Monday, August 24, 2009

boom - boom - p o w !

Sunday dinner with Nana & Papa started off like most. Me trying to impress my cookbook writing Mom with a yummy meal and keep my standing with my Dad as the "Best cook in the family". Thanks to Happy & Uncle M for not even trying to compete with me. The two "peacemaker" girls in the family ----- Game on! This title is mine! So before I could say, what would you like in your fabulous made-to-order dessert crepes, Peanut had enlisted Nana & Papa in a Wii Challenge {minus instructions on how you play}.

Papa found solace {from his loss} on the sweet new couch {and cover - hey, I think this matches something?!} ;)

However, there is a long standing battle between Pita & Peanut when it comes to Wii Boxing. She rocks. If you could only see her little feet running in place 3 X as fast as her arms are moving - priceless. Not sure if this qualifies as keeping the "Sabbath Day HOLY" - with the Pita yelling....... NO, actually SCREAMING "GET-UP!, GET UP!!" every time "Cheech" falls, beads of sweat dripping off his brow and back & looking at the remote as if it's done him wrong.

Who's boxing reigns supreme? That's my Peanut.


Ann said...

...Don't worry; I'm not even going to try to compete with you in the "best cook in the family" competition! I even have 11 years on you and you're still ahead of me--so there's no point in trying. :)

jymmebe said...

I will only compete with you in the orange roll category! :-)

Matty O said...

As I said before, I will out cook you anyday. I see you have months of practice with the WII boxing on us... game on!