Monday, April 11, 2011

"Bow Chicka Wow Wow" - Mike Posner

Bow Chicka Wow WowJust saying that makes me happy.

Okay, I'll refocus . . . . here we go.

The numbers - the [last weeks runnin'] numbers:

Monday:  16.5
Tuesday:  NADA
Wednesday:  41.44
Thursday:  7
Friday:  10
Saturday:  15.75
Sunday:  NADA

Totals:  90.65 - I'm rounding up to 91.

I signed up for dailyMile thanks to JL of "Miles, Muscles & Mommyhood" .  I love it.

I love the donut stat.  I burned 55.65 donuts.  So Saturday the Pita brought me one from Dunkin Donuts, so I technically, only burned 54.25 [Peanut's looked better than mine. ;) ]

Fun weekend!

My car got it's first ever decal.  Like ever. ever.
Never, have I put a decal on my car.

Self promoting license plate ------- you. bet. cha.
Decal ---- No.

But I freaking love this . . . .

funny.  if. you. buy. a. HK. you. get. a. "free". sticker.  So. thoughtful.

Now, I just need a chance/time to go shoot it.  Hmmmmm.  Target practice while running on a treadmill anyone?

Our Cactus, finally bloomed.

b e a u t i f u l !

I got to run in my sweet green compression socks. 

I've only run in them two times.  Usually save them for after runs.  Note to self . . . need to get those shoes dirty.

Made awesome pancakes with Peanut on Saturday.

Happy.  Happy.  Day.

My Sister "Happy" convinced her Sunday school class to pose for this photos of them in their new "Run Emz" bracelets.  Yep, there are bracelets now too.

Most. Of. them. Look. Happy. ;)  Peanut loved all the "Beiber-like" hair-do's.

And I made the most awesomly jacked up recipe for protein bars ever.  Trust me you don't want the recipe but I love them.  GF & DF & loaded with all sorts of crap crazy amounts of protein.

Yes. they. may. taste. a. little. better. than. they. look.



Happy Monday My Friends!


Quinton J said...

Those socks look SO SO fresh. Let me know how they work for you. And the pancakes? Fresher than the socks.

Christi said...

Check out Trace Adkin's new song. "Brown Chicken, Brown Cow." It cracks me up especially the video and I am sure you will love it.

Great week! I will have to find you on daily mile.

Have fun at Boston!

Marlene said...

91 miles!

Taper? What's that?

Love it.

bobbi said...

Happy Monday to you!

So excited to see how well you do in Boston!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Sounds like it was a great week and weekend!

That pancake looks delish. Mother/daughter pancake mornings were always my fave.

What exactly did you put in those bars!?! They look amazing. Care to share the recipe?

Katie said...

wednesday is amazing. i love dailymile, are we friends there yet?

XLMIC said...

In total agreement with Q :)

And that was an inspired Wednesday! Wowza!

Thinking of your Big Run all the time :)

KovasP said...

Hard to get shoes on a treadmill. But I do like the idea of a treadmill biathlon.

ShutUpandRun said...

Do those cookies have purred leftovers in them?

91 miles. That's a lot of donuts or boston creme pie. Can't wait to meet you... in person, but feel like I alredy know you so don't mind me if I tackle you and hug you and maybe slip some tongue. OK, forget the last part.

LB said...

thats the thing about treadmills, crazy clean shoes. go run in some dirt pronto!

Melissa Cunningham said...

and i thought i was doing good getting in 73 miles last week!
your a machine!!!!
i totally DROOLED at the word donut,and that pic of the pancake??
you have to be my friend on DM,sister!!!!!
OH and love the bracelet idea,cute pic of your sis and class!


EricaH said...

i love that song my girls look at me crazy cause I am know to just bust out Bow chicka wow wow at random times. So since Boston is just a few days away that means this week should be an easy one running wise for you right?? Good luck

Pam @ said...

91 miles?! Good Lord, woman!

So are we gonna start a pool and bet on how many miles you're gonna cover in the hours?

Emz said...

Pam. Do it. !! Just don't tell me who I let down. ;)

Caratunk Girl said...

So excited for you to run Boston!! I wish I could be there to cheer you on.

ihaverun said...

Sunday School class pic = awesome!! Pancakes = a close second!

I need a pair of those green socks!

Lindsay said...

Woah! 91 miles! How do you find the energy to walk afterwards?

Do you eat donuts as you run? Seriously, at mile 30, I would be thinking "When do I get to eat lunch?".

And those pancakes look delicious. YOU rock. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Bracelets? Where do I get one of these Emz-lets?

Emz said...

Mel-Bird......look in your work mail in 7 days time. ;)

Caroline said...

Bracelets! cool!!! do they come in Duke color? just kidding! just kidding!!! ha ha!!!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

'Bow Chicka Wow Wow' is my theme song! Diggin those compression socks!

HD said...

Nice mileage!!!! Glad your liking DM :) Jen roped me in too and I've been hooked ever since, lol. And those protein bars actually looks pretty darn good!!!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

A cactus blooms??? Wow, there's so much I don't know about the desert!

Unknown said...

I need that decal! No one be messin' with that car!

Adrienne said...

91 miles. I would be eating a lot of donuts! :) Love the bracelets and I have one 11 year old here with a Bieber haircut of his own even though he wouldn't go see NEVER say NEVER with me....whatever. Have fun in Boston!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I've been thinkingn about getting a pair of the green compression socks.. now that emz has them, its a done deal ;)

those are the happiest pancakes i've ever seen! :D

awesome mileage!! I am in awe!!

BEAUTIFUL cactus! I dont think i've ever seen one in bloom :)

Julie said...

I guess there is nothing you don't do...

Wow those miles are unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

I really think the dailymile stat should be in lbs of gummy bear burned.

Nelly said...

there are RUN EMZ bracelets now too? haha you are seriously taking over the world, one shirt and bracelet at a time, haha

Anne said...

Just noticed the pic of you when you comment...gorgeous!

You are a machine woman and I agree with one will be messing with that car :)

Must find you on Daily mile now.

AM! said...

Your Saturday household pancakes look like ours;-)

and boston in 7! woo-hoo! Will b fun to stalk you, meg and SUAR online;-)


coach dion said...

I feel like a Donut, how many miles must I run before I can eat one?

Char said...

Just thinking - if you ran only on a treadmill, would your shoes stay pristine forever? And if you run the distances you run, could you put chocolate chips in all your meals and never put on weight?

DRog said...

blooming cactus? nice green socks are those CEP's?!!

Thos guys look really psyched to be posing for a pic in their new bracelets

okay the guy in the front actually is psyched...the rest of them???

have a great week


DRog said...

btw sick great miles and thanks for almost singlehandedly pulling me out of my self created rut last week:)


Johann said...

Wow, you are certainly pushing the distance, love it! Yes, those shoes are way to clean, do something about it...outdoors.

Will you be keeping a small flag (USA,State,School,EMZ,anything) around during your treamill run? We'll need that on the Running Flag of Friendship.

Emz said...

Johann. Awesome. Idea.
You pick. Seriously. And your blog name will dangle from a ribbon on it.

I Love that!! :)

Matty O said...

You HONESTLY thought I looked 16 in that picture? Sheesh!!!

Hey sweet socks :) Bright and positive just like you!

Keep up the good work, glad you are keeping a smart balance of mileage and taking "some" off days from running. We all know you probably bike 100 miles on your off days while eating 5lb gummy bears.

Evolving Through Running said...

91 miles ... green socks ... blooming cactus ... it's all coming together. I'll be on the lookout for the full lineup of 'RUN EMZ' apparel. It's only a matter of time.

Do you have a goal mileage for the big run, or just going to let it fly? The excitement is building. You will "Kill the 'Mill"!

it's all about pace said...

nice milage... now those pancakes... and the protien bars are both screaming for peanutbutter (why am I obsessed with peanut butter?

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

ps, your abs are AMAZING. but you probably already know this. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey if you wanna follow me, I'm on DM too- Rio. I probably post there more often than I blog these days.