Monday, May 23, 2011

"Moment 4 Life" - Nicki Minaj & Drake

So the clock struck 6:14am.

I headed back to my "vitals" throne chair.  [I did get a copy of my vitals/stats, all pretty interesting, actually].

And. I. just. cried.

And cried.

And had Joe Dana camera man up my nose & I cried some more.

Thank goodness he switched over to Peanut. . . .

Yep, this is when he asked her . . .

Joe: "What do you think about this amazing thing your mom just did?"

Peanut:  "I think she's crazy."

Then, I got really cold and tired.

Once vitals were done.  I was IV'd with a drugged up medley of goodies

Then we headed off for the s l o w e s t, longest .2 of a mile walk in my life.  Right leg was ok.  Left leg was pretty close to a drag [due to my knee feeling all wonky]So weird.  I had been running just 10 minutes earlier.

Got to the room.  And had the most painful I mean best muscle rub down ever.  HOLY.  freaking. Moly.

At this point I had my Mom call the Pita and say, "Ya, tell Joe, she's going to pass on the final interview."

To which Joe replied . . . . .

Well.  Let's just say.  I made it to the interview.

Funny, it seemed 90% better walking back than it did walking there?!  And nope, didn't even take a shower.  [gross].

The interview was great

Loved having Pita and Peanut in there with me.  I also love how you can see some of my family members reflections in the TV as they watched from outside.

Loved the cupcake they gave me.  Yep, gone within [I'd guess] 2 whole minutes.

Interview done.

Met my medical team outside for a photo.

DeRosa Medical is the freaking best.

Now sad moment. . . . . the pick-up of  [MY] ; ) Woodway Treadmills.  My return to running on  my crappy NordicTrack . . . . well it completely sucks.

Anyway . . . we headed to the car.  The Pita, Peanut, Dawn & I.

Homeward bound.

Shower bound.

Toothbrush bound.

Sleep bound.

Walked in.  Dropped everythingShowered. Needed MAJOR assistance getting into my compression socks.  [This could be a post in and of itself.]  You think it's hard getting socks on yourself?? . . . . OMGosh.  Painfully, hilarious.

Hair in a towel.  In sheets.  Out cold [for about 10 minutes].  Woke up to myself moaning.  Meant to apologize for this Dawn.  Took some pain killers ate a salad from Paradise Bakery and a piece of carrot cake and now . . . . it's time to sleep.

I woke up only to hear the Pita saying, "I'm taking Dawn to the airport."  Then he says to her, "she's pretty out of it."

She walks in ------- I start bawling.  Full on, cannot breathe bawling.  Yes, I knew she'd be leaving but I wasn't ready for her to go.  Not. at. all.

The Pita returned and fed me [yes, literally fed me] waffles.  The freaking best ever.

Trips to the toilet would take about 10 minutes [I'll spare you the details but my home is not HUGE, my bathroom is close].

I came back to my bed to see this left by my Peanut:

Made. me. smile.

The next day was Mother's Day which worked out pretty freaking great for me.

I. just. stayed. in. bed.

Until it was time to celebrate MY mom.  Then we, ok I, waddled in for a visit.

And I even got my one blister popped by Dave.  What a soldier.

So many amazing moments.
So many people to thank.
So much money & awareness raised.
So MUST do this again.

Life. changing. day.

The chorus of the above mentioned [title of this blog post] song says it better than I could ever say it. . . . . .

      I wish that I could have this moment 4 life, 4 life, 4 life

      Cause In this moment, i just feel so alive, alive, alive

      I wish that I could have this moment 4 life, 4 life, 4 life

      This is my [our] moment, I just feel so alive.
Thanks to all of you for the incredible amount of support YOU have shown me.
I. am. so. grateful.


Anonymous said...


You have set the bar high!

bobbi said...


I have to say that it sounds like you were miserable at the end of all this which makes how quickly you've recovered even more AMAZING (and a testament to your medical team).

Did you make your $ goal?

Runners Fuel said...

What great support you had there!

Emz said...

J-moo : you. rock. thanks for sending me that link months prior. Got me all fired up!

Bobbi - thank you. Yes, saturday was bad but Sunday was way better. I loved "way better".


Emz said...

Oh and on goal - after you take into account the tangible good[s]/donations. we are over the goal. :) all smiles.

Will Cooper said...

This is amazing. And on a tmill! You should keep celebrating because you've earned it big time!!

TRI714 said...

This was epic. You have a great team over there with you.
Hows the strappy azz shoe thing going for ya ? :-)

Anonymous said...

Pita is so tall!

Carrie said...

I loved this post!

MCM Mama said...

Every single one of these posts made me tear up! You are awesome! And I am going to get out there one of these days!

Emz said...

Will-thank you!!

TRI-For sure. and heck yes. the shoes THEY ARE BAAAAAAA-CK!

MelBird- that's how they grown them in kiwi-ville.

Carrie - thank you.

MCM - I'm holding you to it!! It's in writing!

Michael said...

I think I would have slept for a's truly crazy and amazing.

So, sounds like it's going to be an annual event???? :)

ShutUpandRun said...

We were all thrilled to be witness to this and to your spirit. I was proud to say I "know" you.

Emz said...

Michael- I'll do it 4x a year if they'll let me.

Suar. Day. Made. Thank. You.

Caroline said...

Emz! you had another post! shoot. I will not be in the book :(

I love this post. I don;t like to see you in pain like this though. but you are keeping this real and honest. not making it look like it was a walk in the park. makes me admire you even more if that is possible, the bar is HIGH way HIGH I agree.

Richelle said...

Amazing! Just amazing!

Your daughter is a sweetheart!

Stacie said...

I'm still blown away by all of this. So thankful that you had such great support and amazing people to share this with. You totally rock.

Your Peanut is so sweet. Reminds me so much of mine. What a huge inspiration for her and for all of us.

So cool that we are "friends." The whole day I was wishing I lived closer. It would have been awesome to be there.

Michelle said...

Have just loved every moment of this!

Beth said...

You are amazing! Congrats!!!

Caratunk Girl said...

You are amazing, seriously. So inspiring.

I love Peanut's interview.

Jill said...

Absolutely one of those days laminated in your scrapbook of life!!! Well done, girl...I have nothing but admiration for you!!

bobbie said...

You ARE so freakin' AWESOME:)

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

I hope the feeling you have from this never goes away. I know the way you are feeling. My success was not as measurable or impressive but it was real for me. I am amazed and inspired by you, Emz!

Cynthia said...

That is so sweet of your daughter.

Congrats on such an amazing event. You are an inspiration!

Char said...

Every single one of these posts have left me in tears
in awe
in respect for your determination and for your giving heart.

Aimee said...

Loved this! Again, you are amazing...I hope you know that!!

Evolving Through Running said...

Still smiling after all those miles. Wonder Woman indeed.

Julie said...

Anything I say will just be a I'll just say

Anonymous said...

Wonder Woman.. I LOVE WONDER WOMAN! What an awesome incredible family you have! Soo blessed!!

Anne said...

Love the belt buckle! You are so loved...I guess that's what happens when you are such a loving and amazing woman! Thanks for bringing us on this journey with you.

Carly said...

Now you have me crying! You rock on so many levels! Truly an inspiration.

Unknown said...

Way to wrap this up so nicely! Damn you just spring back to life when the camera turns on!

ihaverun said...

I don't want it to be over. Happy tears. Lots of them. Thanks for being you. For the example you set. And not just with your running. You have my heart.

Tom said...

I'm really glad you included this part of the story after the race. I've felt like crying after marathons so I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster you must have been on after such an exhausting event. Congrats again.

Allison said...

This was awesome. Wow! Congrats on an amazing achievement!

XLMIC said...

It sounds like a birth, Emz. Carry this experience, these feelings with you always... they are your creation. I have so enjoyed following this journey :)

Silly Girl Running said...

Whoppa! Open the tab...again! ;) The co-worker I share a room with now thinks that I'm an emotional mess. So I forced her to read your recaps. And now's she's crying too. Hehehehe! ;)

Girl, I'm still in awe. This journey of yours...amazing. If you plan on doing it again, please keep me posted. I might just have to book a flight over there. :)

fancy nancy said...

You pushed your body to the limit!!! Wow!!

Love that you went to your interview with a "Running Sucks" shirt on!!!

Christi said...

Wow, again you have made me cry! Damn girl, I am so impressed and overjoyed for your success!

Keep on inspiring!

Matty O said...

So what you are saying is that waffles are the perfect food right? ;) That is my pre-race STAPLE!

Loved the series, epic indeed. Could totally feel everything the way you described it.

Are your "eyes all out of cries"? Bet you were more tired from the emotional roller coaster than you were from the run!

adena said...

You know I love this story! I wish we could see the interview footage..

Misha said...

I'm new to your blog but I have cried all the way through your updates. Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of this!

Marlene said...

For some reason I find it really funny that they handed you a cupcake. Like, I just ran for 24 hours - give me a whole freaking slab cake! ;)

Jen Feeny said...

AMAZING. That is what you are. Congrats again Emz.

Emz said...

Marlene -- ahhhhh the "american way" you just worked out - go eat a whole bunch of crappy food. ;)

Jen said...

Wow. I am so glad you shared your experience afterwards too. Though I can't imagine how you physically felt, you shared your joy through your experience so well I can feel that all these miles away! We must meet someday!

kimert said...

The WW belt buckle...perfect.
You.are.a.rockstar. A hero.

Quinton J said...

...and WE'RE grateful...for YOU my dear.

...and also for Dave.

Emz said...

Q. Love it. And YES Dave rocks! ;)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You have a heart and soul made of gold Em! I don't want this journey to end! Keep writing!!

Woodwill must donate one of those to you--they are amazing....and SUPER expensive!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...


Unknown said...

Okay Emz, I have been MIA from the blog world for quite some time. Today, I randomly had the urge to return -- and look what I returned to!!! This amazing feat! My goodness, you have me so emotional right now (at work, nonetheless). I knew there was a reason I needed to login to blogger today. You are amazing. I have missed you and your blog so much. Seriously, I have to meet you one of these days. XOXOXOXOX Congratulations.

Molly said...

wow, I still want to read more : )

and how good did those flip flops feel??

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Thank you for the way your words helped me feel as though I shared in this amazing experience with you even though I am all these miles away.

Seriously a life defining moment.

RunToTheFinish said...

every bit of your story continues to amaze me!! so grateful you are sharing it all with us

Felice Devine said...

wonderful, amazing.
I love that you "so must do this again." Wow.

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

sorry but i love seeing the emotion after you finished! i would be bawling too! i can't imagine! you are a rockstar for going to that interview, i don't think i would have moved for anyone!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I can't even begin to imagine how amazing, uplifting, awesome, sad, and frustrating the finish must have been!!

You. Freaking. Rock. For. Life!!