Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Good Morning" - Chamillionaire

So this post should be the last in the 24 hour Run Emz Series.  That's a big "should" .  You may have to deal with me bouncing back to this event on occasion.  I'll try not to reference it too often but . . . to say it was a life changing / life defining day [as dramatic as that seems] doesn't even cover it.

here. we. go.
but first click here if you have [so sadly] missed any of the past installments. ;)


My parents took Peanut and her cousin to the hotel that the Sheraton had donated.  Yep, donated.  How awesome is that?! 

Reason # 8,744 why if you do a 24 TM run you should do it outside and downtown . . . . drunk people. . . . super funny. . . . super [probably] unknowingly generous . . . drunk people

To put it mildly, there was not a "dull" moment from 1am-2am.

DG [drunk guy]:  dude what are you doing?
MC [my{awesome}crew]:  she's running for 24 hours for charity.
DG: no way.
MC: way.
DG: no way.
MC: way.

[repeated 44 times]

Then there was the semi-DG [drunk girl] who ran barefoot with me, in a dress.  I did try conversing [in word form] with her.  It was more just a lot of smiles and semi-awkward looks.  but she was something else.

Then.  it. happened.  funniest. moment. of. the. night.

I look up and see this:

Get. freaking. out.

I was laughing so hard.  all the while yelling, "I so didn't call you!  You keep right on moving down that road."

At the same time my sister "happy" is yelling "stay here!  stay here! OMGosh need a photo!"

Guy in van:  what cha doing?
Me: not needing you. [insert ha ha ha]
GIV: how long you runnin'
Me: 24
GIV:  hours?

[I'm a huge fan of stupid questions]

Enter [run to the bathroom] potty break - this bathroom breaks are now being escorted by the Pita.  Thanks Pita.
Enter powerade
[I'm seeing a pattern here]
Enter Protein shake [2] not the ones I "like".  Can you tell from the photo?

Start running again.

ummm not good . . . .

Feel a blister coming on at both of my heels.

Thanks to Aaron and his Engo pads + the Pita's mad skills . . .

I/We are off and running again.

At this point I'm eating [and acting like]:

dried fruit
sour patch kids, awwwww yaaaaa.

Where's the 5 pound gummy bear you ask?

I. have. no. freaking. clue.
I'm sure Peanut took it to the hotel with her.

Enter 3am.

Dad is back?! 

JUST AS . . . . the TV cuts to an infomercial for a  "male enhancement device" and I mean device - like a huge freaking contraption.  We all busted out. [laughing]

My brother says, "Ya, watch Dad come back now."

enter. . . .
back . . .

Oh, man, it was just like being 12 and having a feminine hygiene product [commercial]come on TV.  You can't watch that crap with your dad around.


After we all got our giggles out.

There was a bit of a lull.

lull = emz zone [thinking happy thoughts]

[pretty quiet . . . . my dad is walking in front of me]

Dad: "I couldn't sleep knowing you are out here doing this."
Emz: I'm doing really good Dad.

Somehow I have failed to properly mention [feeling sheepish].  my dad.  MY dad.  He'd stop by at least every 90 minutes saying/asking.

"how you doing honey?"
"you feeling alright?"
"can I get you anything?"
"You're doing great."
"This is amazing"
"Need some more water?"

always in the sweetest tone.  calm voice.  clear voice assuring voice.

I hate using the word "proud" because I feel it sometimes has a negative connotation/feeling to it....but I knew . . . .  HE .... MY DAD....."Mr. Twinkle Toe's" himself. . . was proud of me.


I've always [ALWAYS] had an amazing relationship with my dad.  He has a unique and awesome relationship with EACH of his FIVE children that is truly amazing.

I. love. you. Dad.

[small iPod break]

Oh ya, and did I mention my family rocks?

My sister Evie [Y-von] staying the whole freaking night.  yes.  whole FREAKING. night.

I remember joking with my brother Mike and sister Y-von.  And seeing them joke with each other.  Reminded me of when we all lived under the same roof, traveled in the back of the same HYUNDAI for 13 hours to Logan, Utah . . . listening to "The Pet Shop Boys" and "Duran Duran".  Good times.  They are pretty funny and incredibly awesome characters.

okay.  wiping the tears.

About this time we [Dawn and I] started doing intervals.  6 minute run / 3 minute fast walk [4.3mph].

These potty breaks, vitals checks [required by channel 12 and my mom ;) ], clothing changes, shoe changes, treadmill moves [3] had all really started adding up, time wise. 

So Dawn got me rolling.  And the texts and tweets were rolling in again, thanks to you people back east {MCM} + early morning risers.

Was I tired . . . . yes.

but oddly, it felt more like an "I want to sleep" tired than an "I want to stop running" tired.  I just told Dawn to tell me when to start / stop on the intervals ..... I'd do whatever she told me to.

Did I mention Dawn is awesome? Well, I'm going to tell you again

Dawn, my texting, lashing, emoticon queen.  I needed her there.  And she was there.  The girl even picked up my nasty clothes in the bathroom [changes] and had to deal with me peeing with the door open [just in case I fell in the toilet --- didn't want her to have to army crawl into the stall].  She was there for me in a way no one else could have been.  Because she's tough as nuts, doesn't take any crap, she speaks her mind, she's not all girly & she "gets" me.

I got to 5am. 
I knew WE had the "100" in the bag.  No this wasn't a day about my "personal goals" but heck if I'm that freaking close . . . .why the heck not?!

I had decided hour 23 was for one special reader who emailed me her story.  A story I'll never forget.  A story that had an awesome ending.  A story of survival and more importantly success and empowerment.

CM - this last hour is for you.

And [sorry] I can't finish this today [like in one post]. 

The end of this event. . .well even though we know how this ends. . . . it needs it's own post.

It's 5:01am, my Peanut awakes.  Kim and Myrissa come.  Lynn from Vemma comes.  Dr. Ken -- you guessed it, he's there too. Huh, what?!  My spin instructor [plus her husband] are walking down the street towards me as well.

59 minutes left and I'm thinking, "I'm so not ready for this to be over."


Fruit Fly said...

I feel like such a lame-o for just recently starting to follow you. You're such a hoot! I've been missing out.

I think this is all just too rad. I mean I can't even run for 2 hours straight, let alone toy the idea of running THIS long. You rock!!

Nelly said...

Awesome recap! My favorite part is the drunk guy asking you how long you've been running for, lol That must have been hilarious to be on the treadmill as the bars were letting out for the night!

MCM Mama said...

So, the drunk texts turned into hung over texts LOL. You may have been feeling better than me and you'd been running all night.


Cari Mugz said...


YOU EMZ.... Thank you

LB said...

im still amazed by this, cant get enough of it. im not ready for the posts to be can keep talking about it all you want :)

adena said...

YAY for #5 and YAY for one more post and YAY for amazing dads and YAY for Dawn and YAY for you and ok ok enough YAY but dude.. one more.. can NOT wait.. I'll apologize now for tomorrow where you will see alotta dis

now Em? Soon? when? kthanksbye

this is SO much better than books or TV!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I've loved every post. You DON'T ever have to apologize for the recap ... you could write on this for days! Amazing!

Melissa Cunningham said...

im a so loving these posts! you and everything you stand for....awesome.this story of yours? your family? amazing!
just simple amazing.
i still cant fathom 24 hrs of running (almost) non stop.
you are such an inspiration,sister!!!!!!

Caratunk Girl said...

You leave me speechless. Amazing.

56 minutes left, not ready to be over? You were hallucinating. :)

You rock.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

You're stunning.

Michelle said...

Is it wacky that I'm getting emotional thinking about these posts being over? :) It's like a good book that you never want to put down.

Char said...

You must be so incredibly special to attract all these so incredibly special people into your life. You decide to do an awesome, audacious thing and they all say "How can we help?"

Emz said...

Char. Exactly. E x a c t l y.

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing. All of these posts have given me goosebumps, made me smile, brought tears to my eyes...

You are SO LUCKY to have such an amazing support group. Im getting goosebumps just thinking about it again...

Can't wait to hear (read) the rest. You're a HUGE INSPIRATION!

Richelle said...

Oh wow! I can't wait to read the rest. Your family is awesome. And you're awesome! I can't imagine running on a treadmill for 24 hours straight. Wow!

Erika said...

yEA!!! YEA!!! YEA!!!
Love all the people who are so amazing and support from people who we care about is truly one of life's greatest gifts!

Will Cooper said...

you're amazing! so much enthusiasm and energy in this event! Great work!

racing dawn said...

Ummm I don't want these posts to end....

And I decided Gwyneth Paltrow or Jen Aniston can play me in the made for tv'll have to play yourself because no one can hold a candle to u.

I think those early morning hours were my favorite. The 'true grit' hours. You were all business and put those miles down. No staying til 6:30. You killed it. Your strength, will and determination is matched by no one I know. So amazing.

Pretty sure you get me too.

Please put a warning, advisory, disclosure that the next post will require 2 hankies...

bobbi said...

You wanna know a secret?

I"m so NOT ready for this to be over either.

Loving every second of this. Awesome.

Laurie said...

I'm with bobbi and Dawn, I'll be sad when these posts are over. It has been so much fun to relive your epic adventure. You are so amazing. :) Your family rocks too.

Goose said...

They [these posts/recaps] just keep getting better. YOU just keep getting better.

Kayla said...

I have loved all of these recaps and like most everyone else am kind of sad there is only 1 left. You are freaking amazing!

Caroline said...

sign me up for fan club of Emz daddy. I am already a lifetime member of the Emz fan club and of course the Emz mama fan club.

OK hmm this is an OK title, not as good as the one on the other blog though..just saying.

Dawn: TV movie? what? no no Hollywood movie! come on!
I vote for Aniston! And she is right for you Emz!

The BOOK will be thick. :)

Caroline said...

went to Costco and got a case of kleenex.
I am ready for the last post.

jymmebe said...

Love this Em!

I so didn't want to go home that night and am so happy that I stayed-- even though many people there got to hear me coughing like a sick seal!

I think you were able to recover from the run faster than I was able to recover from my lack of sleep mixed with a cold/allergies . . . your stamina was ridiculous, so impressive!

Loved spending time with you and my brother and sisters too, its been too long since we've spent quality time together!

I love to read the other comments that others write about you, and how amazing you are, and I think . . . YUP, SHE'S MY SISTER!

Love you,

BTW, you are almost at 100,000 hits on your blog . . . COOL! :)

Anonymous said...


Silly Girl Running said...

Dad: "I couldn't sleep knowing you are out here doing this."
Emz: I'm doing really good Dad.

And there you had me bawling my eyes out again. Can't wait for the next post!

Anonymous said...

The best recap! My kids want one of those 5 pound gummy bears!

Quinton J said...

...I never want to see you run in tights again. never. the end. by: QJ

Unknown said...

Wonderful recap Emily! You are an inspiration to us all!

DRog said...

seriously these recap posts are totally UN!
love them
just awesome
and again
this is pretty much the most incredibole thing ever.

Carrie said...

I can't wait for the last installment. It's so amazing how people are drawn to those who do incredible things. Almost makes one wonder why more people aren't as adventurous? Maybe your story will spark someone else to find that inner strength and achieve the unbelievable.

Johann said...

Still awesome and inspiring! Ha, I know that "want to sleep" feeling. Somehow it passes and your body/mind just carries on. All of this on a treadmill...totally out of this world. I will not be able to do that.

Michelle said...

I can't believe I could cry anymore, but you mentioned your Dad and I'm all waterworks over here. Thank goodness I have another post to look forward to tomorrow! You Are Just Awesome!

Marlene said...

I hadn't even considered how funny it could be during the middle of the night... the drunks must have been wondering 'what on earth is this lady doing?' hehe, glad you had some entertainment!

Marlene said...

oh, and feel free to talk about this forever and ever and ever and ever...

Runners Fuel said...

I will never get tired of reading about this. You did an awesome job!!

Amy said...

I could read about this for hours and hours and hours (maybe 24 hours?) You are amazing. Freaking amazing.

Allison said...

I'm in still in awe of you..... YOur strength; your amazing-ness, the wonderful family you have created...the wonderful family you are a part of.

You are an inspiration, a motivation, and I'm convinced the bionic woman!

Karine said...

When we knew the little girls needed to sleep a little, neither your Dad nor I could choose who should take the girls and who should stay to watch the we decided to go together with them to the Sheraton. When Dad knew neither of us would be able to rest, there was no giving me a choice as to who was to stay with the girls. He just said, "I'm going back. Text me if you want me to come back so you can go." I didn't have the heart to pull him off the plaza. But before too long Pita came to get us for the final 60 minutes. We filled the tub with ice from the ice machine for your planned post run "icing" and I "ran" back to the plaza!!! For the record I think I have to say the last 60 minutes were the best of the entire 24!!! For so many reasons.

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

the true and faithful were there all night! dawn looks like an angel. that woman rocks! people that understand what you need at the time and just give it to you. SO amazing.

Michelle said...

Emz I've so been loving this series of posts - I don't want them to end :)

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

WOW!!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!! Seriously!! The burrito eating picture is my favorite. Wow. I don't even know how to tell you how awesome I think you are!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

wow... just wow.. seriously lol... you, girl, are awesome!!

the drunk chic running barefoot in a dress cracked me up lol...

I so wish I could have been there "in person" to cheer you on... I have so much respect for you Em!! :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Another phenomenal post Em!! I echo others' comments... I don't want this story to end. Your family is lobes you beyond words as obvious by they support and Dawn is the epitome of a friend!! Wow!

So so so proud of you Em. Amazing!! The journey should be shared aging and again!!!

Chris K said...

Awesome. This story is seriously not tiring at all. Freaking cool story.

As a Dad, I enjoyed your comments there. I hope I can be 1/2 the Dad yours is.

Keep up the good work Emily.