Friday, February 17, 2012

"Tight" - INXS [Aspaeris Pivot Shorts Review]


I freaking love me some compression.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive some Aspaeris Pivot shorts.

I've always been a fan of compression SOCKS but I had never tried a compression short before.


Well, I was worried that I'd look like an overstuffed sausage for one. Those suckers are tight. Tight on thighs can sometimes yield . . . . ummmmm, not favorable results.

Second, I know how I feel about a MAN in biker shorts . . .

[too visual]

I probably don't want to even see "The Rock" in biker-esque shorts. ok, that one . . .

Wait. . . now . . .I'm . . . . ummm not so sure.

A n y w a y . What was I saying?

Ahhhhhh, ok.

They came . . . .

These suckers are tight - perfectly tight. They looked like they'd fit 11 year old Peanut way better than me but once they were on . . . . they felt amazing.

17 miles later.

I now have a new favorite pair on long run COMPRESSION shorts.

Ya, I loved them.

These rocked.

They without question receive the 5 out of 5 pickle rating.

So out of four 11+ mile days -- I wore them for three [yes, I do two loads of laundry daily - no worries on the smell-o-meter].

The only sad part. . . . taking them off . . . no joke. As soon as I take them off I want them back on.

So my only problem is that I wish I could wear them post run too [need more pairs, maybe blue & red to support my Wildcats at U of A]. ;)

So a big fat huge "thank you" to Aspaeris for letting me try these out.

Happy Friday!!


Do you rock compression gear?


Caroline said...

U of A..I am still looking for them..I think a nice pair of royal devil BLUE would be much better

compression...I have socks..and shorts. The shorts are not the best...they are the NIKE Pro Fit. they are OK/ I have to wear shorts on top way in hell am I going out just with those on!!! i dont want to scare the people in my town...

I think I will put a countdown on my blog for this..

Michelle @ said...

OO I've never tried them, do they help?

Char said...

See! There's a reason why everyone likes to wear them. And there was never any chance of you looking like a sausage - not with your cheese-grater abs.

Michelle said...

Think I need to invest in some!

Ironman By Thirty said...

Embarrassing fact. It took me forever to learn out to say INXS.

So you DON'T want to see me in biker shorts???

Love me some compression. Usually I stick with calf sleeves but I have a pair of CWX tights too.

Unknown said...

I rock compression sleeves after long runs. PRetty sure they help with recovery but it could be the placebo effect?

Unknown said...

I like compression socks and am tempted to try these! They look awesome!

Unknown said...

I have been thinking about compression shorts for a while. I already wear kind of compressions during tri's but not full out. Maybe I will not. I love my tights and my socks. :) Great review Emz!

BigHappyFamily said...

I won some compression socks, and I wear them on long runs when it's <20 degrees. Keeps me a little bit warmer. I love the way they feel, but they are plain white and look a little grannie-like for pairing with shorts ... so they're just winter under tights gear.

Jason said...

Dang that Caroline got here before me.....Does UoA even field a team this year? I mean now that Williams has moved on are they running the program?

Scott McMurtrey said...

Never worn compression anything. Just don't like it, don't know why.

Aimee said...

Great review! I love my compression socks and recovery tights, but I've never tried the shorts. I might just have to give them a try!

KittyCat said...

I've never worn them
To run in
I guess I'm not a big fan of feeling compressed