Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Four" - Miles Davis [ Q & A ]

Part 4
F o u r

oh. happy. day.

Aimee [Did I mention she'll be doing the IMAZ? Awesome] Asks:  "Do you want Peanut to become a runner like you?" 
[Made me think of this photo from a marathon back in January 2010]

I'd love that!  B u t  I'm thinking she wouldn't.  In all honesty, I'd rather see her shine in volleyball.  She's loving it and is getting better each day!

Ironman By Thirty Asks:  "How/why did you come up with this writing/blogging style? I love it because it is different than any other blog I read."

Ya, know I tried writing like a real grow'd up person . . .and . . .it just didn't work out.  Came out all wiggity-whack.  Did I mention my sister  . . .

. . . is an English major [ummmm PhD, yep, seriously] ..... ya, I'm super competitive but . . . . .  I just can't compete with that.

ltlindian Asks:  "I know pita is your hubby but in my neck of the woods pita is an acronym for 'pain in the a$$'. Is that where you got that nickname? :) lol"

Ummm. you. nailed. it!  Funny fact - he actually came up with it for himself!!  No. Joke.

"How tall are you?"

With my heels 6'1"-6'2"

Without [sad face] 5'9.7444"

"Other than gotein, gummy bears and sushi what is your favorite food?" [does she KNOW me or what!  love that.]


carrot cake.
Bread pudding.
I'd eat 4 pounds of mashed potatoes daily, if I could.

April Asks:  "Do you use any supplements?"

Let's lay it out:

Vit D
Flax Seed/fish oil
Joint support - Glucoseawhatever

"What's your favorite running accessory?"

Arm warmers.  For. sure. my arm warmers.

Char Asked [BTW, have you ever read her comments, they are freaking hilarious]: "How do you get abs like that?"

I don't see what you see Char.  So funny.  Denise Austin [now on youtube].  She always said [in the video {VHS} I had], "If you sit there slouched you'll have no where else to go but out.  Tighten those abs!"

ChrisK Old Fart Asks:  "I have just one. Do you sometimes feel horrible for calling me an Old Fart?"

ummmm.  I think I just answered that above.  NoFreakingWay.  I will say  . . . you look less old when you are wearing this:

ok - that's all for today.

Off to a big sale [work. work. work.]

Happy FreakingHumpDay!

Q U E S T I O N :

**What the best "perk" from YOUR job?**


Matty O said...

Reading blogs all day ;)

NY Wolve said...

Some awesome pictures (and the memories with them). I hope my daughter (11) runs some, and have made a series of motivational bets with her. We'll see how they stick...

SupermomE13 said...


Ok... question... are you really coming to Pocatello??? I am hoping! It will be a blast!!

Unknown said...

perks? I am a stay at home mom so my perk?
getting the time to read YOUR blog :)

Emz said...

Supermom. Yep. really. Really.

Shawn said...

I walk 5 minutes to work...and can't see it from my backyard paradise...and I have a pool/weightroom/gymnasium and yoga classes in the building I workin...for free!

Now, if only I would use those perks?

RunningLaur said...

oh man, I had to jump in with my favorite part of my job, but there are so many things!

- being able to tell my boss 'I want to go [here] to run [this ridiculous race]' and being told that I'm incredible and they'll do everything possible to support me
- being able to travel everywhere and rack up my own personal travel perks
- being able to turn work travel into vacation travel too
- being able to work at home and wear running clothes all day
- being able to take a run break any time I want while in the office
- being able to set my office temperature however I like
- being able to make my office wherever I want it to be
- being able to expense things

I could go on.

Aimee said...

Aww..thanks for the IMAZ shout out! :)

Let's see..right now, my job is a stay at home mom. The best perk...being able to spend quality time with my boys while they're little. They're growing up so fast and I know it's just a matter of time before I won't have this opportunity!

Alanna said...

Cost + 10%. Did I mention that it's at a sporting goods store? Hooray pretty much half price everything!

Cynthia said...

I wish i was 5'9.74444

With heels i'm lucky if I'm 5'4. The taller the heel the better!
I have a brand new pair of zebra print heels that are dying to be worn soon!

Best perk from my job... free massages once a month and adjustment from the chiro any time I want it. Plus I can use the K-tape or any other equipment we have in the office. Knock on wood cause I haven't had to use anything yet.
I keep trying to convince the Dr to pay for my race entries and I'll wear his logo on the back of my shirt... he doesn't like my idea too much... yet! :)

runnergirl training said...

haha Great post! :)

April said...

I must get some arm warmers. though I may not look as cool...

best perk from my job...I can take off or bring my kids anytime I want...awesome destination all expense paid retreats..have one in New Orleans at the end of my job!

Sarah said...

The best perk: The laughs from my piano students (and my kids too)

TRI714 said...

Holly cow. I could eat that whole table of food !

Suzy said...

Job? What job? The education system isn't exactly hiring right now so my job is keeping the kiddos happy which is the best thing in the world!

Unknown said...

my car, cell phone, laptop, ipad. Other then that no real perks (-:

Rad Runner said...

Peanut pic.. love it

Danielle C. said...

Hmmm..... best perk from my job. When someone gives me a recognition award I get a free gift card. Usually use SpaFinder for a free massage!

Michael said...

Biggest perk...hmm...we don't really get perks, but we do have great insurance, so I guess that's a bonus!

So all I have to do is not slouch and I'll have those abs? OK, I"m giving up slouching now!

Ironman By Thirty said...

"wiggity-whack" - Love it! HAHA

Gracie said...

Best perk? Drug company dinner like the one I just got back from! They better feed us after all the GRIEF they put us through!

XLMIC said...

We seem to share a food wavelength :)

My work perk is smiling, happy, cooperative, loving children surrounding me at every waking (and sleeping) moment (she says with a glazed over look in her eyes as she walks zombie-like back into the kitchen).

Char said...

Feeling pressure to be freaking hilarious but the pressure has blocked me up. I have comedic constipation.

I will henceforth be sitting up straight and I'll get abs in yours in how long? A week? Two?

Johann said...

Ha, love the picture of you and your daughter at the marathon. Those are the memories you keep from races. Now, I showed this to my son and he said: "yes, I like them. I am their fan."

Unknown said...

Best Perk - being able to travel to different locations on their dime and re-creating myself in nature for almost free :)

A distant 2nd is blog reading when we are slow (a lot of the time)

Finallyfit2011 said...

Hey EMZ! I've always wondered about the arm warmers!? They look super cool but why do we need them? Thanks!!! HOpe ur having a fab summer!!!

Jason said...

Best perk to my job is reading blogs like yours and calling it research on social media.

Seriously it is great to have a job to see how others are branding themselves and bring those stories to potential clients and when things like the Garmin story pop up I can immediately bring that to a client's attention.

monicac2 said...

I love steak and potatoes!

The best perk of my job is an annual retreat at the parent company's headquarters - in Madrid!

Ann ~ Sporty Girl Jewelry said...

Best perk? Hands down it's new jewelry any time I am inspired to make something new. Love being my own guinea pig.

Heather-O said...

I am a little late on this one, but the best perk from my job are the training classes. Yesterday I got to play with guns, tackle someone, and elbow them in the face....YUP, the offered a self defense class here! LOVED IT!!!!

Chris K said...

Somewhere, deep, deep, down, you feel bad for calling me an Old Fart. You just don't realize it.

ihaverun said...

My favorite accessory of yours is your abs. The arm warmers are good too.

Biggest perk from my job? It used to be meeting (semi) famous people for things I would write. Guess I need to get back to writing more exciting things than I do now because I can't think of any perks.

And bread pudding should be its own food group.

Caratunk Girl said...

Best Perk? I get to ride around the woods all day!

LOVE the Peanut running with you picture.

Laima said...

Best perk - I get to play all day with my kiddos!

Quinton J said...

LOL...on matty-o's comment. touche.

Anna Walker said...

My biggest perk from my job...having an hour to almost 2 hours to myself in the morning because the office manager is lazy! Ha, so I can read a few blogs, and slowly jog into my day, not hit the ground running! :D

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Ha ha!! you and Ck!

Peanut might be a Middle blocker with all that height. My home state (Nebraska) could come a calling!

Love the writing style--its reader friendly!!

Angie said...

bread pudding is delicious