Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"This is 50" - 50 Cent


And it's all because of Dawn.

You see I was really, really happy with this . . .

Her text came back saying this:

D: Whew hew!! But I know you got 5 more miles in ya!!
Me: [thinking . . . wait what?!] but time is not on my side.
D: Focus, relax your shoulders, chin down.  you.  have.  time.  Just don't do your hair after you shower.
Me: [emoticon entered --- thumbs up]
D:  You got it.  50 will be HUGE!
Me:  you.  freaking.  rock.

What an awesome friend.

My mom's text - well was a loving Mom's text.

My mom:  ...please stop .....
Me:  I'm not stopping.  sorry.

The Pita's call when I was done . . .

Pita:  How far did you run?
Me:  ummmmm fiddy.
Pita:  what?  It sounded like you said fifty.
Me:  yep, I did.
Pita:  [parental advisory warning] you are an a$s for doing that.
Me:  hey!  thanks!

In pita talk - that's a way HUGE compliment.

Then the best thing ever . . . . . .

My. freaking. awesome. dad. . . . . bringing by 20 pounds of ice when I was at mile 49.
Thank. you. my. dad!

Happy Hump Day!

5 days until Boston!  [but really, who's counting!?]


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

You are friggen AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

First comment!

Aron said...

Insaneeeee :)

FIVE days!!! Can't wait to see you in less than 5 days ;)

Jenn said...

50 freakin' miles. ASANINE!

Love your mom-ha!

Congrats-you are on a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL girl:)

Anonymous said...

Damn! No it wasn't!

50miles! OMG thats 80km!! Thats further than I rode my bike on Saturday! That's nearly the distance for the bike leg of a HIM!


MCM Mama said...

Holy Cow!!!! If I could have only a smidgen of your mental strength, I'd be set for life. Great job!

LB said...

amaZing!!!! just out of curiosity, how many calories to you have to eat to fuel a run of that magnitude????

Emz said...

LB. Let's say...the 9:30 pm visit to in-n-out last night Fueled the front half by itself. ;)

Now I just get to spend the rest of the day stuffing my face!!

SupermomE13 said...

You are incredible! Amazing! Super awesome! SO inspiring. You totally, completely ROCK. And good for Dawn for not letting you "wimp out" (LOL) at "only" 44 miles. :)

Caratunk Girl said...


That is insane.

I love it. You rock.

tahoegirl said...

Oh my! You are freaking amazing! I didn't even drive 50 miles in my car today.

Unknown said...

that is so cool! I really like running on the treadmill. I would need movies and radio though. Yay Dad!!

FashionablyFit said...

i'm new to your blog, so if this comes as a redundant question, my apologies....but HOW did you do that!? how many hours did you set aside? were you running the entire time??
you. rock.

Emz said...

FF- yay! Thanks for commenting. I'm just a TM freak of nature. :) I love it. Took me 8 hours 32 minutes.
Stopped to toilet 2x, answer 2 phone calls & greet my dad w/his ice pressie. That's about it.

Evolving Through Running said...

Uh oh .... looks like I owe you that buckle. Nice little warmup for The Boston. Once again ... you are a Golden God(ess).

Caroline said...

I am thinking of a word that is worthy of running 50 miles on a machine. running for over 8 hours. So I got 4.

And If you mom needs a fan club I can be The President.

racing dawn said...

Honestly, how did you have energy to write this post, post-50?!?!?

I've said it before, I'll say it again...

Amazing does not even begin to cover it.

Enjoy stuffing your face earned it. :)

ShutUpandRun said...

At a loss for words. Seriously.


ihaverun said...

You earned every pound of that ice cream. I will think of you all measley eight miles of my run tonight.

And Pita sounds like my kind of guy. However, your Mom rocks too.

You are my hero and mentor, like it or not.

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

I've got to know what you watch/do/think about while you run for this long.

Some ideas:
1. a super fun saltwater aquarium with really brightly colored and interesting fish
2. the entire Godfather series
3. Season 7 of Friends

PS. you rule.
PPS. maybe run the Boston course twice, just for funsies. :)

Michelle said...

OK now you're scaring me :) That is just awesome! Wow!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

you are a rock star and more!

Melissa Cunningham said...

crazy good!
give me some of that energy please!!!!
your like the friggin energizer bunny!!!!!

Rene' said...

I am honestly at a loss for words. you are an absolutely incredible rockin' woman. I thought about you when I was on my 45 minute TM run tonight! Good luck in Boston!

Char said...

(Yes I'm yelling at you because I think that some of the wiring in your head's gotten screwed up.)

Your Dad is a treasure!!

Neil Zee said...

So. That. Means. You.





Oh, I am suitably impressed.


jymmebe said...


How many calories do you think you burned? Unfortunately, I think that I have consumed as many as you have burned today . . . it was a long day! :)


DRog said...

a ha
I see the sticker now its your chicked sticker:)


cant even write how a m a z i n g YOU are

I suddenly feel extremely wimpy for trying to knock out that 22miler on the TM this winter. How lame it took me 3 tries ::)

enjooy Boston have a great run!


fitRN said...

New to your blog.... WOW. Do you watch TV or listen to something? FIVE miles on a treadmill is torture for me. I LOVE outside. I am so impressed... but I do not have that kind of time to commit to a treadmill! WOW.

Nelly said...

insane! awesome job!

Michelle said...


Gracie said...

Can't even being to comprehend a 50 mile training run on a treadmill. My brain cells are giving up. You are amazing.

Alyssa said...

LOL at your mom's comment. :)

This is awesome. You rule...

Anonymous said...

I have to try to pick up my jaw from the floor now..Wow

Amy said...

I am speechless. WOW!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

you have a freaking. awesome. family!! :)

Annie said...

You are in a whole other league! Totally awesome!! That is all.

BellyHaynes said...

so amazing! you rock it girl!

Patrick Mahoney said...

I have nothing witty to say and no fruits come to mind. Because this is so amazing. Definitely stoked to have people like you in my life that pull this kind of stuff off just because they can,

Arica said...

so cool.

Adrienne said...

I'm with SUAR I don't even know what to say anymore. 50 and on a's incomprehensible and completely awesome.

coach dion said...

that's the perfect way to taper for a big race throw in a 50mile run 5 days before Boston. I think you read the memo wrong, wasn't it 50minutes on the program?

You rock...

Silly Girl Running said...

Okay, you're a superhero. Super Girl move over! You need to work on an Emz superhero costume. And I want your autograph. Have the feeling that that will be worth my weight in gold in a couple of months. :)

Will Cooper said...

you are turning into a machine! great work and good luck in bean town!

Laura said...

holy.crap...there are no words. I love your mom's mom-ish.

Aimee said...

Like I said on your other blog, YOU are AWESOME! I cannot believe you ran 50 miles...that's just crazy awesome!
You dad IS awesome!!

Kera said...

geeeeeeeeez. good on ya.

Christi said...

You have moved from

Rock Star



It doesn't get any better



Should I make sure your room in




fancy nancy said...


I love what your Mom said!

Jason said...

The amazing thing is not the 50 miles, but the WANT TO in getting past 44. The fact you took the carrot and ran with it.

That is amazing.

You my friend truly are a rockstar.


Jen Feeny said...

When I grow up can I be like you?

Katie said...

when i saw this on dailymile i thought it was a typo! you are so amazing my friend!!

it's all about pace said...

nice... your mom sounds like mine

Jill said...

Yay for awesome, motivating text are simply so strong and amazing.

Good luck in Boston - will be thinking of you!

Hannah said...

I am so so so so so so so so proud of you! That is incredible!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Cant believe this.. CRAZY!! 4 days see you in Boston... Wait for me at the Finish will ya?? :p

Matty O said...

Has Guinness Book of World Records been called yet for this event?

I just still can't fathom this. Honestly, I can't haha.

I will NOT tell you to push harder or farther, all you will get from me is BE SMART. Because I could never live down the fact that if you ended up getting injured going off of a "dare" or comment from me to go longer... like I have been telling you, please be smart.

You did however need this distance AND you honestly have set up your training schedule pretty well.

Be careful this weekend, don't push hard. Enjoy this reward for busting your butt in your previous marathons, this RACE is not a qualifying race for anything... you already qualified! got it?!

Your support crew rocks ;)

Emz said...

MO. Love your comment. Thank you!!

P-Rick. "because I can". Huge. Huge. Compliment. I'm saving this post for ever.

Morgan. You. Kill. Me. See you soon!!

Marlene said...

Has anybody seen my eyeballs? They just popped right out of my head!!!!! They must be down there on the ground with my jaw...


Julie D. said...

holy freaking cow. You are amazing!!

Unknown said...

You're family reminds me a lot of mine... my mom would want me to stop, my dad would help me recover and my hubby would just think I'm nuts.

But it's love!

Congrats girl - have fun at Boston!

Angie said...

Holy. flipping. cats. You are amazing. Best of luck in Boston this weekend, can't wait to read about it.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

SUAR said it best.

I met you, so I know you are legit and not a robot! :)

You truly are amazing!! That is some day at work EMZ!!! HOly mother!!

Heather Elliott @ the desire to run said...

This is amazing! I am new to your blog. Had to come over and figure out who Jess was talking about. Just wow. Women like you are truly my motivation. I mean really, you're a mom and you make the time to knock out outstanding runs. Truly you are an inspiration!

Alicia said...

I'm sure I've said this before but I feel like I should be telling you everyday- YoU ArE a ROCKSTAR!!!

Steel Springs said...

Amazing, once again.