Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Time" - Hootie and The Blowfish


Pita:  "Em, start it up, make sure it's all good to go."
[hit "on"]
[hit "off"]
Emz:  yep, we are good
Pita: [laughing] seriously?
Emz: you. bet. cha. holy. freaking. seriously.

[2.25 minutes pass]

Jay[camera guy]:  okay we are live in 45!
Emz:  [thinking that's nice].
Jay: in 30. [he winks at me.....]
[I'm a sucker for a wink]
Emz: I'm going Jay.  I'm going.  Get me one of those freaking muffins!

........ "And we are LIVE here on the plaza with mom, wife, blogger, marathon runner Emily ...... who has just taken the first steps in her 24 TWENTY-FOUR hour journey . . "

I. was. happy.

Like. smiling ear to ear. happy.
Like. wedding day. happy.
Like. Peanut's. "birth" day. happy.

No nerves.  truthfully.  none. 

this... coming from a girl who can send herself into a full blown panic attack just thinking about something random.  [ya, I've got some serious talents.]

Did I mention I totally dig this Scott Light guy?!  They do not come any nicer. 

The guy next to me running . . . is Aaron.  My 50 mile man vs. Horse .... Aaron.  Yes, the guy who called me "barbie" but he had 24 hours to make that up to me ---- and he totally did.

He was my pacer. 

He told "scotty" [sorry just wanted to say that all day] "I'm here to make sure she doesn't run too fast."  HA!  See, I had forgotten our Barbie incident within 30 seconds. ;)

Pretty sure that "too fast" thing never had a chance.
Speed = 5.6 [yes, I think I can walk that fast too]  BUT . . . this was a "marathon [x4], not a sprint" right?  right?

The interview went pretty well considering:

they kept it simple.
I was "running".
I hadn't planned any replies.

I got a great visit in with my friends at The Sojourner Center.


Scott came back out.
this time his running kicks.  awwwwww yaaaaa.

So talk about multi-tasking.
holding a microphone
steadying papers [notes]
and oh ya.....sorry Scott.....your treadmill is at a 0% incline but we are ramped up out here [not flat ground] you are actually running at a 3% incline....enjoy that!

Scott:  this is hard!
Emz: ummm weird, you out of shape? 

ok, I did not really say that.

but I also didn't tell him until he was done that he just ran 25 minutes at a 3% incline.  What?  I'm allowed to get a little chuckle at another's expense no?!

I was only thinking of him.

He jumped off.  Said he'd be back later 10pm news.

Emz [thinking]: OMGosh that's like *^%#@ hours from right now.

freaking. love. that.

Vemma/verve plug . . . . .seriously . . . . amazing company . . . . amazing product . . . . incredible staff.  Thank you so much Lynn!

7:15 - half bagel with PB [Dr. Dawn's orders] hee hee, one verve energy drink, one PoweradeZero, one awesome Peanut stopping by [at least] four times per hour asking me if I needed anything.  love my girl.

The pita kept sneaking by and lowering my speed. 

Yes, that's my grouchy face.

Tried to explain that sometimes slower is harder ......

[what?  he winked at me].

Ohhhhh and what does a 10.5 year old do when she gets "bored" at 8am?

Spi-belt has nothing on you kid.

We stayed out on the plaza until 8:20am or so......THEN......

hello AZ sunshine beating down on my backside.

Enter Treadmill Move #1.
So funny trying to explain to "movers" ........ "please don't unplug the treadmill."

them:  ummm why?
Emz:  because I'll lose my miles [have to start over]
them:  why does that matter?
Emz: well because I want to see 100.
them: really?
Emz: really.
them:  [eyeroll]
Emz:  all. smiles.

Enter Potty Break #1. [didn't need it but couldn't run while the Woodways were being moved sooooo....why not?]

Let me take this chance to show you my new favorite socks.

I. swear. by. them. now.
I had never run in them.  nope never. until Friday morning.

...shoot from the hip, what?

Successful TM move #1.
Time "lost" 15 minutes.

up. and. runnin'.

pretty non uneventful for the next hour.

Dr. DeRosa [the real Dr.] stayed by my side all 24.  Like all.  Watched my gait, my arms, my face . . . .anything for clues on my status/well being.  freaking awesome.

Here's a photo of her saying, "You better drink this by 10am".  Okay, she really said, "we need to get some protein in you, try sipping on this."

I'm not a fan of eating on long runs -- so I was just praying my body would take it.

I'm a good patient.  I'll do whatever she says.

Now this timing is super funny.
my phone just rang, yes, as I'm typing . . . .none other than Mr. Joe Dana himself.  Yes, Mom, he is going to get you a DVD with the video clips on it.

Now a little background here . . .

Joe.  We went to preschool though sophomore year in HS together!

and . .

he. was. my. first. super-serious 2nd grade boyfriend. 

which means . . . .  I made that huge commitment 27-something years ago and circled "yes" on that note his friend Arron Kellar handed me.

"will you be my girlfriend?  circle yes or no"

Hadn't seen him in about 17 years.  crazy.  Was great to see him.

Then next . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . .


Kim came!
Kim came with a sign.

Kim also came with the best smile ever.

You bet I hit the "pause" button for her.  I needed a hug!
Yep - guess who she is cousins with . . . . Jen of M,M&M.  Their family "reunion" [coming up] has got to be a blast!

Thanks so much for coming Kim!

[enter Dawn text, tweet updates . . . . Caroline what?  Chris K huh? MCM is drinking what?]  a w e s o m e !

Enter food:  Jamba juice + protein like 74oz holy shnikes people. poweradeZero.  Pickle juice. yum. yum.

Enter my Peanut:

Yep, that's a "pit wash" you are viewing.

running with her "crazy" mom.

My favorite photo. below. [Thanks to Dawn, once again]

Up until then [about 10ish] I was doing pretty great on not crying.

Then these awesome people came.

Do I know them?  No
Should I have known them? No
Did they see me on TV and decide they wanted to meet me?  yes. [meant to get that in writing]
Did they donate all their coins [$100+] to Sojourner Center?  Yes.

Did I cryyes.  for a while after they left.  this just completely blew me away.  They saw me, went home, brought the coins back [together as a couple], oh and did I mention they had just come from another "charity" event.

my. heart. was. full.
and I wasn't getting a lot of air "in".

Enter Aaron, "So what was your favorite part of the Boston Marathon?"
Emz:  you are good, my friend.  Very good.

I wiped the tears away and chatted his ears off for the next 30 minutes.  I'm sure he wished he had never asked. ;)

He bounced off.  I looked up to see this.

awwww. ya.  sista's. fo. life.

Enter clothing change #1.
It's gettin' hot in here . . . I'm going to change my clothes . . .'re coming back tomorrow right?


Quinton J said...


Quinton J said...


Emz said...

happy Emz. fo. sho

bobbi said...

Obsessively refreshing PAYS OFF!

I gotta know - do they sell pickle juice? Or do you just raid jars of pickles to get it?

Amy said...

Ok, I'm crying now, but I have to tell you - when I was snacking on a pickle yesterday, I thought about taking a sip of juice...just to try. I got the jar to my mouth but I chickened out!

Jannifer said...

You are amazing! Definitely back tomorrow and the next day, and the next.

Lauren said...

the pictures, this post, everything is so awesome!
still can't believe you did this... my legs quiver in fear at the thought of doing something like this. You are so awesome.

Emz said...

bobbi - peanut eats the pickles I GET da' juice! ;)

Amy - try it ...... you'll like it!

MrsQ - you are too kind. seriously too kind.

Jannifer. thank you! that means everything to me.

Marlene said...

Loving this! Can I have your autograph??

Evolving Through Running said...

Dig the funky socks. Brave to bust these out without a test drive. Done a similar thing with gear in both marathons. Rules are made to be broken.

Keep the saga coming - so compelling.

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Okay so since you are the treadmill queen I'd say my theory on not incling the treadmill DOES NOT APPLY to you :) I actually came here to post and ask you if you inclined for this and what speed you did....and it was in your post - YAYAYA I completely agree - sometimes[most times] slower is harder on the treadmill! Again you seriously AMAZE me - I have no idea on earth how you did that.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I teared up a little bit reading about this section of your run. MAN.

Emz said...

Marelene - right back at ya!

ETR - Rules are made to be broken -- you know I love that!

Dorothy - woman you are amazing. seriously. Your blog was one of the first ones I stumbled upon [my thought then is the same as today] this woman rocks.

Laurie said...

Wouldn't miss tomorrow for the world. Absolutely lovin' it.

Cari Mugz said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pita sneaking in to slow the treadmill down...

Yep... DEFINITELY back tomorrow

Nelly said...

I'm with Q - great post!

Great to see the random people stopping by, donating money and getting a picture with you. That is what it is all about!

(and also the gazillion family and friends that were there too, haha)

LB said...

never get tired of reading this!!

Matty O said...

ummmmm am i the only one that picked up on Peanut's fly kicks in the early pictures?! Love the straight out of the 90s sneaks :)

racing dawn said...

Love it. All of it. I was there and I don't think I can wait til tomorrow for the next installment. Please fax me a copy asap. Do people still fax?

Yes I knew you would love the legs picture...please frame it. That should be kept for generations, along with the 100 other pics...

Kim was a ball of fun energy! I loved meeting her too!!!

And I'm pretty sure I got a pic some sneaky camera shy guy around this time running with you...

Okay...should I stop now? I think I need to go write a coinciding post right now....

And btw...u rock.

racing dawn said...

Oh and your sisters are too cute... I wanted to get a pic with the whole fam in THE shirts and I didn't. Dangit.

ShutUpandRun said...

Loving these recaps more than anything else on my desk to read right now including my phone, my journal, my training bible, my email.

Peanut has your legs. Which is a good thing for her.

adena said...

OMG OMG OMG I am not sure I can wait til tomorrow but I will only cause you are making me.. and hey, I wanna see all the video clips.. will ya post them too? will ya? will ya?

Ok i'll shut up now right after I tell you that you.freaking.rock!

Anonymous said...

Toe socks.. YES LOVE THEM!!!! Oh yeah I get that about the treadmill. HELL yes you want to see 100!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm still so proud of you!!! I tell everyone I know about you!! I coach high school girls lacrosse and they were complaining about running 3 miles !!!! I had to bust out your blog and show them a little inspiration!! I cannot wait for tomorrow!

Jen Feeny said...

Of course I'm coming back tomorrow! Loving the first few hours! If I would have been anywhere within range I would def have come there to cheer you on! Your 2nd grade bf story is hilarious! I hope Pita didn't get too jealous! LOL!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Print these posts and just sell it as a novel. I'd read it!

Allison said...

I will be here for every part of this story... you are truly amazing. You have a full heart, an incredible set of abs, and love for a sport so many HATE.... You are amazing!

Heather Elliott @ the desire to run said...

The other day as I struggled to run my mediocre five miles (hey I'm a new runner) I was struggling a bit and contemplating calling it quits.

Then I thought of you and thought if EMZ can run on a treadmill, I can finish my 5 miles. And I did.

You are awesome and inspiring!

Christi said...

Tapping my toes just waiting for tomorrow....

Can I have some elevator music at least!

Finallyfit2011 said...

EEE! My "awesome" (not) sign!!! :) And thanks a lot for making get all choked up over what you did again! P.s. Been wearing my shirt around & when people ask, I do my same stupid I'm crying voice & tell 'em what you did & say "you can still donate"!!!

Emz said...

FF Kim. All. Smiles. Freaking awesome.

Heather. I don't deserve all that but I thank you x 444.

Christi. Can I sing for you instead?! ;)

FashionablyFit said...

stop making me choke up....i'm @ work. tears at work, well, they just don't "work" :)

love, love, love the pic of you & your peanut on the treadmills. that's a framer.

you're amazing!

Aimee said...

The way you're telling about your adventure is awesome! I love it! I loved reading this, and the pictures were great!! I CANNOT wait to read more about it! :)

Caroline said...

Hootie and the Blowfish = my fav band so great title. that song = the best.

I will be back I bought a season ticket to this blog.

Running legs picture: the best. frame that.

pickle juice: if only I did not have all this #$$%^ GI problems, but I tried and it is a no go. I get points for trying though.

"this was a "marathon [x4], not a sprint" right? right?"

YES RIGHT! Can you hear me from California??!!

You need to print all those when you are done and make a book with it like a on Snapfish. I am serious. When you are 104 you will want to look at it.

Emz said...

Caroline. How do you always come up w/the best comments ever. You better never get sick of hearing how freaking sweet you are!!

Samantha said...

this just totally made my day. could you be any more freaking inspirational?

H Love said...

yes yes I will be back...

OK I'm back...hurry up POST!!


ihaverun said...

The pictures are priceless. You can tell another blogger was around because only a bloger would think to take a picture like the legs. Perfection!

Holding my breath until tomorrow, so hurry =)

ihaverun said...

Almost forgot... YOU are beautiful. I dare say you are even more beautiful when running. Especially when you smile!!

Melissa said...

I can't wait to hear the rest!!!

Michelle said...

Love the pics of you and Peanut running together - so sweet!

I'm on a quest for good socks - what are the ones you ran in?

Emz said...

Michelle - loved them. Ininji. Had to buy them online.

Karine said...

So sad all your sweet comments didn't survive the Blogspot crash. It makes me happy to read about others being proud of you as much as we are. 1 week ago today.....what were you doing??

Lisa @ Eat.Pray.Run. said...

love this so much!!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Yeah but what happened at 7:35?

More please. This is the best report ever.

juanitagf said...

UGH! I need more NOW!

LOVE the pic of you and Peanut's running legs. So sweet!

Mark said...

want. more. is it tomorrow yet?

Julie said...

Darn blogger any way huh? I can't wait for the next instalment... on the edge of my seat even though I know the ending! :)


Anonymous said...

Ohhh my gosh I can't wait for the rest!!!!!!

Pam @ said...

LOL Is that a Slim Jim Peanut is wrapping around her waist?????

YOU weren't running at 3% incline, were you?

Emz said...

Pam. You. Bet. Cha.
Technically yes but the groud was not level so some of that was to off-set the groud. ;)

Caroline said...

you said it has been 2 tomorrows...
no pressure..but I am waiting.
also I voted!

Emz said...

Caroline. I'll pay you $44 to write it. Deal?

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

OMG I've been so out of the loop, I didn't realize this was so soon. You kick some serious, serious ass mama. Wow. You are a running-mama-idol!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

EMZ - how amazing!! I LOVE reading about that 24 hour journey you had! I can understand why you cried when that couple brought you all their coins! Hearts of gold! ALL. of. you! That is awesome!! :) You are truly inspiring and make people want to help!!

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

Still crying. If you ran for 24 hours, does that mean that I will cry for 24 hours? Just asking so I can be prepared.

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

i love that you made the dude run at a 3% incline without telling him, it's ONLY fair!

Caroline said...

ah ha! and that pic is not here.

see I pay attention to your post
do I get an A+?

do you think I was the kind of little girl that wanted to be the teacher's favorite?
here's the choice of answer:
a. oui
b. yes
c all the above

Anonymous said...

What a great story and an amazing experience.