Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Tonight Tonight" - Hot Chelle Rae

ok. el. numero. quatro [4].

[Yes, I was self-appointed captain of the spanglish club in high school.]


favorite #4.

but first if you missed part one [find it here]

missed part two [find it here]

part three [here]

and well ....... four ......


So the 6pm news came and went.   It was awesome.  great crowds. great vibe.  Lots of cars & people passing.  Dawn will have to help me on this but I loved that the same people passed me at 8am that passed me again at 6pm.  THAT brought in a lot of donations.  People figured out I was the same girl that was running hours ago......which peaked a lot of interest.  Which usually equalled a lot of cash.  awesome!

Forgot to mention another thing which I loved.

People were honking . . . . . all. day. long.

I loved it.  Not like the way creepy landscapers [no offense] honk but like supportive honking.  [yes, I truly think I know the difference].

Each time someone would honk - my arms would instantly & automatically go flying in the air.

I was like-freaking Pavlov's Dog.  loved it.

7:00-9:30pm brought . . . .

Another TM move. [lost 20 minutes] but the best move ever . . . . I was now facing the street [and walkway]!


potty break.
clothing change.
vitals check. [weight stabilized]
1/2 bagel with PB
pickle juice
body glide
Dawn - text/tweet updates [you guys are amazing]
sponge bath
placed an order for Chipotle [yum]

a lot. a lot. a lot of awesome visitors.

Family friends.
family family.

First Auntie B.  Auntie B - ya she rocks.  She's like a 18 year old in a "XX" woman's body.  The party starts when Aunt B arrives ...... and she has arrived. 

And even sweeter --- she brought my cousin Kijuana [who ran with me] and her two kids too.

Then one of my favorite people from church came [with her two uber handsome sons].

Then Summer and her sister came.  Summer.  Ahhhh Summer

She's amazing.  She found out about my run and set up a donation jar and bin at her work almost instantly.  Her daughter . . . . yep, her daughter is the one who wrote that awesome letter and gave me the $5.00 donation I wrote about here.  Awesome parenting.  That's what that's all about.  So happy I got to run with you Summer!


This awesome mom/daughter team stopped by after watching the morning news about this event.  donation made. 

Yep, got to run with her too.

And [get this] she had a 10k that next morning.  Loved. that.
I am, kinda, wishing I could remember what I told her when this photo was being taken?!
It must have been positive.

I got a run in with Mr. Michael Kornegay, himself.

Then. My. Idol. Came.

Seriously, love this woman.

My Spin instructor.  Yes, THE spin instructor.  Yep, the one I so stalking-ly voice record on my iPhone.

I hate group classes [like with a freaking passion].  This woman taught me to love them again. [well, as long as she is teaching]. 

I wish I could remember what she was telling me here:

I can hear her when I'm running races . . . .

"you've. got. this. don't think anything different"
"make uncomfortable your friend"
"keep your head in your training"
"show up on that hill"
"keep those thoughts in check"
"get to that next level of fitness"
"if you are not winded...you are absolutely wasting your time"
"discomfort is part of your training"

She came.  I had never even spoken to her.  I. felt. like. a freaking. rockstar.

[deep breath]

Enter potty break [remember we are pushing fluids hard right now]
Vitals check [weight still stable, yay!]
Eat Chipotle

Ya, I bet you want to see photos of that.

I was losing my beans [and chicken] ....


enter walking burrito break.

Enter potty break [FYI - Dawn and I - we started running during these potty breaks from here on out.]

Now it's time for the 10pm news.

awesome.  just awesome.

"Coop" - ya, he was super nice.  That's my nephew Tanner that I'm running with here.

Here's a glimpse of the crowd.  Thanks Kim for getting Peanut's hand up & bringing Mrs. Susie.

A check on mileage from Scott: [70-something]

Next a visit from RL and her boyfriend.  So.  Freaking.  nice.

I totally "paused" for her.

Then she came over to the TM to visit so I could keep the miles ticking.

Yep, and that's my brother.  MY brother.  He came back?!?!

[Emz. is. all. smiles.]
to RUN with me.  in total six.  six miles he ran with me.

Next.  A return visit, what?  I never saw her the first time?!

I'm an idiot.  Seriously.  So Mandi [from Mandi with an "I"] came back at 11pm.  HOLY. freaking. awesome. to run with me.  Her hubby came too.  So beyond awesome.

[enter blonde moment #44,744,44 - I didn't recognize her - I swear without the visor from her profile picture . . . . I was lost].

When did I figure it out?  Oh ya, when I said, "what was your name again?"

Mandi:  ummm Mandi.
Emz:  get. freaking. out.  get. freaking. out. You are Mandi.  THE Mandi?

[Emz looking all stupid and sheepish].

Thank you Mandi!

Enter another awesome friend from church [Jill & daughter] so sweet.  I am so blessed.

Enter best texts, tweets ever from ETR [yes, the amazing guy who sent me this buckle from my training run], MCM mama, Caroline & Chris K.

These people stayed up until midnight at which time Dawn lovingly told them . . . you can go to bed now.  She thinks [and we all know] you. rock.

Midnight brought a precautionary IV.

Yes, I was loving every minute.
And the best 30 minute walk with the Pita, ever.
Ugggg.  I can't see the screen . . . . .hope spell check works.

It's amazing what you realize [what you quietly see] when you are choosing to be stuck in one place.

I saw Dawn.  Never looking for any limelightAlways looking to help.  5 months?! no freaking way.

I saw my Pita, gathering donations, hugging strangers, hugging family, looking at me with googly eyes, texting family, getting me water, winking at me, making sure others had food, making sure family in attendance were as comfortable as could be [chairs, temperature, fluids], taking care of our daughter, the gratitude he was expressing to others, the love I FELT at each moment from him, he took care of all the bumps along the way [sometimes in whisper form] so I wouldn't be worried or concerned, I could tell he was freaking proud of me without saying a word [and sometimes a girl/wife/mom likes to feel that].

I noticed every second of it.  Every smile.  Every time he gave me a thumbs up as a question from afar [as to say, "you good?"].  I'd smile ear to ear and a few times fighting back grateful tears --- sticking my thumb up, way freaking high up . . . . . as to say


I love you Pita.


Melissa Cunningham said...

IM LOVING IT!!!!!!!!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Ahh Pavlov he's taught us so much :-) Walking and eating now that is talent and eating that burrito even more of a challenge. I still can't believe you did this I'll say it again, that was AWESOME!

Allison said...

This was me reading your post...

smiling, smiling, smiling, laughing, laughing, I want a burrito, smiling, crying....

Seriously - so sweet........ what an amazing husband for such an incredible woman!

ltlindian said...

One of my newest favorite songs! Also one of my favorite posts! I love how you remember all the little details of everything. I'm not sure I would have remembered anything! Love it!

Unknown said...

Your posts are awesome and your run was even more awesome (if that is possible). Glad I found these and I love how you jump all over the place and keep it all in order!

You are Wonder Woman in the real!

Evolving Through Running said...

These posts make me wish I could have been there even more. Amazing glimpse behind the scenes. Still amazed by what you've been able to accomplish. You have a truly remarkable support group. Love it.

racing dawn said...

I thought I was to the point of reading through these without tears...but seriously. Yes, Pita was AWESOME. In everyything he did that night it was all love for you. A blind person could see that!

And all ur peeps comin out in full effect. Loved it!

And love seeing all the pics...

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

This is fantastic to read. Your joy totally comes through.

Erika said...

I've been waiting for this!!!!

adena said...

This is just so great.. I love the pics and your notes and all of it.. especially chipotle. my god you are superwoman aren't you..

**love and complete awe**

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

dammit emz.
this is now the
time you've made me cry this week.
Love every word.

bobbi said...

dammit, I was all good until you started talking about pita and now I can't see my stupid keyboard.



Emz said...

Sorry about the tears guys. ;)
It. Really. Was. That. Awesome. [the event].

Even awesome-R. Than any words I can put together.

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

I am in so much awe of you right now...and, yes, fighting tears like everyone else. This is just amazing!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are so awesome!!! I just love your message and your passion!!! You are truly an amazing person! And PITA sounds equally as amazing!! Tears of joy for you and your accomplishment!!

Kittee said...

Wow, What a journey... Everytime I come to your page I end up crying. I think thats a good thing..

You have an amazing husband... I know that feeling cause mine comes in a real close second to yours.. haha

Cari Mugz said...

Got to L.O.V.E. the P.I.T.A!!!! Good men are Awesome!

MCM Mama said...

I LOVE this!!! And P.I.T.A. is awesome!

BTW, I promise more Amish beer in the fall - I don't think you can get it out there and I think it's too hot to mail it. Will text you with more info later...

Michael said...

Pure AWESOMENESS. PITA is Amazing!! I just love all the support you received.

Kelly Leigh said...

I loved reading all of your recaps! I can't believe you ate chipotle on this little run! How does one run with a belly full of burrito? Also can I say that Nick and I regularly have fantasies about moving back to the US and going on lunch dates to Chipotle. True story. Anyways your story is incredible and you have been so inspirational to everyone, but it is especially nice to see how much your family means to you and you mean to them.

Tom said...

This is great, but my knees hurt just imagining the mileage you went through. You are a machine!

Laura said...

You guys are such an amazing family!
..now I want a burrito....

Jason said...

Just a guess but you probably told 10k chick:


Amy said...

I am loving this recap! You had me tearing up again...

Caroline said...

where are my kleenex when I need them??? Oh that's right I used them all in March...

you are doing such a great job at writting these that I feel like I was actually there.

Oh and Chris went to bed way BEFORE me...cuz you know the age thing..he needs his rest :)

Silly Girl Running said...

I keep on tearing up over your recaps. :) You've turned me into a cry baby. How many of those babies are up for the next couple of days? Keep. Them. Coming! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't begin to tell you how in awe I am of what you did!! I was in an abusive relationship in highschool(Iknow how sad) You are awesome!(aka mamarunsbarefoot)

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

tears... again... so freakin awesome... :D

Carrie said...

I'm crying too!!! This series of posts is better than anything Ty will pull in his Extreme Home Makeover show!

A Prelude To... said...

I'm finally caught up!! All of it such great stuff, but that bit at the end about Pita sure had my eyes welling up good!

SweetsQueen said...

*tears* That is so wonderful that PITA was there for you all the way. What a wonderful support system you've got there. You're amazing and the gratitude you show is astounding. :)

ihaverun said...

Tears. Chills. Reliving my pride from that day all over.

Lauren said...

somehow, each post is even more amazing than the last. :)

Zoë said...

SO FREAKING AMAZING! That's you! What a fantastic recap!

Unknown said...

yeahhhhh. i am loving all this. part 1.2.3.and 4.

This is super cool!! yeah!

Pam @ herbieontherun.com said...

I think we're all running out of ways to say how FREAKING AWESOME you are.

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone here with the tears. At first, I didn't want this post to end because I want to see how it ends (I know how it ends, but from your perspective), but now I am glad that it didn't end because it is like reading an amazing book that you love with all your heart and don't want to get to the last page because then it will be over.

Char said...

Ha ha - this time you didn't even have to mention tears and I started to get them.

Did they put any happy juice in that IV - you look so darned good in every picture.

Cynthia said...

Ok I'm all caught up with the series so far and I have to say it's hard to not tear up a little. It's amazing how you remember all the details.

You can feel the love the everyone has for you and your cause.
It's so awesome when you have someone like that that supports you 444 percent it really makes the world of difference.


Caroline said...

I am reading this again because you know why..and I am a fan of the Pita. Good man. Like my B.

Adrienne said...

Finally I'm back in town and catching up on your posts. So awesome to read about. I know I've said it before but you are amazing.

Richelle said...

Love it! And your husband is amazing too! You are truly blessed to have the support network that you have. You. Rock. :)

Stacie said...

Love this :) I get emotional each time I read your posts. Just amazing. Congrats again!!!!

Michelle said...

I am so freaking loving this! Way to go! I am crying over the PITA part - so sweet! You rock!

Unknown said...

Each part is better and better!!!!

Molly said...

Fabulousness. Especially the burrito break.

I love the motivating words from your spin instructor.

btw, yesterday I read a tweet from someone who bitched about her boring 2 mile treadmill run. and I thought, if only she knew what you did, and still do! : ) (I almost tweeted it to her, but didn't want to be rude)

Unknown said...

:) just amazing emz. i just don't have to words to tell you how much of an inspriation you are to me so just know that the next time i am in the pain locker in my training or racing i am going to think of you and that will help push me thru--
you are just amazing....

Lisa @ Eat.Pray.Run. said...

beautiful story! beautiful words!

Michelle said...

Just loving each one of these posts!

Goose said...

Ugh- I cry every damn post! Sosososo amazed by you. Your journey is truly touching. You're an amazing woman and you should be super amped on all that you've done. Congratulations and job well done.

TRI714 said...

I actually got a little tear eyed there.




DaphneB said...

*tears* Good grief, you are amazing.