Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Love Story" - Taylor Swift


49. y e a r s .

49. years. in. love.

Happy Anniversary to My [ok, fine . . . . . and the four other awesome off-spring's] parents.

You set the standard so high for a loving, amazing marriage.  And I am thankful.  I love the way you two interact.  Mom, I love that Dad still opens your door.  I love that you still make him amazing meals for "just the two" of you now.  [I'll totally bring my family over if you need more mouths to feed.]  I love that you run errands together. 

I love that lunch at Costco is like Dad's favorite-est thing EVER. 

I love that you support me in my crazy ideas/goals . . . . like crazy. 

I love that other than that one "dang Christmas tree" fight . . . . . I never, ever, ever heard or saw you two fight.  Nope. Never.  So while I thought that "dang tree" was for sure going to cause a divorce 17 years ago . . . . I realize how amazing it is that that was the ONLY thing I ever heard or saw.

Thank you for letting me share a bit of your day with you today.
[smokin' hot couple, no!?]
I. freaking. loved. it.

Don't worry, I won't turn up to dinner at "Fleming-ton's" tonight. ;)

I love you with all my freaking heart.



Caroline said...

Happy 49th anniversary!
that deserves a comment on EACH blog..!!! yes smoking couple!!! of course!

she wont turn up at Flemings..but can I??? I dont eat much!!!

Bravo! Felicitation!
I had to add some pig latin in there!

racing dawn said...

So amazing! What a beautiful example of marriage and love! Two of the sweetest people I've ever known.

Happy Anniversary!

Karine said...

Thanks for an awesome lunch and thanks for only remembering the "Christmas Tree" incident. I am sure there were "other" disagreements, but being married to my man of choice, makes 49 years of marriage easy!

Annie said...

So sweet. Happy Anniversary to the smoking hot couple!

Char said...

You are so lucky to have grown up in a house where love has been the centre. Your parents have set such an awesome example for you and your siblings. Happy Anniversary to them and well done!!

Danielle C. said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents! I wish I could have grown up in a household that celebrated love and a healthy relationship role model. Definitely something to be celebrated!!!! <3

Jill said...

Hahah....Christmas tree fight, love it. Happy Anniversary to your lovely parents! May they have another great 49 :).

Silly Girl Running said...

Cute! :) So cute! :) Inspiring! :)

fancy nancy said...

So sweet! Happy 49 years to your parents! They are cuties!

Matty O said...

Good stuff. Happy post :)

Unknown said...

Happy 49th!

Wow, very cool!

Melissa Cunningham said...

happy 49th anniversary to your parents!!!
they really set a wonderful example for you and your siblings!!
hugs from the east coast sent to your mom and dad!
(and you and your fam too!:D )

Christi said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOUR PARENTS!! I love how close you are with them and I have a similar story with my parents like your dang tree one ha!

Anonymous said...

Please tell your parents HAPPY 49th ANNIVERSARY!!! They are so beautiful and you can just see the happiness in the pics!! Your post always brighten my day!

Jason said...

Happy Anny to Em's 'rents.....49 years is awesome. So thrilled for you both.

Petraruns said...

Happy anniversary to your parents - what an example!

And sorry I've been missing so long - I think Im back now... I see life is good for you?

Caratunk Girl said...

49 years, that is freaking awesome!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

AMAZING!!! Happy anni to some amazing peeps!!!