Friday, August 21, 2009

I fish...there for I pretend I know how.

Oh, how I love family road trips. More often than not, they start out with Pita showing a fellow driver the way to the nearest exit {with a certain finger}, intentions of "real" camping, dreaming of the "big-one" Ellie will catch & me with my "list of things to talk about" given this masterful plan of being in a confined space with my Hubby for about 2-3 hours.....HEAVEN!
However, usually by the time we arrive I'm ticked my conversation didn't happen due to 90MPH driving 4" behind the bumper of the {slow} car in front of us, Pita is mad that I have somehow managed to dig my fingernails into his legs through shorts {due to how safe I felt during the drive}. The camping sites are all taken {except for the one by the "bathroom", I use that term loosely}, someone has forgotten their "man-shoes"... {me}, and I see what looks like an In-N-Out burger from the entry to the campsite?!
So never mind we ended up staying at a resort with our camping equipment in our car. See Dad, I listed to your "Be PREPARED" comments. Had we broken down on the way home - we would have been just fine.
We did get to fish in what I think was a lake?! {I don't know the difference between water masses, I'm from Arizona.} And never mind my purse in the photo with my trashy magazines inside, I was fully committed to this fishing thing. I managed to score the best "catch" this day. This photo from my peanut, with the Pita thinking he can teach me something new about fishing?! As if..........

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