Thursday, June 17, 2010

let's make a deal

If I show you mine first.

Will you show me yours?

Grab your camera.

Open your fridge door and take two photos.

One of the inside [main] & one of the inside door.  Ahhhh, crap, Kovas do you see what I see?!

No tidying up.  No cleaning.  No hiding [unhealthy or illegal] things.

Then mention:

*a few things you like in there. 
*What you can't live without in it. 
*What you should live without that's in it currently.
*What you wish was in it.

This is my version of "cribs" - the best part.  I love when they show what's in their fridge.  WAY better than when they show their bedroom and say, "this is where it goes down" So lame

Thanks for playing!

**post edit**

Ok, Melissa caught me . . . Here are my answers:

~ a few things I like:  powerade zero, muscle milk shakes and my not-so-little wedge of Stilton Cheese with tiny bits of dried apricot.

~What I can't live without:  see above oh and eggs.

~What you should live without:  see above minus eggs and soda.  And possibly the gynormous brandy glass scorpion holder on top of my fridge.

~What you wish was in it:  my mom's bran muffin batter and a chopped salad from Sammy's Wood fired Pizza.


Marlene said...

or when they say "this is where the magic happens" [[gag]]

fun game ... I will try to remember to snap a pic tonight!

Melissa said...

Fun! Well...give us your answers. I'll do my pics tonight!

KovasP said...

I'll work on this tonight - fun!

Kelly Leigh said...

Fun!! I am addicted to eggs too. I eat them wayyyy too much. I'll play later.

And you need to P-I-M-P that scorpion home. A brandy glass? Come on they need like an aquarium with black lights and little chirping crickets. I have a feeling you're gonna have dead scorpions soon.

Unknown said...

The wife is away in CA for work so my fridge is darn near empty!

Hey guess what? We have the exact same fridge! (minus the scorpion)

Pam @ said...

FUN! I'll play tonight when I get home.

Amy said...

Ooo, I like this game! I love seeing in fridges on tv too!

Karine said...

I'll trade you some bran muffin batter for raspberry muffins.....


LOVE THIS! Just took the pictures and will be posting tomorrow! Fun!

Patrick Mahoney said...

*a few things you like in there.

Yogurt & pre cut up stawberries (I am lazy with the kinfe)

*What you can't live without in it.

You can't see it but there are cans of seltzer in there somewhere.

*What you should live without that's in it currently.

The flour tortillas and the Capri Suns.

*What you wish was in it.

Right now? A watermelon.

Check your email for the photos.

Patrick Mahoney said...

*a few things you like in there.

Pre-cut strawberries (I am lazy) and yogurt.

*What you can't live without in it.

Can't see it but cans of seltzer water.

*What you should live without that's in it currently.

Flour Tortillas and Capri Sun

*What you wish was in it.

Right now? A watermelon.

Check your email for the pics.

Unknown said...

you need some nuun instead of the sports drinks ;)
I love watermelon!! Chilled watermelon sounds so good right now......

Running Diva Mom said...

What a great post -- love it!

Rad Runner said...

Freakin yum.
minus the scorpions of course...

慈佐 said...
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Char said...

Your fridge is beautiful compared to mine so you will never see the inside of it - besides which the light inside it stopped working about 5 years ago so it's pretty hard to see inside anyway.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Food, you have FOOD!!! Mine is bare compared to yours

I love powerade and muscle milk as well, gotta love costco for that

wendy said...

Wow! your fridge is really, really "neat and tidy"! And full, you must not have a 15 year old boy in your house, lol! Cool idea, I may have to do this!

MCM Mama said...

Awesome. I'm in.

Check my blog later today for a fridge that looks nowhere near as neat as yours LOL.

jymmebe said...

What did you change on your format Em? I can now leave a comment on your blog from my Blackberry! Yea!
Btw, I don't know how to take a pic and post it, however I am proud of my new fridge and there is actually nothing really fattening in it as we speak! (Shock, I know!)
Btw, have to have cherries, grapes, and 1% milk in there. Oh, ya, one of my new favorite things is the Stonyfield lowfat, organic, vanilla yogurt . . . eaten with a few glazed pecans. :)

EricaH said...

Your fridge is so organized I may post pics of my train wreck of a fridge :) My husband is a lover of muscle milk also. :)

Unknown said...

Love it!! I just had to do it too. You don't really think about what all is in there until you are about to show it off though.

Megan said...

I watched a biography (or something like that) on Julia Childs. They asked to see inside her fridge and there wasn't much. I thought that was pretty funny.

The Boring Runner said...

this is awesome. I love the idea, but since I'm going to be out for RnR Seattle, ours is looking VERY bare.

this is sort of like an epp of MTV cribs. *cue the slow motion walk down the hall*

Megan said...

Alright, I did it. The post is schedule for tomorrow 9AM.