Belated happy b-day to Peanut!

Weirdest gym encounter of late was the woman who tapped me on the shoulder while I was on the 'mill and started asking me a million questions about how I got such toned arms - while I appreciated the compliment I didn't love being interrupted! And I couldn't make her go away - crazy stuff!

Kathy said...

I run at a local rec center and I swear that I'm the youngest person there (excluding the pool).
I just love how the old guys always bump up their speed when I start running next to them ... makes me feel like a personal trainer. LOL, not bad for a 38 year old mother of two.