Monday, August 1, 2011

"Peanut" - Quiztow

I have this awesome feature in my phone for "Notes".

No-I'm not the note-y type.  Lists = yes.  Notes = notsomuch.

But lately my "notes" have been taken over by a section I labeled, "Peanut Quotes" & "Peanutisms" .
[My girl at 2]
And finally,
I'm ready [and secure enough] to share. [you'll get that "secure" part in a bit].

1.  Mom, why do all the people in that aqua class have saggy arms?  It's like at church.  There are a lot of saggy arm people at church.

2.  When do I need to go see the Orthodentist?

3.  [while watching Pita's basketball game I said they had "thrown the ball away"]  . . Do they need me to go get it out? [of the trash].

4.  I wish we could go in the Senior Citizen Lane. [HOV lane].

5.  Mom, Dad just Haboobafarted!!

6.  [I eat ENTIRE sunflower seeds-yes, I'm lazy] . . . Mom, that will not feel good tomorrow.

7.  Mom, when you say "that's sick", it makes me feel sick.  Mom's can't say anything is "sick" unless it's their child.

8.  [sticks her head out the door while I'm running jogging fiercely in the pool]
Mom, Dad just text you saying you are "an emotiocon whore".  I told him to check his spelling.  [me...cracking up . . ."what?"]   He meant "emotiocon STORE", I told him he needed to buy the app [shuts door].

9.  I'm pretty sure you should not be letting me eat this for breakfast. [Ramen noodle cup] . . . don't judge.

My favorite . . .

10.  Do you like that your butt looks like that in that bikini?

That's.  My.  Girl.


racing dawn said...

I love that girl. She definitely keeps it real.

Ummm we've been having otter pops for breakfast...breakfast of champions.

kimert said...

Oh, I love it! That was fun to read. Loved #8.. teehee

chloë. said...

haha LOVE IT.

And completely random: the other day, I went to run up a hill during the last part of my run and I hadn't run up any hill since last fall all of a sudden, out of nowhere my brain tells my body "You've freakin' got this."

And that mile ended up being my fastest.

Thought you would appreciate that.

chloë. said...

(insert the word "and" between fall and all. Thanks.)


Jamie said...

So awesome! She's hilarious!

Aimee said...

Love it! I need that on my phone too!

MCM Mama said...

She's hilarious! Shoo still says lots of funny things, but Jones seems to have stopped. Makes me sad.

Caroline said...

ha ha! I love it!

what did she mean by LIKE THAT?
like that good ?

saggy arms..last week in the Dr office's waiting room; Mini Urban no in a quiet voice: "Mom why does this lady need so much extra skin there???(pointing to his skinny under arm)" I wanted to DIE

Angie said...

LOVE this kid. Seriously.

SupermomE13 said...

Love it! And like i have said before, she sounds like she is just like you! :)

Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

love it! she must have quite the personality. very fun!!

Michelle said...

Love that girl - just too funny!

Melissa Cunningham said...

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Coolest.kiddo.ever. Love you Peanut!

This post but a huge smile on my face. Tell her to never change and her call-it-like-is approach. She will earn respect immediately with her strong will and quick wit!

Go peanut!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Ha, what a sweetie! When my kids were about 6 & 7, my daughter said "Daddy, you're really getting bald" ... to which my son said (trying to defend me), "Uhn-uhh madi, just on the top and sides"!

April said...

Priceless!! So cute! I love how young minds think!

My 3yr old asked me the other day if pigs have boobs and when I answered "yes mommy pigs have boobs" he asked "do you have pig boobs?"lol!

Teamarcia said...

OMG! I love her!

Char said...

Ha ha ha, Thank you for sharing.

My favourite from my youngest was, when I had to wash his face yet again, "dirt just comes to me". Yep, totally not his fault.

Heather-O said...

LoL! Peanut cracks me up!

Patrick Mahoney said...

This is my favorite, mostly because of the visual description...

8. [sticks her head out the door while I'm running jogging fiercely in the pool]
Mom, Dad just text you saying you are "an emotiocon whore". I told him to check his spelling. [me...cracking up . . ."what?"] He meant "emotiocon STORE", I told him he needed to buy the app [shuts door].

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness - too hilarious.

Peanut is a comedian. She should be a comedian. She's a hilarious kid!

Love Peanut!

LOVE the last one - that'll make ya feel good!!!!

Cari Mugz said...

10 is MY ABSOLUTE FAV O RITE! BUT 8 is REALLY close......

I love the Peanut!!!

Unknown said...

hhahahahaha!! Orthodentist.

He was right about the emotiocon "store" ..hehe

Johann said...

Nice one! I love people that love their kids this much. Awesome!

Matty O said...

hilarious. Kids are so pure with their thoughts and expressions.

Love this.

Thanks for sharing :)

Will Cooper said...

I don't think I can publish what my kids say. you are courageous!

ihaverun said...

And what was your answer to that last one??

I keep a list of things my girls do/say that I want to remember. I have the worst memory, so I love reading back over my list.

Your girl rocks! Seriously, this made me laugh. A lot.