Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things I learned in NZ [yes, even after 3 prior visits]

. . . .

  • no one says, "hi". It's "hiya".
  • "Oh my gosh" is not used it's "crikey"
  • I was told to "brown eye" someone by the Pita's sister - can't even share what that means. But I'd like to go on the record as saying, "I didn't do it!"
  • when you come in from a run and someone asks, "were you running full tit?" - [yes, I did spell that right] just say "yes".

  • the Pita loves doing circus tricks with Peanut - more than she does. [can you blame her? That's a long way to fall]

  • apparently someone has done this before?! "sorry for the dark photo-it reads, "warning - do not jump for the ferry".

  • NZ parks don't get sued by their residents - the craziest playground equipment EVER!

  • running is a lot [actually] A LOT more challenging - nothing is "flat" there.

  • when you return from running - you had better gone far because the family is all there waiting for your report. "is that far enough if you are training?"

  • "NZ time" does not equal "on-time". We could have walked to our destination faster ----but then we wouldn't have the sweet photo by the wine tasting now, would we?

  • this bird [tui] - without a doubt sings the MOST beautifully of any bird I have ever heard before.

  • "travelator" ? I thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was from Austria. What's even funnier? I'm the only one who thought this was hilarious [this one brought me to tears].

  • Poppy's flowers at Spring time are even more beautiful than I had heard.

  • Peanut does not have NZ "beach feet".

  • If there is an All-Blacks game on [rugby] don't plan on ... a.) anyone to care you are [trying] to shop/buy something in their store. b.) any family member to answer your question [or heck, even realize you are speaking] c.) the decibel level of the TV being under 120db. d.) realize you will see this EXACT game at least 4 more times [in re-run form].

  • If the All-Blacks lose - - a.) don't expect any New Zealand-er to care you are alive. b.) expect that every pub you walk by to be packed & quiet [no music......nada]

  • If the All-Blacks win - - expect to hear about it everywhere you go [in a bathroom stall [yes, really], cafe, grocery store, library & at the Chinese take-a-way place.

Almost done ;)

  • iceblock = Popsicle and "yes", you want one.
  • don't ask for a napkin at the dinner table or your cousin will pass you a diaper. "It's a serviette." woooo wooo-well excuuuuuuuse me. ;)
  • dinner is an "open slather" = free for all - get your own food.
  • when the "panel beater" calls he just wants to talk to you about the dent on your car.
  • when your MIL says, "you must have gotten up at the Sparrow's fart" - she really means, "at sunrise" [that one ------- um, can't really wrap my head around that one]

Oh & Nat, I apparently should have left my sweet heels with you. As no one [but the uber-chic ;) CRAZY, blonde American] wears leopard print platform 4" heels in NZ?! I believe the comment went like this ..... "Crikey, what did you kill [hunt/murder] and put on your feet?"

Well folks, I believe these are the only ones suitable for writing. Trust me - I [unfortunately/fortunately]? - have more.


amyraye said...

the things we learn from marrying into another family...

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

I believe I am going to add the "Sparrow's fart" into my repetoire of sayings. I can just see me now saying it to my mom. She will then smack me for being so crass. I'm so glad you're back to share with us your cultural experiences. Although, when I read the first comment about the "All Blacks," I thought you were being racist.

Emz said...

Ahhhh Amy-don't even get me started. ;)

Kim-chalk the "sparrow's fart" right up there w/the "busting buttons" from sacrament meeting. ;)

Karine said...

As the "lark" vs. "owl" of our family, I guess it could be honestly said I rise with the "sparrows" too. However, I absolutely refuse to refer to my early rising as anything even similar to that "f" word. Rising at dawn is too beautiful for such a coarse tag.