Friday, July 6, 2012

"Where Have You Been" - Rihanna

Today has been a w e s o m e.

Don't mind me. I'm just smiling ear to ear as I type.

Yesterday, I received this:

So [of course] today I HAD to test in out on the long run.

Seriously --- awesome.

Click here to check out her amazing designs. Anddddddd by the way, the second that "Bubblegum 011" comes out . . . . watch out! ;)

"Look Good, Run Faster" ----- I am SOLD!!

On the cooking/nutrition front:

I found Carisse on Instagram. Loved her receipes and they got my creative juices flowing. [I know, this is dangerous]

But after many trials I found MY perfect muffin.


[makes 6 LARGE muffins [125 calories in each large one] or 10 smaller-ish ones]

29oz canned pumpkin
2 scoops protein powder [the one I have is GF and approx 100 cal/scoop]
3 egg whites beaten
1/2T cinnamon
1/3 Cup Splenda

Mix it all up.
I sprinkle a few chopped pecans on top before baking.
Throw those babies in the oven for 40 minutes at 350*

When baked but not cool yet........I take a fork and drizzle a little natural peanut butter on top. It almost melts on top like butter.

Now the important part.

Just. add. the. pickle.


Happy. Friday!


Char said...

Hold the pickle! Why would you mess up a perfectly good muffin?

Jill said...

Skirt = absolutely adorable! I would look like a toad stool but you look adorable. Bubblegum for the Merlot, too.

Pumpkin muffins = love. I'm making those. Really. I don't make anything but I am making those tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Whoa..... that skirt is too cute!!!!!!!!! I'm definitely shopping this morning!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I am definitely going to try this recipe!!! And I love you skirt! I was a little jealous of your long run... I am just starting back from a 8 week injury and today I got up to 10 miles in 90+ weather! Woohoo.

racing dawn said...

Maybe that's what I'm missing... A super cure running skirt. I'm on it.

And for sure pumpkin muffins post cleanse.👍

Way to make 22+ miles look good.

Sarah said...

I just saw a video of a gymnast yesterday and she said she drinks chocolate milk after a workout because it's scientifically proven to be the best drink to help you recover. In case you need an excuse to drink chocolate milk. :-D Those muffins sound pretty good.

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

hmmm a pickle? I could probably do both separately...but not together!

Anonymous said...

THey picked a model with the UGLIEST herniated belly-button for their site. WHY would they do that? Sure won't sell stuff quickly that way!

Jason said...

If this was Food Network they would tell you that the brine of the pickle would add a wonderful saltiness to the muffin......haha! Sounds delightful.

Evolving Through Running said...

It would appear a pickle has photobombed a perfectly good muffin picture :)

Can't say you're not serious about your love for pickles. I think my sone might give you a run for your money there. That kid is going to turn green by the end of the summer.

Molly said...

mmmmmm, melted peanut butter.