Monday, August 17, 2009

No - thank y o u !

The first day of 4th grade.

The whole walk {all 3 minutes anyway} she said to me.

"Thanks for walking me in, Mom",
"Thanks for coming with me and not dropping me off, Mom",
"Thanks for taking me to my class, Mom",
"Mom, you make me feel less nervous."

but my favorite:

"Mom, even when I am scared- I look at you and it feels like home".

Does she watch too many movies? Where does she get these lines?

I will enjoy every moment walking with you to school. I'm sure "one day" this will not be your request {and that's okay, I think} but until then . . . . Thank y o u Ellie.

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Quinton J said...

Catching up - I guess.
One of my favs.