Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to school - Welcome to the jungle.

So Ellie reminds me at 11am:

Ellie: weren't you supposed to take me school {clothes} shopping today?

Mom: Ahh yes! Give me 10 minutes, I'll get dressed.

E: But mom you haven't showered.

M: this is WHY I work from home.

E: but take your time - we don't have to rush.

M: Yes, we do. Have to be at post office by 2pm.

E: Can I pick out your outfit?

M: As long as it's not too fancy - I'm not feeling fancy today.

{I am actually leaving A LOT out!}

E: how about this {enter sweet jeans - like that, really ugly green shirt I haven't worn for at least a year, my Harley-Davidson belt {hello U of A college days!!} and ZEBRA 4" heels - I swear they actually can look sweet with the right outfit {just not this one}.

M: Ummmm remember -I'm not feeling fancy.

E: because you don't have make-up on. Do your make-up I'll be back in 5 minutes.

M: {Ugggggggggg} ok sweet cheeks.

{ 2 minutes {tops} passes}

E: I said to put on make-up

M: Ummmm it IS on.

E: uhh ok - take your hair out of a ponytail it looks like you just woke up.

M: {ouch} I'M KEEPING THE FRIGGIN PONYTAIL - my little angel. ;)

E: really? Do you have to?

M: yes, have to. okay - get out - I'm getting dressed in this sweet outfit. Be out in a few.

{I open my door - she's standing right there - in the doorway}

E: Mom you are the best. You are ready to go to the mall with ME!

And this is why I wore the "freak show" outfit - she thought I was the most fabulous mom there. The other appropriate mom's there {in their mom jeans and crocs}?

Not so much. ;)

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jymmebe said...

Priceless . . . . I would have loved to see that outfit!!!