Wednesday, November 18, 2009

dinner on the front lawn anyone?

So - as promised the Pita returned from work before it was dark!!!!!!!?!?!
* Amazing!! * And dinner was ready. [homemade mac-n-cheese, pot roast, corn & biscuits -- Oh how I love "training" (get to eat all the carbs my little heart desires). As I served the food up - I could see Peanut thought something was lacking [NO Kim, not in my cooking skills, trust me]. "Let's eat outside", she declared. "On what?", I questioned. "The lawn, of course", she replied. The pita was not impressed with this idea but as it was "FHE" night for us - we gathered our items and sat on the lawn. Within 45 seconds we received our first odd stare followed by an additional three. [I think this is a record for cars passing our place in 2 minutes.] As we [the Pita & I] started to feel our bums soaking from the afternoon sprinkler session, we called it quits and moved inside.

Leaving this stubborn little tart outside - with a now [very] wet bum.

"No photos Mom - I need to make a point here." I didn't even reply to that one.

The point being [I later realized], if you throw individual pieces of corn into the street after each car passes - you have only rid yourself of 6 kernels and you still have to eat the rest - - - - inside.

And yes, I did receive one phone call [during her huge 3 minute hiatus from us] from a concerned neighbor asking us if she was "in trouble"? "So why is she eating outside? She looks sad.", they said. I begrudgingly gave her the "cliff-notes" version, which in turn, she said, "so why don't you take a blanket go out and eat with her?".
Stinkin' do-good-er.


amyraye said...

neighbors are so helpful.
did you take a blanket out- or not?

Karine said...

Surely you remember the FHE where we ate dinner in a tent in the backyard (where we were supposed to have a garden). Eating outside always increased appetites and contributed to family unity---small tent!

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

I love her individuality and not caring what other people think. You go girl!