Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"400" - Energy


You know I love the "4" part. 

me a little.

They should probably scare you too.


Because here comes 400.

yep, 400 things about me.


We'll divide by 4.
Here's 100.

Let's. do. it.

1.  Emz was a nickname given to me by my oldest sister's hubby.  I. Love. it.
2.  Ideally, I'd like three children.
3.  My Dad taught me how to drive.
4.  Favorite number. 444444444
5.  I love rain.
6.  I love clouds.
7.  I love sunsets.
8.  I have over 200 photos of sunsets - just on my phone.
9.  I have one bro and three sisters.
10.  Favorite color:  green
11.  Favorite funny movie:  Tommy Boy
12.  Favorite drama movie:  Sliding Doors
13.  Favorite TV show:  Modern Family
14.  Favorite song at moment:  All of the lights.
15.  Favorite Vacation with the Pita:  Chicago [best place to pick pizza out of your teeth]

16.  Favorite Family Vacation:  Fiji
17.  I love my birthday.
18.  Favorite Cake:  carrot
19.  Favorite Ice cream:  Pecan Praline
20.  Favorite show as a kid:  Saved By The Bell
21.  Favorite Friend's house to play at growing up:  The H's.
22.  Favorite song to dance to at church dances:  "Birdhouse in Your Soul"
23.  Favorite Bands in 6th grade:  Duran Duran & REM - Thanks Y-Von
24.  I was very athletic child.  Thanks Dad.
25.  In JR high I played:  volleyball, Basketball & softball
26.  In HS --- volleyball ---- year round.
27.  Was the first freshman to play on Varsity Volleyball team. 
28.  Volleyball was my life for 5 years.
29.  Only started running after I was injured.
30.  Ran my first long run [8 miles] only because I got lost in our new neighborhood.
31.  First marathon - I ran without any Gu's, tunes or a watch.
32.  From the day I met to the day I married the Pita = 90-ish days
33.  I had the wedding I had always dreamed of.
34.  I only moved once as a child.
35.  I could live on protein shakes.
36.  I have over 4,500 miles on my treadmill since July 2009
37.  I hate grasshoppers
38.  I hate crickets.
39.  I have scorpions as pets [Pita's idea]
40.  I have family in 4 countries.
41.  I only have one extra stamp in my passport that Peanut doesn't.
42.  I drive too fast.
43.  I've only had three tickets.
44.  444444444444 yay!!
45.  Favorite cereal:  Fruity Pebbles
46.  Favorite breakfast:  Pancakes
47.  Favorite date night food:  sushi
48.  I love to cook.
49.  I love to cook desserts more.
50.  I bought three pairs of jeans this week - intending on returning two.  not happening.
51.  I love shooting, after the first shot, anyway.
52.  I thought I loved glocks --- turns out I like HK's a little better.
53.  I hate people touching my face.
54.  I don't even like touching my own face.
55.  My ring finger nail grows about 4 times faster than any other nail.
56.  I have lost two toenails in the last two weeks.
57.  One day I WILL try barefoot running.
58.  I am running in Boston in 6 days.
59.  I am running for 24 hours on a treadmill in 24 days.
60.  My right thigh is bigger than my left.
61.  I read pretty fast.
62.  I dislike reading.
63.  I eat peanut butter from the jar.
64.  I love crust.  on about anything.  A little less now that I'm doing GF.
65.  I have perfect eyesight.
66.  I tried failing the vision test every year in elementary school.
67.  I tried playing the sax for 3 months.
68.  Tried playing the piano for 2 years.
69.  Tried singing until I was told to shut-up. ;)
70.  I worked at a jewelry store for two years.  Loved it.  Score!
71.  Worked at a day care for two summers. non-score.
72.  Worked at a yogurt store for two years - yum.
73.  Worked at a Financial Planning firm for two years....blaah.
74.  Have worked from home for 10 years.
75.  5 days a week I work from home in running gear.
76.  I get panic attacks.
77.  Feels like I'm having a heart attack.
78.  I don't fuel on long runs.
79.  I like "girl's night"..... I just prefer "girl's lunches" 7 out of 10 times.
80.  My nights are for my family. 
81.  I love spending time with my family.
82.  Last month was the first time the Pita and I had spent more than two nights apart.
83.  I paint my toe nails before each marathon.
84.  I clean my steering wheel in  my car at least every other day.
85.  I clean our remotes in the house - daily.
86.  I love doing laundry.
87.  I love washing my car - myself.
88.  I hate valet parking.
89.  I hate raisins.
90.  I love my Dad was able to be there for my birth.  [wasn't allowed with his other 4]
91.  I love that I tell my mom everything.
92.  I love that I have to be the one to tuck Peanut in EVERY night.
93.  I'm super competitive.
94.  Once I start talking........you'll have to stop me.
95.  I dislike talking on the phone.
96.  Anything worth doing - is worth trying to do in heels, first.
97.  My homemade Mac N Cheese can create world home peace
98.  I rub my feet together when I sleep.
99.  I've never been stung by a bee.
100.  I still make wishes when I blow out candles.
101.4  Vegemite. I. freaking. hate. vegemite.  I. dry heave at the thought of it.

Happy Tuesday!

I gave you [tormented you] with 100 . . . .SHARE at least one thing with me about YOU!!


Angie said...

Totally tried to fail my eye test, fooled the nurse but not my parents. SO excited for Boston (for you obviously, they would never let me in:)) Best wishes, you will be amazing.

Angie said...

also- please email me your mac and cheese recipe at once. It's my fave.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever eaten Fruity Pebbles. So yeah, you got that on me too...

Evolving Through Running said...

So glad to see a shout-out for Fruity Pebbles. I read so many posts about steel-cut oats mixed with flaxseed, organic nut butter, sunshine, glitter, and ground unicorn horn that I eat in shame when I steal a bowl of Apple Jacks from my kids. Hooray for sugary cereal!

400 posts - pretty amazing. Never fail to entertain. Put a 'Beat-down on Beantown'!

MCM Mama said...

Love your list!

Something about me - I've visited all 50 states and lived in 10 of them. If I could, I'd always be traveling.

Christi said...

Awesome post and congrats on hitting 400! Please check out my blog today. I am sure you will like what you see! :P

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I love pie filling, but don't really like pie crust.

Katie said...

I love this fabulous list! can't wait to cheer you on in boston...and onwards!

bobbi said...

I prefer cocoa pebbles :)

giraffy said...

I love pecan pie, but hate pecans. I just pick them off and eat the gooey insides.

Marlene said...

I had so much fun reading this list! I could have read 300 more EASILY.

Random tidbit: I only have one tonsil! Doc "slipped" and sliced one out when removing my adenoids as a kid. That's not scary at all... ;S

One Crazy Penguin said...

I feel like I know you a little bit better now!

My fact: I knew how to swim before I could walk. I can still beat the pants off most people in swimming even if they can run right past me!

Amy said...

Love your list!

Random fact about me: I hate butter on bread, sandwiches, corn, but POUR it on my popcorn!

KovasP said...

Even with 4 kids, I sometimes want more.

it's all about pace said...

I am raising 2 teenage daughters alone... and I eat peanut butter from the jar too

Pam @ herbieontherun.com said...

#64 - what is GF?

I <3 #96.

And here's mine:

I have been stung by a wasp twice in my life: Once when I was four and reached into the mailbox and once last summer when I was trimming some shrubs.

A Prelude To... said...

Are we supposed to clean our steering wheel and our remotes?

Here's something about me - I've never cleaned either. Now I fell kind of dirty and gross.

HD said...

Love the list!!!

One thing about me? I'm scared to DEATH of cows. Yes, cows, lol.

Julie said...

That list is fantastic! Love to learn random things about people.

and psstt...I have to go with the other Julie...I'm not sure the remote has ever been cleaned and the steering wheel...well I don't know when...won't come as a surprise that I'm not much on cleaning. :)

Caroline said...

imagine that, we have a lot in common!!! ha ha!!! well not #96. I have never put a pair of heels on.
I hate the phone also..I let people leave messages instead of answering. I know very bad.
no fuel on long run??? how do you do that and not pass out? what about outside when it is super hot? nothing? not even salt pills?

Anonymous said...

Love it! Cleaning the steering wheel and remotes... interesting...

Well I'll share with you the surprisingly few things we have in common: I hate grasshoppers and crickets and REALLY hate people touching my face. Blech. I dislike reading, I actually played the sax for 6 years. I also hate raisins and really dislike talking on the phone (thank you for the invention of texting).

Jill said...

Your favorite number is 4? Who knew? :) Happy 400th blog!! Yay!

Carrie @ Confessions of a Dietitian said...

I can't roll my tongue. Apparently it is a genetic thing-you are born with it. I can just stick my tongue out. Nothing happens. I can't even understand how people do it.

Sammie Girl said...

You love doing laundry? Ok, my boys will pack up ours and bring it right over!
#100 - I makes wishes when ever I can! Candles, shooting stars... I am till a believer!
#32 - And you are still married - that is awesome!

Emz said...

Sammie Girl - loved that. Yes, in our 12th year!

Caroline Mrs Duke lover - I do water and powerade zero. Remember on a mill - temp is controlled - what heat?! ;)

Julie - yes, if you are a germaphobe like me.

Pam - sorry Gluten free. ;)

Matty O said...

Did I honestly just read 100 things about YOU? UGH, I just lost ten minutes of my life. JUST KIDDING haha, loved it. And yes Chicago is THE BEST place for pizza EVA!

Pita and Peanut going to Boston with you? Hope so :)

Emz said...

MO- it's totally non-refundable. 5 days a week you can thank me for wasting 1-9.4 minutes of your day. So you know, it helps me sleep at night. ;)

You bet cha those two fine cheerleaders will be there!! Yay me!!

Caroline said...

hummm I said outside! you know like in a marathon outside in a race. also what do you do with the toes that have no more nails..do you tape them? I am just about to loose one and I lost some skin also (not pretty) and it hurts when I run. So tape?

Emz said...

Caroline. I swear. I'm losing brain cells by the minute. No I use gu's during races just not in training.

Toes. Toes. .... The ugly truth ---I cut them down as far as possible & use a bandaid if needed. ;)

Cynthia said...

Loved it!! All 100 things.

Something about me - I always thought I would have at least 3 kids. I had one and decided he's all I need :)
I have 3 dogs though.. I will probably become the dog lady when I'm old (or when my son goes to college) haha

Andrew Opala said...

home made mac and cheese can create a divorce in my family ... so I eat it only when the wife is away!

Unknown said...

I'd love the mac and cheese recipe - I'm slightly obsessed with pasta and cheese!

I loved reading all of your 100 things and can't wait for the next 100.

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

What an awesome idea, great list!
About me...I am so oblivious to most sporting events going on in the world (and the rules to most of them too). When I went to my first baseball game (IN COLLEGE) I asked when the cheerleaders would come out. No one let me live that one down...

Carrie said...

I am so organized, I think in "to do lists"!!! I think there might be a pill out there to help me, but I really like being organized! :)

ihaverun said...

Love the list. I agree that you could have gotten away with 400.

And did I miss the post about why you went Gluten Free? Just curious.

Please share the Mac n Cheese recipe! I love to cook too. And desserts are my fav to cook as well.

Now something about me... I am so, so afraid of heights. Terrified.

Unknown said...

Your list is amazing!

A random fact about me... I am 20 and married and I still sleep with my baby blanket :)

ShutUpandRun said...

This was incredible. We have so much in common I love you even more. However, I did not see anything about vegemite.

Emz said...

SUAR - you missed it?!? It's 101.4. Check the list!! ;)

MAC recipe coming soon!!

Unknown said...

I am a dog whisperer ... even mean ones listen to me.

Unknown said...

Awesome list. I still am amazed at your 24 hour run.

I love pie crust, but not the filling.

Laurie said...

Love the list.

I love lima beans, yeah I know, gross.

Jan[et] Cicelia said...

Awesome! I'm supposed to be GF, but haven't figured out how without starving to death.

LB said...

love it, we have a lot in common.

~ im afraid of belly button lint, and know "the humpty dance" by heart

Emz said...

LB - LOVE that!

#101.44 - I have an audi ok fine, "outtie" . . . so I never have to worry about lint! ;)

ShebaJC - what?!?! Come on! coco pebbles are GF! ;)

Karine said...

Especially love #91.

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

That was so fun, I loved learning about you! This running for 24 hours thing... I NEED to hear more about this!!! Holy Mama! Is there a link to a post I should be reading to fill me in!!!

I choose girls lunch too... maybe just because the phrase "girls night out" drives me a little batty. Haha

Anonymous said...

Re #99 - I have only been stung by a bee once. And that was at swim squad by a drowned bee in the pool. Does it count if the bee isn't alive?

It hurt still.


Anonymous said...

ooooh I will be eagerly checking my mail in 7 days!!!!!!!

Erika said...

This list makes me smile! I love random facts! I grew up on saved by the bell and full house! Love! Random fact about myself...I'm addicted to blankets...like I have lots of them and love ones with silk edges. Can't sleep without them! Good luck in Boston!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Love this.. Sliding Doors is CLASSIC!! So funny to see all of your different jobs :) I read all of these, you are funny..

I bought 2 pairs of jeans last week, one pair came in the mail today..I pray they fit.

Ummmm will you be in Boston?? If so, can we meet..

Fact: I took Second in State for Shot Put my Senior Year.. The girl who beat me won by 3/4 inch and looked a like shot putter :)

racing dawn said...

love the list... ready for another 100...

i've never had a parking ticket, never been in a car accident!!! yay me!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

The world bee population is declining at an alarming rate - no bees = no humans. I used to kill bees as a kid. Way to go a-hole!

Emz said...

MTOTR--yes!!! Must. Meet!! Love the shot putter comment. ;)

Mel bird - sending to work address. Yay!!

Emz said...

Jim. Yes. It's. All your fault. Wait - I killed at least 1/day each day of summer. We were a team. Awesome.

Gina said...

I moved about 20x's more than you as a kid.

Unknown said...

You are so cute...I just found your blog and this was the perfect post...caust I learned so much about you so quickly.


ajh said...

Totally love my bday and I don't care how old I get everyone better be making a fuss over me!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

LOVED this list!! :) congrats on post #400! :)

It seems like my ring finger nails grow faster than my others too! lol

one thing about me... i'm getting married in 74 days!!! ;) hahaha... jk jk.. well its true but something else that you dont already know...

I eat peanut butter with almost everything! apples, bananas, oreos, sandwhiches, bagels, protein drinks, pies, TOAST, ice cream, on a spoon...i LOVE peanut butter lol ;)

Melissa Cunningham said...

oh!i loved reading this!!!
always niceto know random things about others!
my random thing?-i sleep all bundled up in the blanket with only my feet out and a breathing hole over my face.....

Neil Zee said...

93. really?

Emz said...

Neil - shhhhhh. Don't tell anyone!!

kelly said...

this was fun!

Katie Anne said...

Ok first of all you are AMAZING...and it made my day to have a new person comment on my blog!!! AND WHAT IN 24 DAYS YOU ARE RUNNING ON THE TREDMILL FOR 24 HOURS! Now you are more amazing!? What is that all about?

PS....your protein bar recipe??

H Love said...

Fun post! Good luck in Boston and your 24 hour adventure! So inspiring!

Grew up doing skits, making commercials, lip syncs, telling jokes, dancing, ect. with my siblings. My Granny and Papa filmed it ALL and were the best audience.

coach dion said...

I ride a little Chinese Motobike to whiz through the traffic. And I believe I'm going to win big in the LOTTO.

I wasn't made to work. how long did it take to write this list, it would take me weeks.

coach dion said...

What is your Boston Bib number so we can follow you...?

Silly Girl Running said...

Love #91. I'm the same way. :)

Adrienne said...

I'm jealous you have only been away from Pita for a couple nights. Travis travels 50-90% so that would be really nice to have him home more. I love valet parking...I don't know if they love me though and my minivan ....ha ha ha.

jymmebe said...

I love all 100 of these things about you!


Anonymous said...

#102 - i'm awesome, coz the little termite says so.


Patrick Mahoney said...

The thing about you is that you always go big. 24 hour treadmill runs, like 20 marathons a year, stuff like that. 400 posts just sort of makes sense to me.

Julie D. said...

Yahoo! 24 days! can't wait to cheer you on for both boston and 24 hour run! must share mac n cheese recipe with the world! Loved your list!

Caratunk Girl said...

Modern Family is the best TV show ever.

Good luck at Boston.

I really want to try your mac and cheese.

1 thing about me. Ummm...I like to roll down grassy hills and giggle the whole way down.

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

18. me too. :)

you are such a fun person, Emz!

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

Oh yeah- I love shooting too. Ruger girl here!

Anonymous said...

I'm deaf in my right ear. We didn't find out until kindergarten when I failed the hearing test. I thought I was in trouble for failing.

Anonymous said...

I live in running clothes..not very glamorous! LOL!!

Aimee said...

I loved this post! It's so fun learning new things about people!!

Let's see...one thing about me...spiders, inside my house, completely freak me out!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Love this Em! You are such an inspriration as a mom, wife and runner and I am so glad I got to meet you and THE PEANUT!

1. I tried not fueling on the long run and felt great.

2. Olives make me gag

Wendy said...

I'm so with you on the vegemite. It is DISGUSTING.

You are amazing (found your blog via Dawn)!